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Special Request: © Copyright 2007 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse This information may be freely disseminated, in whole or in part, provided there is no charge for the information and this notice is attached. When using a partial version of this material, please state that it is an abridged version and refer the reader to the original, complete version at www.HealingTheUniverse.com. Publications are encouraged to reprint articles by permission only. Please notify us at Joe@HealingTheUniverse.com

From The Desk Of Joe Rumbolo December 2007

Greetings Every One! It is already that time of year again and I wish you all:

  1. A Merry Christmas!

  2. Happy Chanukah!

  3. Happy Kwanzaa!

  4. Season's Greetings!

  5. Feliz Navidad

  6. All Of The Above!

  7. None Of The Above!

H. If I missed something, please fill in the blank:

  1. Happy _____!

  2. Merry _____!

  3. Other _____!


I have either offended no one, or, I have offended everyone, in which case I will tell you that I celebrate Christmas, complete with a Christmas Tree, Santa Claus, the Nativity Scene under the tree, the Three Wise men with Gold, Frankincense, Mir and Christ; Gifts, Carols, Cards and Giving. Yes…I know that this is not really the time of year that Christ was born, it is just when his birth is celebrated and I know that many of the stories are just stories but it is a time for family, friends and especially giving and service to others; fun, joy and merriment; great food and eggnog; so I wish you all a very Merry Christmas or whatever it is that you may be celebrating during this Glorious Holiday Season!

It is hard for me to believe that it is already the Holiday Season once again, that 365 of what we call days have actually passed, whatever they may be; 365 segments of 24 hours each, a measurement called Linear Time!

Hmmm…24 hours each day…what does that really mean? At last count (measurement), what used to occur in what is called 24 hours, now occurs in less than 18. Have you wondered why you rush here, rush there, rush everywhere and still do not finish it all?!? Everything is accelerated, or at least, everything appears to be accelerated. Is it possible that we have created the Illusion of acceleration to go hand-in-hand with the Illusion of Time?

Last time, in THE CLEAR VIBRATION Installment # 56, the topic was the Grand Illusion. What we know is that in order to create that which we call Illusion, we need to have some measurement of Linear Time and Space and then the questions become, "What is a/the measurement? What is the basis for this so-called measurement?" The basis for this measurement is memory…yes folks…it is memory…and do you know what memories are? They are our perceptions of events that have occurred; not what actually happened, but our perceptions of what happened, so we are basing these Illusions that we create moment to moment, that we call reality, on intellectual deceptions. We Humans are incredibly funny, basing Illusion, which we know to be fake, on that which is called deception, which we know to be misleading, misinterpreted, misrepresentations of that which we may call truth…complicated lies upon complicated lies upon complicated lies…and then we call it reality.

The bad news is that our Human experience is based on illusion, which is based on deception, upon lie after lie after lie.

The good news is that our Human experience is based on illusion, which is based on deception, upon lie after lie after lie, and we can change this. We can decide, if we so choose, to cut through all the "red tape" of what may be viewed as complex and misinterpreted stories and fairytales of certain energies, angelic entities, hierarchies and such. I am not saying that there is no existence of such things in some form or another. Some or all of these may exist, but my infinite mind does not re-member for sure. It does, however, suspect, and what it does re-member is coming through my/our Human filters. What I/you may conclude, at best, may contain or be founded in shreds of what is filtered or contaminated, re-membered truth, but to speak in absolutes about what can at best be described as speculation, would be insanity.

Again, I am not denying the existence of anything but I am saying that none of it may necessarily be the way we think we know it to be. As a result, what I have been attempting to do is simplify…cut through the "red tape" of the stories…to the most simple common denominator, viewing it all As If the reality is that there are no angels, entities, guides, hierarchies, galactic councils and all the rest; As If we have made it all up. Then what?!? All there would be is US, the whole of US being the ALL THAT IS, GOD, the UNIVERSE. Now that, my friends, is both a very powerful and a very scary thought, wouldn't you agree? There would be nowhere to run, nowhere to hide; nothing from which to run; nothing from which to hide. There would be No-Thing, until we decide that there is Some-Thing and at that point, the game begins, or continues!

As long we/you/me are the ones who decide if/when/how we will move from No-Thing to Some-Thing, then Some-Thing can be whatever we want it to be. So far, we have based Some-Thing on the measurement called memory, which has occurred in and as what we think is or what we call the past/the future and we know that memory is just our perception of a neutral event that has appeared to have occurred. Our intellect pretends to know this but what it actually knows is nothing more than discussion group fodder. Just knowing this and that this and everything else we think we know is nothing more than speculation, allows us to cut through the "red tape" and go directly to the manifestation and transformation. It allows us to go directly to creating the Illusion(s) that we consciously choose to create; it allows us to create the Human experience that we consciously say we want to have, instead of the Human experience that we unconsciously create and have, by default.

Now, I will go back to the beginning of all of this and wish you each a Merry Christmas; a Happy Holiday Season and The Very Best Of Everything In The New Year!

Peace On Earth; Good Will To All!

Merry Christmas, Dad.

That's all for this time.

I am thankful and grateful to have the opportunity to express my flavor of the truth for your discernment, through this venue.  If you have any questions or comments about what you find here, feel free to contact me at Joe@HealingTheUniverse.com.

If it is your choice, feel free to tell your friends about HealingTheUniverse.

Spread Love and Pack Light!

