Transformation From Scratch:

Dump the Junk, Get What You Want and What Wants You


Written & Facilitated by

Certified Transformational Trainer

Joe Rumbolo


Bridging The Gap Between Spirituality and Practicality 


Fun, Excitement, Education, Metaphysics,

Spirituality, Practical Magic and Human Empowerment


WHY Was The “Transformation From Scratch” Workshop Created?


Transformation From Scratch” was created with YOU in mind.


Whether you are just beginning your Personal Growth and Development, Metaphysical, Spiritual and/or Human Empowerment journey, are an intermediate traveler following the path, or a seasoned veteran moving along the road and creating your own path one step at a time, there will be information, principles, tools and mechanics presented for everyone, in a simple, straightforward, no-nonsense, easy to understand, user-friendly manner.


WHY Participate In

The Transformation From Scratch:


The Transformation From Scratch: Dump the Junk, Get What You Want and What Wants You Workshop is an extraordinary blend of personal growth and development, metaphysical and human empowerment work, with a powerful dose of spirituality and “practical magic” mixed in, to assist you to continuously transform your life, so that you may create the life you say you want to have, freely, easily, joyously, SIMPLY and with grace! It is the Practical Application of Intuitively/Divinely Inspired Information in your life.

Your Life and Your Truth are Shaped and Created by Your INTERPRETATION of the People, Places, Things and Events which occur around You. When You shift Your INTERPRETATION, You create the possibility of not just Changing Your Life but of TRANSFORMING Your life in such a way that you may create Your Life, Your Way. This is just common sense. Our focus will be on how to do this as quickly, as easily, as hassle-free and as efficiently as possible.


In this workshop, there will be some new ideas and concepts presented, as well as some new twists on ideas and concepts that may already be known, with an emphasis on Practical Application...How You Will Be Able To Practically Use the information, principles, tools and mechanics in your everyday life, Freely, Easily, Joyously, SIMPLY and with Grace!