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From The Desk Of Joe Rumbolo August 2007

"There Are No Ordinary Moments"

A Quote From The Book:

Way of the Peaceful Warrior and

The Motion Picture:

Peaceful Warrior

By Dan Millman

Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman is one of my all-time favorite books. Recently, I had the opportunity to see the motion picture adaptation of that book called Peaceful Warrior, starring Nick Nolte in a brilliant portrayal of Socrates, Dan's teacher. Seeing the movie brought it all back to me, everything I felt many years ago, the first time I read the book, the highs, the lows, the feelings and emotions both good and bad, all of them extremely powerful, on one hand very exciting and uplifting and on the other hand…well, do you know that sick feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you know that you screwed up and think that maybe you have been for a while…that feeling, too! It brought back everything I had felt…all those old feelings…and because I am in a different place in my life at this time and have actually had the opportunity to live my own personal versions of many of the adventures described in the book, it evoked even more.

No, I was never a world class gymnast like Dan Millman, but I have had dreams broken…shattered…just as Dan's leg was shattered, in the film, in the book, In His Real Life, and just like Dan and just like many of you, I have not only lived to tell about it, but have accepted it all as part of my training so that I could be right here, right now, doing what I am doing in the way that I am doing it, and you know, to me that's pretty exciting!

My rock-star-dream did not work out for me in this lifetime, in this dimension, in this Universe. In some dimension, in some parallel universe or lifetime, it did work out but in this dimension and lifetime, everything I experienced and learned during those years in the music industry can be applied to what I am doing now. The reason why facilitating groups of people in person, by teleconference or in webinar format so much resonates with me is because of the entertainer in me. I absolutely love it! For me it is exciting, fun and exhilarating. Of course, when the music business did not work out for me, both on the performance and business ends, it was very disappointing, but if I would have known then what I know now…that it was all part of my training for what was to come…the misery and suffering of disappointment that lasted months, even years, could have been restricted to some rather incidental hurt and pain dealt with over a short period of time.

That training, as I will call it, triggered something in me that also assists/assisted me to reach within myself to other dimensions, to other life times, past, present and future, when I was the entertainer, when I was the teacher (facilitator), when I was the channel, the writer, the coach, the mentor and has allowed me to BE those things right here, right now, in this conscious life time. The training is/was only the catalyst to remembrance because you see, I already was/am all of those things and much, much more…and so are you.

My friends, to me, this is very exciting. If you can keep this idea in mind, of training, triggering and reaching within you, to You in other dimensions, every moment of every day, of every week, of every month, of every year, of every life time, then indeed, as Dan finally realized and said to Socrates…

"There Are No Ordinary Moments!"

I am thankful and grateful to have the opportunity to express my flavor of the truth for your discernment, through this venue.

If it is your choice, feel free to tell your friends about HealingTheUniverse.

Your questions and comments are always welcome. You may contact me at Joe@HealingTheUniverse.com.

Spread Love and Pack Light!

Joe Rumbolo…The Sentinel

Certified OverLight Facilitator in Spiritual Psychology, Spiritual Life Coach,
Mentor and Manifestation Consultant and Facilitator

Facilitating Self-empowerment, Manifestation and
the Practical Application of Divinely Inspired Information in your life

© Copyright 2007 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse™...All rights reserved

THE CLEAR VIBRATION™ August 2007 Installment # 54


Dearest Warriors of the Light…

Welcome Home!

WE ARE ONE! Do you know what that means, Human? No…really…do you have any comprehension of what that means? Are you aware of the implications?


There has been much written and spoken regarding the topic of ONENESS. It has indeed, come up frequently on these pages, in these channels and commentaries, in fact, often the channels begin with the words, WE ARE ONE, just as the one today. To some, there is no doubt, intellectually, that WE ARE ONE, even though their actions knowingly or unknowingly, consciously or unconsciously, appear to promote separation.

Humans…you can be so funny, having metaphysical and spiritual conversations, discussing the woo-woo-ness of it all, the energy, the idea of ONENESS…Unity Consciousness…how to step into Unity Consciousness, loving everyone unconditionally (A fallacy in itself…calling love unconditional, places the condition of unconditionality on it!), getting all pious, ethereal and airy-fairy about it, until someone cuts you off in traffic or steals your wallet or purse. Then you go ballistic; "that no good @#%&%#@" you might say. "We are one, except for that jerk that just cut me off! He must belong to a different Oneness than I do because he sure certainly does not belong to My Oneness!" Be honest with yourselves. You Have ALL Done This, or something similar! Accept it!!! You are Human. It WILL happen, from time to time; You WILL do it again; You WILL Think Like A Human and You WILL Act Like A Human!

Still, WE ARE ONE, even though as Humans, we often pretend that we are not, even though our words say that we are and our actions say that we are not. This is no crime. You are just playing Human and after all, that is one of the reasons you agreed to come here in the first place…To Play Human.

Now, if you accept the premise that WE ARE ONE, even if you only accept this intellectually, then the next question is: Are We All The Same? Am I the same as You; are You the same as Me; are We the same as Michael, Raphael, Kryon or the group and so on? Of course, the answer to this is a resounding and frustrating Yes We Are and No We Are Not! We are both the same and not the same, simultaneously.

It all depends on how you view it. In Spirit, in pure energy form, yes indeed, We Are The Same in that we all come from the same place and are made of the same stuff. We may have different jobs to tend to, but We Are The Same. Although this may be disputed by some, there is no hierarchy; there is no ONE who is better than or more important than the next.

