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Special Request: © Copyright 2005 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse This information may be freely disseminated, in whole or in part, provided there is no charge for the information and this notice is attached. When using a partial version of this material, please state that it is an abridged version and refer the reader to the original, complete version at www.HealingTheUniverse.com. Publications are encouraged to reprint articles by permission only. Please notify us at Joe@HealingTheUniverse.com

From The Desk Of Joe Rumbolo February 2005

WOW! It is hard to believe that the channel that follows is the 24th installment of what began as MESSAGES FROM MYSELF™ and has evolved into THE CLEAR VIBRATION™, with next month being the two year anniversary of the launching of www.HealingTheUniverse.com. It seems like only yesterday and yet, looking at all that has happened in the past two years…the ups and downs; the hurt and pain; the sadness, anger and fear; the happiness, joy and pure ecstasy; the self examination; the growth; the accomplishment and forward movement; THE HEALING; it almost feels like a life time!

Looking back at the past two plus years, from the moment I sold my business (and even looking farther back than that) until this moment of NOW, I see a most incredibly well crafted plan; not only a plan that I probably could not have consciously written for myself in its entirety, but a plan that I never would have thought was possible because of the limiting beliefs of my humanism. Unconsciously, what I was doing was a very important piece of the MANIFESTING THE LIFE YOU WANT!™ Seminar that I authored last year and currently facilitate. I knew that my passion had something to do with this work and I did not know exactly how that would look…what exactly would I be doing…so, without consciously knowing the process, I began to step in the direction of my passion, taking one step at a time, trusting that as my foot hit the ground, that the ground would be created under my foot and trusting that the next step would then be revealed to me. As I took each step, each one could be viewed as a success or a failure. As long as that would be my judgment, I chose to view each as a success. Even when it appeared as though I had failed, I was able to bring at least one small success forward with me as I trusted and took the next step. It wasn't long before it occurred to me that what I was actually doing was creating my own path! What an incredible observation that was for me. Then, I was able to consciously take each step with a comprehension of the process and the mechanics. As a result, this very important piece of the MANIFESTING THE LIFE YOU WANT!™ Seminar was magically written before I even had the idea to write it! Of course, in the seminar, we expand on the principles, the process and the mechanics.

What follows is an article that I have recently written, giving an overview of this process of Creating Your Own Path.



By Joe Rumbolo

Much has been said and written about humans Traveling The Path, Being On The Path, Being On Their Spiritual Path, Following Their Path, and so on. Just where are these paths that people speak of? Are there certain paths that are better than others? A path is a path is a path and there are at least as many paths available as there are humans, at any given time. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we each choose the path we are traveling. There is no right or wrong path, and there are only choices, causing what appear to be lessons, forward movement, spiritual evolution and stagnation or regression.

Those who make what appears to be the unconscious choice are on a path that has them wandering aimlessly, operating on automatic and living in fear, totally out of control and having no idea that they can choose to actually put themselves in the driver's seat. They see themselves as victims, thinking that everyone is out to get them, so they constantly scrape and fight for survival. They question why they are here in the first place, wondering how a God who is supposed to be kind and loving could have possibly dealt them such a "bad hand." They wonder what they have done that was so wrong that they deserve to be punished in this way…and they continue to wander aimlessly in fear, eyes closed tight, wearing a veil as thick and heavy as a brick wall, feeling totally separate from everything, especially from that which is the Light. This is not a wrong choice; it is only a choice.

Then something happens…a lecture, book, workshop or channel…and an awakening begins. As a person spiritually yawns and wipes the sleep from his eyes, he discovers a path, or better yet, the spiritual path and he is off and running, thinking, "Now I'm really on to something! Wow! The Spiritual Path! There are things that I know now, that others do not!" Another Spiritual Elitist is born, as the next lecturer, author, facilitator or channel becomes his guru de jour! Again, this is not right or wrong; it is only a choice and it is made consciously. We are now noticing what appears to be some forward movement.

