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Special Request: © Copyright 2007 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse This information may be freely disseminated, in whole or in part, provided there is no charge for the information and this notice is attached. When using a partial version of this material, please state that it is an abridged version and refer the reader to the original, complete version at www.HealingTheUniverse.com. Publications are encouraged to reprint articles by permission only. Please notify us at Joe@HealingTheUniverse.com

From The Desk Of Joe Rumbolo March 2007

Welcome to www.HealingTheUniverse.com on this momentous occasion, the fourth anniversary of the official launching of this website and of this work. I am thankful and grateful for this forum and for the opportunity to present my flavor of the truth as it unfolds and evolves in a way that I never could have imagined, trusting myself and the Universe as I create my path one step at a time. If you took the time to begin with Installment # 1 (March 2003) and move forward to this moment of NOW, you would notice the commentaries (From The Desk Of Joe Rumbolo) becoming longer and more in depth and the channels (THE CLEAR VIBRATION™) becoming shorter as I integrate my Human Self with my Spirit Self.

Along the way, I have been fortunate to have attracted some very powerful facilitators and mentors, a few of whom remain with me today and who have become close friends, people who saw something in me and who have taken the time to show me how to see it myself.

Sixteen years ago this month I participated in my first personal growth and development course and encountered the first of a number of very powerful facilitators who planted an inspirational seed within me to become a facilitator, working with people one-on-one and in groups. At the time, I had no conscious idea that I had this ability (although I must have suspected it at some level), that it could possibly happen and if I could do it, how would it happen and how would it look. The one thing that I carried forward with me from the beginning of that time was that it was something that I wanted. Over time, I discovered that it was possible and so I began to step in the direction of it, albeit, semi-consciously at best, in the beginning.

It was almost nine years ago that a close friend of mine from Canada came to St. Louis for a visit. He was in a terrible relationship and needed some time away to clear his head. He had lived here in St. Louis for a while, was a guitar player and a singer/songwriter and I ended up co-managing his band. That's how we met. The music obviously wasn't the reason for our meeting. In an alternate reality, perhaps it was the reason, but in this one, it was just a powerful catalyst for things to come.

At the same time, another friend of mine who was originally from St. Louis but who had been living in Florida for nine years, moved back to St. Louis. I had originally met her through her ex-husband, who I also knew through the music business. She was also in the midst of a terrible relationship. Interestingly enough, I was in the midst of one of those, too!

St. Louis…The Music Business…Bad relationships!!! The three of us stood on a lot of common ground, which prompted endless conversations among us. It was only the beginning of an incredible roller coaster ride. I was the link between my two friends who did not know each other in this lifetime before then and it didn't take long for us to become inseparable!

Just as a point of information, I am not using the names of my two friends because they are not as yet in the public eye and I choose to respect their privacy.

My Canadian friend told me upon his arrival (June 1998) that he had just recently acquired a new ability, the ability to communicate with his guides. To make a long story short, it was only a few weeks before my Florida friend and I began our own divine communications and the three of us began our almost daily 3-way conference calls to and from Canada. This was at a time before inexpensive long distance bundles and 2.9 cents a minute to Canada. To say the least, the phone company was thrilled with our new-found abilities to talk to our guides, as we each racked up horrendous long distance bills!

We were told that the three of us were part of a group of eight people. We were also told that there were forty such groups throughout the world, that a spiritual war was coming and that as a result of this war, the bodies would be stacked six deep. We had no idea of what in the hell we were being told and had no idea at the time of how it would actually look. Would it be actual war with guns, bullets and other weapons; would it be a war of words; would it be in the form of natural disasters? How would this look? What we know is that some of this is happening right here, right now, on this planet!

Terrorist attacks, 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan, the entire Middle East situation, North Korea, etc.…these are all evidences of the Old Energy playing itself out. It is rearing its ugly head for one last hurrah before giving way to the new. For some, these are Holy or Spiritual battles. For others, it is about oil. For all of them, it is about power and control, with many wounded and many dead…bodies stacked six deep. For all involved, it is about FEAR!

In addition, consider the weather patterns and other natural events that have occurred during the past ten or so years and especially during the past few years…hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes, forest fires and floods…leaving death and destruction in their paths as large numbers of people are opting to make their transition at this time, just as predicted, to continue their work in another way. Could this be a spiritual battle or war of another kind? Of course it is! Just as the physical fighting is in the process of cleansing the planet and Humankind of the Old Energy, so are these natural phenomena/disasters cleansing the planet and Humankind of this same Old Energy, making way for the new.

