Private Consultations With Joe Rumbolo


Joe Rumbolo 

Certified Transformational Trainer, Human Empowerment Facilitator

Certified In Spiritual Psychology, Seminar/Workshop Author and Facilitator, Speaker, Radio Talk Show Host and Voice-Over Artist


Bridging The Gap Between Spirituality and Practicality


Facilitating Self-Empowerment, Manifestation, Transformation and the

Practical Application of Intuitively/Divinely Inspired Information in your life


Certified Transformational Trainer

Intuitive and Human Empowerment Facilitator

 Certified In Spiritual Psychology

Multidimensional Living In Today’s World


No Stories…No Games…No Symbols…No Cards…No guessing

Just Straight Talk


In these private consultations, Joe brings a unique psychological, spiritual, practical approach to transformation, one that incorporates personal growth and development, psychological, metaphysical and spiritual methods, information, principles, tools and mechanics in a unique blend that is tailored to your particular needs.


Here Are Some Of The Things That You May Discover

and/or Accomplish During A Session


         The keys to integrating Spirit and Human

         Your Primary Life Experience/Lesson and how it relates to all your life

         How to work with this experience/lesson moving forward

         Who your positive and negative catalysts have been and why

         Discover Your Divinity…The Divine Human Who You Truly Are

          Multidimensional Living In Today’s World



Investment In Yourself:


50 Minutes…$175.00





Here Is What People Are Saying About These Powerful


Private Consultations With Joe Rumbolo


In one session with Joe Rumbolo, I received such clear answers that immediately put me in connection with my inner guidance. Joe’s straightforward way of mentoring led me to manifesting a radio show with much ease. Talking with Joe was fun and easy and I continually remind myself of the take-aways from our session as his intuitive guidance helped me to bring forth a higher level of self-awareness in order for me to move forward to my next level. I will certainly look to Joe for future mentoring sessions because he is real, genuine and amazing at what he does.


Thanks Joe!


Julie Kleinhans, Long Island, New York

Founder of Mind Focus Generation, Certified Life Coach/Mentor/Teacher for Teens, Young Adults and Parents, Radio Show Host and Instructor for Quantum Success Coaching Academy



I was looking for some clarity and inspiration, and found Joe Rumbolo. After a minute of talking to him, I knew I had found exactly what I was looking for. I immediately booked him for a session and the energy flowed so quickly and naturally between us that before I knew it, sixty minutes had passed in what felt like five.  Joe is no-nonsense, gets right to the heart of the matter and it feels like he's known you for years.  If you are looking for answers and inspiration, I would urge you to speak with Joe.  

Anitra Z., Bakersfield, CA, U.S.A. Attorney



Hi Joe,


It is (has been) some time ago (that) I had the pleasure to have a session with you.


In this moment of Now, I just want to give you a very, very big Thank You and my special Master Hug, again. In short, it just is and will be "practical stuff" ... like I like to hear in your intro on your CLEAR VIBRATION Radio Show.


So what does this mean to me?


We together enlarged, improved and balanced my platform moving forward on my path. You showed me the way not only to pull "The sword out of my rock" - it just fell out of it. I do not have to use it anymore! Furthermore this new platform enables me to improve in new ways.


Big Thanks to you dear brother.


Joerg Erdmann (Potsdam, Germany)


Reiki Master & Teacher

Master & Keeper in Myself

Healer in the New Energy (DGH)

MG 34/20

Managing Consultant (First Lieutenant Airborne - Reserve)




In August I had the opportunity to take a private session with Joe Rumbolo.  Joe and I were old high school friends who until last year had not been in contact since 1966. I was intrigued with Joe’s passion, conviction and dedication in sharing his experience as a guide to help people reach their full potential.  Joe was very generous with his time and asked provocative questions and careful to always qualify his insight as “his truth”, to be taken to heart or discarded. The session rekindled familiar touch stones and values that I had pushed aside or dismissed over the past decades. I left the session with a better understanding and appreciation of my journey through life. The value of meeting with Joe will depend on one’s mindset and willingness to explore the past and the ability to look beyond one’s present circumstance. The success or failure of working with any guidance counselor will always be dependent on a student’s will and perseverance to seek enlightenment.  To this end, Joe is a worthy, earnest and committed spiritual guide.


Dennis Hayashi; Chief Creative Officer, aHa Communications Inc.

Alexandria, VA


Investment In Yourself:


50 Minutes…$175.00