Finally, something clicks within the person. Within…that is where the person will find his own personal direction, his own truth. He no longer chooses to follow the path of his gurus, not that his gurus are wrong, but he has decided to be his own guru, to discern rather than to judge, to not just accept ideas because someone in particular said it, to take only those pieces that truly resonate with him and leave the rest for someone else and to create and follow his own path. He has decided to take back and OWN his power, knowing that the more responsibility he is willing to take for being the Intentional Creator that he is, The More Powerful He Becomes. This is truly an awakening!

It is one thing to arrive at this place of intellectually being your own guru and taking responsibility for the Intentional Creator that you truly are, while sitting around in groups philosophically discussing this. It is quite another to actually do it; to take action; to create your own path; to practically apply this information in your life; to take the first step in the direction of your passion or desire so that you may MANIFEST THE LIFE YOU WANT!

So, just how do you CREATE YOUR OWN PATH? First, discover if you are truly ready to do this. Are you still stuck in your head or, are you really ready to take on this responsibility? CREATING YOUR OWN PATH can be a fascinating, fun, educational and rewarding experience that requires TRUST in yourself and in the Universe. Are you ready? Let's play!

DECLARE YOUR CLEAR INTENTION! What is your desire or passion? Be specific, but not so specific that you hinder the Universe in allowing it to bring it to you. Once you have declared your intention, the Universe begins to orchestrate it for you. If you believe that past, present and future occur simultaneously, then the potential is already orchestrated, just waiting for you to choose it. This does not mean that your job is finished.

TAKE APPROPRIATE ACTION! Some feel that they only have to sit on top of the mountain in meditation and their manifestation will fall into their laps. Most of us are not quite there yet, although occasionally, this does appear to happen. Meditation is important and it is not the whole story. The Intentional Meditation that is facilitated in the MANIFESTING THE LIFE YOU WANT!™ Seminar has proven to be very powerful and yet, for each desire, there are certain appropriate actions that must be taken to bring your desire to fruition or to cause it to manifest at an accelerated pace.

As an example of this (which some of you may have read in the September 2004 commentary), the first time I heard Cheryl Crow's song, Leaving Las Vegas, an incredible visual was created. In the bridge of the song, she sings:

"I'm standing in the middle of the desert, waiting for my ship to come in."

I saw Cheryl standing barefoot in a lonely desert, her toes digging in the sand, eyes closed, arms outstretched in front of her with her palms up, ready to receive what the Universe has to offer. The orange ball of a sun is setting in the west to her left. She is wearing a beautiful, white gown as the warm desert breeze gently caresses her face moving through her flowing brown hair and the sheerness of her gown, highlighted by the descending rays of light.

Off in the far distance is a beautiful wooden sailing vessel, its sails filled to capacity, almost going nowhere, as it struggles to glide across the gritty sand, moving so slowly that it may never manifest for her in this lifetime, causing her to feel stuck, giving up and walking away from this, her ship!

The Intention Has Been Declared! The Universe has orchestrated the desire. The ship is there, within reach. In this case, the first action to take is open your eyes so you can see the ship. Since a ship travels much more freely and easily in water than it does on sand, travel to water. To accelerate the process, take action and swim out to meet it, or rent a boat and motor! Those of you with analytical minds may be thinking that your ship doesn't sail on water…IT FLIES…so you'll just wait until it lands. Not a bad thought AND perhaps you could just accelerate the process even more by building a landing field!

STEP IN THE DIRECTION OF YOUR PASSION OR DESIRE! Even if you don't know exactly what your passion or desire is, you certainly have some idea of what it is. Step in the direction of it. Take the first step and TRUST that the moment you place your foot down, the ground will be created under your foot and TRUST that the next step will then be revealed to you. Take the next step, and the next. Enjoy the journey as you TRUST yourself and CREATE YOUR OWN PATH watching it Magically unfold before you!

Believe In The Magic. Know That YOU Are The Magic!