I have not as yet been able to find or recognize the forty groups of eight or the meaning of forty groups of eight. It may have some sort of reference to certain spiritual family groups, but one would think that with over six billion people on the planet that there would be more than forty groups of eight. At the time, the language that we heard/felt/saw, was very flowery and symbolic and very open to interpretation. It could have been four hundred groups of eight hundred, for all I know, but my question is, "How many people doing/thinking/feeling the same thing does it take to reach critical mass?"

Since that time, the three of us have walked separate paths although not far apart, but even so, we remain in touch and our paths do cross frequently. More will be heard from this trio in the future.

Moving forward, it will be five years ago this coming May (2007), that Steve and Barbara Rother showed up in my life in a most magical way and at a time when I was feeling rather stagnant and lost. A friend of mine had told me that the couple would be giving a lecture in St. Louis and that Steve would be doing a live channel. I didn't know who they were but felt a strong pull to attend. That lecture, along with a conversation that I had with Steve a couple of weeks later were the catalysts for me to sell my business, step fully in the direction of this work and launch this website, posting a new channel and commentary each month. This month makes four years and this is Installment # 49! Unbelievable! Looking back, it seems like only yesterday. The "reality" of it is that it probably was "only yesterday!"

Much has changed in the past four years which includes an incredible amount of learning and growth. Looking back on the early channels and work and then moving forward through them to this moment, so much has evolved…the language, the style, the content…as I have moved from being a "looking out there" kind of person, searching for everything I wanted and needed…including guides, angels and the like…outside of myself…and moving toward being a "looking in here…looking inside" kind of person, discovering everything within. It is reflected in the channels and in my writing.

Not only have the channels and my writing changed, so has my truth and that truth is best expressed through these commentaries, a space where I may take responsibility for what I am saying, a space where I must either believe or not believe what I am saying and writing, a space where I cannot just say, "Mathias said it…the guides said it…the angels said it." My take is that if the information comes from/through me, I get to take responsibility for the information coming from/through me. If I don't understand it, I can say, "This is the info and I don't understand it" or "I don't agree with it" or "It does not resonate with me;" etc., "But it did come from/through me and here it is," while not attempting to push it off on some thing or some one else.

The other part of this that I feel is very important is that in taking responsibility for the information that comes through me, that I speak and write, is that I get to say that it came from me. I don't get to cop out say it came from an angel, guide or any other such entity such that it may lend credibility to what I say. Instead, I get to have enough confidence in my ability to channel it, write it and speak as if it were my own…because it is!

It has been an interesting and fascinating journey during the past sixteen years; the past eight years; the past five years; the past four years since www.HealingTheUniverse has been launched and especially the past two and a half years since I have been presenting self-penned seminars and workshops. The scope of my private sessions has shifted and expanded and for that matter, so has the scope of all of my work, including the writing and channeling. The focus has shifted from "out there" to "in here" where, in order to be in integrity with myself, it is necessary for me to take responsibility for what I speak and write.

I thank you all for being here during the past four years to read this information, both commentary and channel (as if there is really a difference! LOL!), for your discernment. I hope that you come back frequently and tell your friends.

So…here we go again with more expressions of my truth.

Spiritual Family

There has been much spoken and written about Soul Family and Original Spiritual Family but know that because of the Human Factor and the fact that all information that comes to you, in-to you or through you, no matter what the source or what you may think is the source, comes through your Human filters. There are no absolute answers; there is only speculation. Let me repeat that once again: There are no absolute answers; there is only speculation. Even those who portend to be clear channels are still Human, consequently, the information is filtered and they are not as clear as they (their ego) think they are. This is what accounts for many flavors of the same truth and leaves everything open to interpretation, enhancing the interest and the challenges of the game.

Some of you find it amazing how synchronistically people are finding each other and connecting these days, for whatever reason, for a moment, for a week or for a lifetime, while others look forward to it and have come to expect it. A person on one side of the world, somehow or another becomes aware of and is drawn to a person on the other side of the world. They meet, whether in person, via telephone or on the internet and feel as if they have always known each other. Relationships of all kinds form, serve their purpose, sometimes continue and sometimes end, but it is amazing how often this is occurring.

Steve and Barbara Rother have become expert in bringing people together… in bringing soul family together…through their worldwide lectures, seminars and live web casts, as have Lee Carroll, Ronna Herman and Jeff Hoppe, to name a few. My opinion is that Steve and Barbara's sole (soul) purpose is to bring people together.