It is with great sadness (or not) that we report that there is no older man with long white hair and flowing white beard wearing a white robe and sandals sitting on top of a cloud on a throne who is called God and there is no doorman/bouncer at the Pearly Gates named St. Peter who is asking for the secret password and a cover charge with a two-drink minimum to get in! To think so lends itself to storybook, fairytale type thinking and there is plenty of that going around these days, in your Human religions that you have created through the years and even in your more recently developed New Age Spiritual Dogma, based on half-truths, attempts to control segments of the population and out and out lies. You may be of the belief that Spirits/Souls are in various stages of development prior to each incarnation and various stages of re-entry, evaluation or re-orientation after an incarnation, but this does not make them any more "less-than". They are just doing their work and making their own unique contributions to the whole. We all come from the same stuff, so to bottom line it, in the formless form of pure energy, ONENESS does mean SAMENESS.

If your thought is that there is such a hierarchy and that one is better than or more important than another, again, WE ARE ONE and in the formless form of pure energy, ONENESS does mean SAMENESS and everyone is just tending to their prescribed chores and making their respective contributions to the whole.

Although ONENESS does mean SAMENESS, SAMENESS does not necessarily always mean IDENTICAL-NESS. What's that you say, "More channeled double-talk?" Well, we did say that we are both the same and not the same, simultaneously. LOL! We are each both the same and unique, simultaneously.

We are of the same source…the same energy…and through many incarnations, Human and otherwise, we have each had billions upon billions of experiences that have shaped our…let me see…personalities, for lack of more appropriate vocabulary. Many of you who are among the well-studied and who view yourselves as spiritually evolved are saying right now that this idea of personalities only comes to light when one incarnates. Certainly, on the other side of the veil, personalities and differences disappear and become non-existent. Without going into a long story, yes they do and no they don't. Can you feel the differences in the energies of say Kryon, Archangel Michael, the group and Master Guide Kirael? In some ways they feel the same and yet, different…distinguishable.

These differences, for what they may be, are not seen, felt, heard, otherwise experienced nor even do they ultimately matter, on our side of the veil, but they do exist, they are known and they are acknowledged, but then again, everyone is continuously being acknowledged. That is just what is. It is all a part of the growth and expansion process of each energy group and therefore, of the All That Is, the Universe, the Whole, as each does its job and makes its contribution.

This may seem confusing to you because as we speak, our partner is questioning what we say, so to clarify, each energy group is cut from the same cloth and stands on the same ground…the sameness…but each group has had varying experiences, each wears different colors coinciding with those experiences and all are in a constant state of acknowledgement and celebration for the sameness/uniqueness of each other and for themselves.

Once an energy group incarnates as Human and puts on the veil, it is the duality that takes this healthy, magnificent, celebrated diversity and turns what could be wonderful acknowledgement and joyous celebration into righteous, self-serving, fearful separation, but then again, that is part of the game, is it not?

As we move through this topic of ONENESS, SAMENESS, IDENTICAL-NESS and UNIQUENESS, we move into our next topic for this time, because indeed, it is time for many to hear this, see this and do this, if it is their choice.


We called upon you long ago, Dear Lightworker, and asked that you shine your light. Do we need a lighthouse where the waters are calm and well lighted and the bottom and the shore are smooth? Well, it wouldn't hurt, but not necessarily! To take a stand and shine your light where there is light, is one thing; but to courageously take a stand and shine your light where there is dark, now that is quite another story and many of you have willingly complied to go to where the seas are the roughest and most difficult to maneuver, with unseen rocks lurking just below the water line.

You have shined your light brilliantly for so many to see their way, for so many to see and discover their own magnificence. You have shined your light for many years during this life time, some of you not even knowing that you were shining your light in the first place, just going about your business of living your life and having your Human experience as a powerful, loving, caring being, living in integrity.

Things are changing. Can you feel it? Can you smell it? The energy is cleansing, clearing, grounding, healing and rejuvenating for those who choose not to play the role of the victim. Oh yes, there are many reasons to fall into the victim trap at this time but you continue to move into a higher and higher vibration. For many of you, your bodies feel torn apart, stretched and pulled in opposite directions in an attempt to become acclimated to this energy as you become light bodies, moving from being carbon based to being crystalline based, your legs barely able to hold you, as you tap into the crystal grid. Through all of the physical and emotional hurt and pain that racks your being, many of you continue to shine your light…you plant yourself in the darkest of dark…and you shine your light.

'Tis noble of you…NO!…Gallant of you, indeed, to continue to shine your light as you appear to be beaten to a pulp, but alas, Dear Lightworker, you have forgotten something. There is somewhere you have forgotten to shine your light, perhaps the most important place of all, to shine your light. You have forgotten to shine Your light on You! Yes, Lightworker, the light that you shine outward, turn it around and shine it inward on you. Why? Because you deserve it…not for anything that you have done or will do, but because you are you…because you are who you really are, the piece of God that is you.

As a piece of God, shine your God-light on you…within you…and be your own guide, your own guru, and as you do this…as you shine… your illumination is increased tenfold, your presence is felt and seen tenfold and you become the example for all, who may then have the courage to also shine their lights inward and be their own gurus. Can you visualize over six billion people, each shining their own lights inward, illuminated tenfold, each being the example for the other and lighting the way to what you call ascension, the New Planet Earth?

We are the same/We are not the same…all of you are a part of all of us and all of us are a part of all of you. WE ARE ONE and until next time, we express to you our most heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the opportunity to present this information to you for your discernment.




We ask only that you…

Laugh Often
This is called Lightwork. Do not take it so seriously.
It is only a game. Light-en up!

Spread The Light
You are the Light. Allow yourself to shine!


You are the breath of God!

YOU ARE GOD, and So Is Everyone Else.

I AM Joseph…I AM the Sentinel…I AM the Human

I AM You


© Copyright 2007 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse™...All rights reserved