© Copyright 2005 Joseph C. Rumbolo/MENTORING FOR THE 5th DIMENSION™/HealingTheUniverse™
All rights reserved


I hope this overview is helpful to you as you travel Your Path, using whatever processes that you may choose. At some time, it would be wonderful to meet each one of you in person. I would be honored to have each of you as participants in the MANIFESTING THE LIFE YOU WANT!™ Seminar where we would expand on this topic of CREATING YOUR OWN PATH and all of the information, principles, processes, tools and mechanics facilitated there.

I express to you my most sincere thanks and gratitude for this forum. I do not expect this information to resonate with everyone and I do offer this information for your discernment. Take from it what you will and leave the rest for someone else to find. It is always your choice.

Spread Love and Pack Light!

Joe Rumbolo
The Sentinel

Certified OverLight Facilitator, Mentor and Manifestation Consultant and Facilitator

Facilitating Self-empowerment, Manifestation and
the Practical Application of Divinely Inspired Information in your Life

© Copyright 2005 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse™...All rights reserved




February 2005

"The Farm"



THE CLEAR VIBRATION™ February 2005 Installment # 24


Dearest Warriors Of The Light…

Dearest God/Humans…

Welcome Home!

WE ARE ONE and we appreciate and are truly honored to have the opportunity to share this information with you, through our partner, the human known as the Sentinel. From this moment on, we will refer to our partner using his name in this lifetime…Joe. When we first communicated to Joe that he was to be called the Sentinel, we did so through a close friend of his. He was not fully aware that the "channel" was completely open for him at that time, although it was time for him to begin to know that something huge was ahead…some assignment that he had agreed to…some mission. LOL! We do sometimes work in mysterious ways, if it is necessary, and in this case, it was necessary! We were dealing with one of those analytical, second-guessing humans who gave the outward appearance of being confident and secure with himself but who was lacking in self confidence within, to varying degrees and who was very insecure. Do any of you see yourselves in this description? Be honest. Don't be shy. Raise your hands!

He had heard, felt and saw our communications throughout his entire life up to that point, but had never really acknowledged his ability to receive them…to truly know. His thought had always been that this communication was certainly possible and especially for others but there was no way that he could actually have this ability. He certainly was a master at fooling himself, as he had been during all of this lifetime…until that moment. In that precise moment, after years of attempting to get through to him, we decided to "take off the gloves," smack him over the head and cause him to be hungry for this ability so we could drop a huge assignment into his lap.

The Sentinel…It Resonated With Him Immediately!

In reviewing the events of this incarnation up to that point, it became very clear to Joe that he had been in training for this role during all of this lifetime. It was at that time that the roller coaster ride really began and so too, did the illusion that he created, of excruciatingly intensive preparation.

Initially, as the Sentinel, his job was to monitor, watch, observe and do whatever it takes to keep things on track and moving forward in integrity and with love. This included facilitating and planting seeds of self-empowerment, healing with his words and leading, both verbally and vibrationally, creating a space for people to heal themselves spiritually, emotionally and physically, if they so choose…and he had no idea of what to do, how to do it or how it would "look." Since then, this assignment has expanded and evolved immensely, moment to moment, as he takes one step at a time, trusting himself and finding his niche, facilitating Self-empowerment, Manifestation and the Practical Application of Divinely Inspired Information in your life. Well, that's what it is…So Far! What is next is consciously unknown to him, for the most part, although he does have at least some idea and so he continues to step in the direction of it.

Many of you who are called lightworkers, along with others who also appear to be spiritually enlightened, have consciously done an inordinate amount of work during the past few years. Even those who appear to have not stepped into awareness have also done an inordinate amount of work, though unconsciously. Many of you appear to be and feel stuck. You are not really stuck, but it is a great excuse for doing nothing; so too, is giving the appearance of having Patience and waiting for the Right Time a great excuse for doing nothing. Yes, there are times when you actually are being Patient and are waiting for Divine Timing to kick in and there are still actions that can be taken. We use the words "giving the appearance" because there are those who will be totally dishonest with themselves in an attempt to persuade themselves that the Universe, their guides, their angels or anything else outside of them is telling them to Do Nothing. Perhaps we can help you with this.