I have met people from all over the U. S., Canada and worldwide, directly and indirectly through synchronicities that one cannot even begin to imagine, just as many of you have. For example, I ended up on the side of a mountain in Virginia presenting courses as a result of a Steve and Barbara course that I did in Baltimore almost three years ago; presented courses in San Diego as a result of an internet meeting in a spiritual chat room, the same chat room that spawned a short-lived yet powerful primary relationship; met and befriended Lee and Patti Carroll and Kryon as a result of several synchronicities that individually did not impact me but together gave me a cosmic jolt; met people in the metaphysical/spiritual community here in St. Louis through people in Hawaii that I had never met in person; and the list continues. It is happening folks. The world is getting smaller!

It has been said that You can pick your friends but you can't pick your family. This is only partially true. You can pick your friends and if you number yourself among those who call themselves spiritually evolved, your truth may include a knowingness that says that You also DO pick your biological family.

There are many who are so excited to be meeting people from all over the world with whom they feel such a strong connection that they may suddenly feel a partial or even a complete disconnect from biological family and/or friends, what some call, regular family and regular friends, as opposed to spiritual family and spiritual friends. Of course, there is no judgment here on your part…right…unless your flavor of spirituality happens to favor the dogmatic structure of religions that say that their particular religion is right and everyone else is wrong.

Let's establish this right now: Everything and Everybody is spiritual.

Say this all together now: Everything and Everybody is spiritual!

Everything and everybody is a piece of the ALL THAT IS. Everything and everybody is derived from spirit. Everything and everybody is a piece of that which is called God/The Universe.

There Is Nothing That IS NOT Spiritual, not your regular/biological family; not your regular friends. Everything and Everybody is spiritual. They may not live up to your definition or expectation of what spiritual is, but they are spiritual nonetheless.

I have many regular friends and we have many, regular interests in common. The bottom line is that they are all good people; that's why I call them friends. I can be with a group of regular friends sitting around a fire on the edge of a lake in northern Minnesota and have a marvelous and enlightening spiritual experience while having a couple of beers and talking about anything…baseball, football, fishing, current events, reminiscing about my old band and about adventures with friends that have passed on; while admiring the tranquility of the lake and the majesty and colors of the hills, the cliffs, the rocks and the trees as the sun sets. Occasionally, if we are willing to wait long enough we are treated to a light show of grand proportions. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, as though someone flipped a switch, there they are, the Northern Lights; the Aurora Borealis. How spiritual do you want to get? Whether the lights show up or not, you don't have to Be IN the energy; Just Create It Yourself, wherever you go and whomever you are with. You are a creator, after all. Ground yourself in your Human experience, Be the Bridge between the Human and the Spiritual…and LIVE!

Regarding one's biological family, there is not one family on this planet that is not dysfunctional in some way or another, to some degree or another. Just as you choose your friends, whether spiritual or not (LOL!) you have chosen your family. As the spiritually evolved Human that have declared yourself to be, is it possible that you could honestly consider giving them at least as much of a chance as you give spiritual family? I'm not saying to put yourself in the way of any kind of harm or danger that you may not be able to handle, but at least consider this. I have seen a number of cases where a so called spiritually evolved person has turned away from regular family or regular friends, saying, "They don't believe what I believe; they don't get it; they don't understand me! He did this to me; she did that to me; they said this about me; they said that about me." Honestly, how many of you have said that or something like it? Is it possible that this is just a cop out? At least consider this. The questions to you are: Do You GET It? Do You Understand Them? Have You Even Made The Effort, or have you decided that it is up to them to do the work?

Someone once said to me, regarding relationships of all kinds, "Let the one who is the most aware jump over the fence first." As the spiritually evolved one, that would be you. You get to jump over the fence first; and sometimes, again and again and again. As the Lightworker that you say you are…that you declare yourself to be…simply shine your light…jump over the fence and simply shine your light! Sure, it is fun to be with like-minded, so-called spiritually evolved people. It is wonderful to feel that connection; to be in and feel that energy. I do that all the time, if not in person at least by telephone, so don't hear me as saying not to do that, but I do ask you Lightworker, "What is your mission? WHERE is your mission?" To shine your light in the midst of light is one thing. To have the courage to shine your light in the midst of what might appear to be darkness, now that dear Lightworker, is quite another.

I will paraphrase dear friend Kryon when he/she infers, "Where do you find the lighthouse? You find the lighthouse in the midst of the rocks, in the midst of the darkness, where navigation is the most treacherous, shining its light and guiding the ships away from danger, on its journey into port, on its journey home."

Do not hear me as saying that you must spend your time with people and in an energy that sucks the life out of you for periods of time. You absolutely do not have to do this and there is no rule that says you must, but once again I do ask you dear Lightworker, "What is your mission? WHERE is your mission?"