Joe Rumbolo…The Sentinel

Certified OverLight Facilitator in Spiritual Psychology, Spiritual Life Coach,
Mentor and Manifestation Consultant and Facilitator

Facilitating Self-empowerment, Manifestation and
the Practical Application of Divinely Inspired Information in your life

© Copyright 2007 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse™...All rights reserved

THE CLEAR VIBRATION™ December 2007 Installment # 57


Dearest Warriors of the Light…

Welcome Home!

'Tis once again that time of year, the Illusion that many of you call the Holiday Season, the Season to be Jolly, the Illusion that many of you love and some of you resent.

This is a perfect time of year to discuss this topic, direct and to the point, and in so doing, wish each of you who have been and are courageous enough to choose and play this game, The Planet Earth Project:

Peace On Earth; Good Will To All!

In your Today's-Consciousness-Illusory-World that you call Your Reality, there are those who are waging Jihad…a crusade for a principle or belief…a holy war waged on behalf of Islam as a religious duty…against those who are called Infidels. Infidels are those who are unbelievers with respect to a particular religion. In this case, Infidels are those who do not believe in Islam. Is it possible that many of these Infidels are those who are called Christians?

In your 11th, 12th and 13th Century awareness, there were military expeditions led by these said Christians, called Crusades, to win the Holy Lands from those who were called Infidels. In this case, the Infidels…the unbelievers with respect to a particular religion…were Muslims!

Whether Christian or Muslim, Jihad or Crusade, there were and are the righteous illusion of Heavenly Rewards attached to you fighting for your God…of course, The Only Right God!Heavenly Rewards for giving your Human life for your Right God's cause, for killing others who do not believe as you believe, as though you are right and they are wrong; as though they are right and you are wrong. Genius! You have all exhibited pure, unadulterated Genius in designing, planning and implementing this as part of your game!

Now, step back from your Human-experience-illusory-involvement in all of this for a few moments. Creating humor has always been your strong suit, whether you are aware of the humor you are creating or not. Most of the time you are not even aware of the humor that you create. In this case, looking at the big picture, we hope that you will find the humor in this that you have created.

Do not take this the wrong way. We are not saying that in the day-to-day Human experience of things, that the devaluation and killing of Humans is humorous but viewing the big picture, just take a gander of what you have created.

Past, Present and Future is happening simultaneously, or so it may seem in the current understanding of the finite Human mind. Another way to view it is that it is circular time. Do not spend your time attempting to truly figure either of these out. Your finite Human mind is not yet capable of truly grasping this concept but let us just presume for a moment, just to make the point, that Past, Present and Future are occurring simultaneously. Let us further presume that you have played all the roles that there are to play…good and bad; happy and sad; up and down and all around. You get the picture.

Do you see where it is possible that one who is fighting the Islamic Jihad in this current awareness could also be fighting on the side of the Christians during the time of the Crusades? How hilarious is that!?! You would actually be fighting against yourself…Right NOW, In This Moment! You would be fighting for both sides, each in different dimensions, simultaneously! It is also possible that if you have chosen to live two or more lives simultaneously, in your current-awareness-dimension, that which you have labeled the 3rd Dimension, or in a previous linear time-frame, that you are both the good guy and the bad guy, depending upon your point of view, fighting against yourself and in many instances, you, Infidel, would be killing you, Infidel!

According to Human religious thought and righteousness, both then and now, you are going to your religion's version of Heaven for fighting for the right cause and those who are fighting on the other side…the wrong cause…are going to some version of Hell. Now, for your coinciding actions of fighting for both sides you will then be going to some version of Heaven and some version of Hell, at the same time! Certainly the absurdity of this can cause you to laugh, but then again, is this really that absurd? Remember, it was you that set this all up; it was you that designed the game; and it is many of you who do believe at least at some level, intellectually, that Past, Present and Future do exist simultaneously in some fashion or another.

So, Infidel, the fight and the war against yourself continues, the fight and the war outside of yourself…Infidel verses Infidel…the fight and the war inside of yourself…Infidel verses Infidel.

There are so many of you who pray for peace, who assemble in person, by telephone or on the internet, to hold group vigils to end the wars in the middle east, around the world and on the block where you live and you wonder when will these wars outside of yourself seize to exist? Of course, the stock spiritual/metaphysical answer is, "When you end the war within yourself" but you know this already. As long as you wage war with yourself within yourself, it will indeed, manifest outside of yourself, as well. You move through each incarnation fighting yourself, criticizing yourself, judging yourself and beating yourself up and then taking it out on everyone and everything around you, outside of yourself. No wonder you externally fight yourself on both sides of a battle as we've just explained. You are mimicking…You Are Manifesting…what is happening internally.

Yes…the work is on the inside…a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual clearing and cleansing that is an ongoing process that becomes a way of life, moving you toward inner peace.

If you have read us before, you know that we have spoken of this often, this clearing and cleansing. We will speak of this more in the New Year, the importance of this and most importantly, the mechanics of how to do this. This internal cleansing, clearing, grounding and healing is the key to you having the life you say you want to have and it is the key to truly having:

Peace On Earth; Good Will To All!

WE ARE ONE and until next time, we express to you our most heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the opportunity to present this information to you for your discernment.




We ask only that you…

Laugh Often
This is called Lightwork. Do not take it so seriously.
It is only a game. Light-en up!

Spread The Light
You are the Light. Allow yourself to shine!


You are the breath of God!

YOU ARE GOD, and So Is Everyone Else.

I AM Joseph…I AM the Sentinel…I AM the Human

I AM You


© Copyright 2007 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse™...All rights reserved