If you find yourself in this space of being or appearing to be stuck and do not know why or what to do, AND if you honestly want to move forward in your life, there are still appropriate actions that you can take. Notice that we say appropriate actions, and not doing for the sake of doing, just to give the appearance of forward movement.


If you have not done this, then do it. If you have done this, then make sure that you have been clear. Even if you do not know exactly what you want, at least be clear, in general. For instance, if you want to work in the area of Personal and Spiritual Growth and Development but do not know exactly how that would look or what you would be doing, then declare that you want to be working in the area of Personal and Spiritual Growth and Development.


Trust that the moment you DECLARE YOUR CLEAR INTENTION, the Universe begins to orchestrate it for you. The Universe always does its part.


  • What is the first thing that I need to get started?

  • What would be the ideal piece of information?

  • Who would be the ideal contact?

  • Who do I know who already has this or is already doing this?

  • Anything else that you can think of to ask.


Trust that your answers will show up. If you are sincere in your request, the answers will show up. You will not be denied! Once the information or the opportunities begin to show up, the ball is in your court. Now it is time to take Appropriate Action. Pick up the phone and make that call, research that piece of information and see where it leads you. It is possible that you will receive an answer or piece of information that cannot be acted upon in that exact moment. Ask for a sense of when the action is to be taken and pay attention to that answer. Proceed when it is time.


Ask the questions again…What do I need to know; Who do I need to
contact; What do I need to do, etc.; see what unfolds and then…


The next Appropriate Action and the Next Step will always be revealed. Then, you get to do the work. Do not expect the Universe to always just do it for you, although, once you step into this process and the Universe knows that you are serious, you will notice that the Universe will drop some things into your lap and we encourage you to continue to do your part.

There are many who spend their time talking about what they want or what they want to do and it all sounds good. They will even spend their time assembling a magnificent plan, so specific that they are not open to anything else. They may spend weeks, months, even years in this talking or planning stage. We are not saying that you should not plan but if you will notice, the talking and the planning stages really involve no risk…no trust on your part. This part is rather easy. The part that many find difficult is the one that involves actually implementing the plan and that is where many stumble. The talk is over. Then it is time to do it, to take the risk and just do it.

The fear of failure can be paralyzing for most, so they do nothing except continue to talk about what a great idea they have and what a great plan they have and how the time is not right and how Spirit has told them to wait…to do nothing…to sit on their hands. Is that information truly from Spirit…truly from within…or is it coming from your fear-based, cautious ego, that constantly tells you to do nothing because you might fail and then of course, how would failure look? There are times when the Appropriate Action is to do nothing. Just check in with yourself and truly see what is resonating with you. Is it your fear or is it really Spirit? DISCERNMENT! Be Honest With Yourself!

You will notice that by stepping in the direction of your passion, taking one step at a time, taking the appropriate action and then trusting that the next step will be revealed, your desire will come to you. It may or may not be in the exact package that you envisioned AND it will come to you, if you choose to persevere, if you choose to not give up, IF YOU CHOOSE TO ALLOW ITPatience, Perseverance and Divine Timing!

As a part of the overall mission that Joe and all of us agreed to prior to his incarnation in this lifetime, which was to facilitate Self-empowerment, Manifestation and the Practical Application of Divinely Inspired Information in your life, we are honored to present this information to you for your discernment.




We ask only that you…

Laugh Often
This is called Lightwork. Do not take it so seriously.
It is only a game. Light-en up!

Spread The Light
You are the Light. Allow yourself to shine!


You are the breath of God!

YOU ARE GOD, and So Is Everyone Else.

I AM Joseph…I AM the Sentinel…I AM the human…I AM You


© Copyright 2005 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse™...All rights reserved