Where will you shine your light? There is no right or wrong. It is your choice and I only offer you an alternative point of view.

If it is your choice, feel free to tell your friends about Healing The Universe.  Your questions and comments are always welcome. Contact me at: Joe@HealingTheUniverse.com.

Spread Love and Pack Light!

Joe Rumbolo…The Sentinel

Certified OverLight Facilitator in Spiritual Psychology, Spiritual Life Coach,
Mentor and Manifestation Consultant and Facilitator

Facilitating Self-empowerment, Manifestation and
the Practical Application of Divinely Inspired Information in your life

© Copyright 2007 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse™...All rights reserved

THE CLEAR VIBRATION™ March 2007 Installment # 49


Dearest Warriors of the Light…

Welcome Home!

WE ARE ONE and we come to you this day posing a question to you such that we may be a catalyst for you in the discovery of and the evolution of your truth, if you so choose. This will only take a moment of your time to read and it may be cause for debate among some of you. The question is regarding that which is called ONENESS. Yes, we say that WE ARE ONE; all of US and all of YOU; but the question is, "What is this ONENESS of which you/we speak? What does this really mean? What does this really mean to you?" Many of you speak of this ONENESS, of Unity Consciousness, how you are stepping into ONENESS, how wonderful ONENESS is, how wonderful it feels, BEING ONE with everything and everybody. Do you even comprehend the implications of this ONENESS of which you speak?

Consider these two statements:



Many use these statements interchangeably, as if they mean the same thing. On the contrary, they do not mean the same thing.

The statement WE ARE ONE implies that WE ARE ALL CONNECTED, however, the statement WE ARE ALL CONNECTED, DOES NOT necessarily mean that WE ARE ONE.

Regarding the first statement…WE ARE ONE…picture the ocean; endless stretches of water, blended together with no beginning and no end; with no distinction between this drop of water, that drop of water or the other drop of water…a massive body of OCEANNESS…of ONENESS.

Regarding the second statement…WE ARE ALL CONNECTED…picture a number of pieces of something, each touching the other, connected; a number of people hand in hand or shoulder to shoulder, each touching the other, connected; individual pieces of something, each with its own identity but in some way touching or connected to the others.

In the first statement, there is no room for individuality; in the second statement, there is indeed, room for individuality. Which of these is honestly your truth? Which of these will your ego allow you to accept? Now, that is the real question…Which of these will your ego allow you to accept? You will not find the answers to all of this here. Our purpose at this point is not to give you answers but to be your catalyst to discovering your truth.

Intellectually you may believe that WE ARE ONE. This is what you have been taught in your spiritual development classes, even your religion classes. It sounds good. Everyone is equal; everyone is the same…WE ARE ONE…until someone cuts you off in traffic and then that person…that individual…is suddenly fifteen different kinds of S. O. B. s and must belong to some other oneness because he/she certainly does not belong to your Oneness!

What you think you know and what seems to make sense to you is that in incarnating, you put on the veil to create the illusion of separation and you always do a more than a commendable job of this, in fact, you have become expert in this. So…what is the story about this separation? From the point of view of the ego, having an individual identity is perfect…exactly what it wants. Is this wrong? Is this a bad thing? No, it is not necessarily a bad thing, but of course, that depends upon to what degree the ego is ruling and is in charge.

Consider this. You and/or others may communicate with guides, angels, masters, fairies, gnomes, God, the Universe and with each other, telepathically, etcetera…individual groups of energies. Are these individual groups of energies separate from each other, connected to each other or, are they one-in-the-same energy who somehow develop personalities or who somehow develop a certain vibration or feel to you, as a result of your Human filters?

What is your answer, for now? What will be your answer tomorrow…and next week…next month?

We will give you a hint by saying that the answer to all of this is quite simply, "YES!"

Now Human, if you so choose, have fun playing with this!

Until next time, WE ARE ONE (Perhaps! LOL!) and we express to you our most heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the opportunity to present this information to you for your discernment.




We ask only that you…

Laugh Often
This is called Lightwork. Do not take it so seriously.
It is only a game. Light-en up!

Spread The Light
You are the Light. Allow yourself to shine!


You are the breath of God!

YOU ARE GOD, and So Is Everyone Else.

We reluctantly leave you at this time but before we go, please allow us to reveal ourselves:

All along, it has been Me talking to YOU; You talking to Me; You talking to You; and Me Talking to Myself…no mystery, no mystique.

From the beginning it has been Us talking to Ourselves.

I AM Joseph…I AM the Sentinel…I AM the Human

I AM You


© Copyright 2007 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse™...All rights reserved