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Special Request: © Copyright 2005 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse This information may be freely disseminated, in whole or in part, provided there is no charge for the information and this notice is attached. When using a partial version of this material, please state that it is an abridged version and refer the reader to the original, complete version at www.HealingTheUniverse.com. Publications are encouraged to reprint articles by permission only. Please notify us at Joe@HealingTheUniverse.com

From The Desk Of Joe Rumbolo August 2005

Joe and Tracey's Magical Adventure

July 14th - 20th, 2005 San Diego, California

July 14th found Tracey and I winging our way to beautiful San Diego, CA. Attendance for the MANIFESTING THE LIFE YOU WANT!™ Course was not as strong as we wanted it to be, but several weeks before leaving, we knew the trip was not really about the course. The course is always important (this particular one proved to be extremely powerful) and in this case, it was the catalyst for getting us to California, where so much more awaited us.

As the time rapidly approached for us to buy our tickets, I would have been remiss had I not reviewed the circumstances from an analytical, business point of view. Having done that, we both knew that there were so many things being orchestrated around this trip that we finally decided we were going, no matter what. We both knew we were going from the beginning anyway, but having business backgrounds, we had to go through the process just to satisfy our humanness. We could have chosen to pay attention to the title of The Kryon Writings Book Two: Don't Think Like A Human, but where would the fun have been in that?!? LOL! We are here to experience, have fun and be human after all, so why not?

Beginning with a few days before our planned departure, we both felt like little children on Christmas Eve, waiting for Christmas Morning to come so we could open our presents beneath the Christmas Tree. They were wrapped in beautiful shiny red paper with huge green bows, shiny green paper with red bows, shiny gold paper with green and red bows and there were some that were wrapped in fun paper with teddy bears, Santa Clauses and reindeer, snow covered rooftops and frozen ponds with ice skaters. Oh…and there were our "stockings hung by the chimney with care!" Tracey reminded me to not forget about the stocking suffers. They can be wonderful surprises. I equated them with side doors!

We landed in San Diego and were met by our wonderful host, Mary Jones, the owner of the Felicita Growth Center, where we would be staying, playing and presenting, for the next six days. She whisked us away (and when I say, "Whisked" I mean "Whisked") to the center to settle in, freshen up and then we were off to keep a dinner engagement.

Through a series of interesting synchronicities which had played out during the previous couple of months, we had been invited for dinner that evening, to the beautiful home of an internationally known lecturer, author and facilitator and his wife, whose names I will not mention out of respect for their privacy. Tracey, Mary and I spent an extraordinary evening with our wonderful, gracious host and hostess (who by the way is an incredible cook) and their little canine. This marked the official beginning of our Magical Adventure.

The next day, Tracey and I set up the course room, prepared for the course on Saturday and Sunday and just enjoyed the ambiance of the center, indoors and out, with its two small ponds, one flowing into the other, providing homes for fish and turtles. Sloping steeply up from the ponds near the top of the hill stood a Native American Sweat Lodge and trees, which housed a number of hawks. We spent a considerable amount of time sitting on the canopied patio, having coffee and drinking it all in. The energy was electrifying, yet calm and peaceful.

Mary, our host, among other things, channels music. She calls it Heart Song. She sings in a language that to me is almost understandable but not quite. It was familiar to me but not from this lifetime and it is the vibration that connects directly to the heart. She sang for both of us and then delivered individual messages to Tracey and I in her speaking voice, which she calls Heart Speak. As soon as she spoke to Tracey, the vibration connected immediately to her heart and Tracey got the kind, caring, loving message being to given her at the heart/soul level without interpretation or translation of the words. My close friend, soul sister and partner was in tears after the first few syllables.

Then Mary spoke to me. It sounded like a different dialect of the same language, with a Germanic or Russian edge to it. My message was one of a more instructional nature and I was able to translate or at least paraphrase it. The message to me was this: Joe, you are on the right track with this Practical Spirituality but you may be swinging too far in that direction. Move the pendulum back a bit to the center…to the point of balance. It is exactly what I needed to hear, in fact, I had been working with that for a few weeks because I had felt myself swinging a bit too far. In discussing this message with Tracey and Mary, another piece of the message came through: Oh, and knock off the attitude about it! LOL! There's nothing like receiving a message that sounds like You talking to You!

That night we were off to Encinitas, CA to Soulscape Gift and Book Store to present a lecture on Practical Spirituality. What a wonderful place that bookstore is! The energy there was equally as incredible. Amy, the store manager, who had handled the details of bringing us in, had scheduled two young women to work that evening who were quite delightful and made us feel at home. The one and a half hour lecture seemed to just zip by. We would be honored to be invited to lecture there again the next time we are in the San Diego area.

The next morning (Saturday) we rose early and as I shuffled and stumble through the kitchen and out to the patio with a cup of coffee, Tracey participated in her own version of the same ritual. As I shuffled and stumbled, she putzed! We sat outside meditating and breathing in the energy in preparation of the course.

Mary's friend Michael Morales arrived early for the course. I had spoken to him on the phone a couple of weeks before and was excited to meet him. Michael is a very gifted and talented channel. I knew that we had much in common and plenty to teach and learn from each other.

The first day of the course was phenomenal, incredible and magical and as usual, we had the perfect group for that course in the room. We always present the meat and potatoes of the course, but the presentation always differs depending upon the individual and group issues that come up. That's the challenge and the fun of doing this and we certainly did have fun with this one!

After a late dinner that evening, Michael did a wonderful channel for Mary, Tracey and I, and then Michael and I stayed up quite late in intense conversation, trading ideas, perceptions and perspectives.

Sunday morning found us in various stages of stumbling, shuffling, putzing, meditating and offering Thanks and Gratitude for all of the gifts we had received and opened until then and in wonderment of all the wonderful gifts that were in the process of coming to us. The course began at 10:00 a.m. and it was yet another magical day. I would love to tell you about all of the wonderful, beautiful, magical things that occurred during the course, both for the participants and for Tracey and I but I choose to keep confidentiality out of respect for the participants. I invite you to attend one of the courses and experience the magic firsthand.

After the course, Michael, Mary, Tracey and I went to dinner with our new friends, the author and his wife and just had a blast, laughing, playing and having extraordinary, cheese-laden pizza and salad at Felipe's Italian Restaurant in Escondido. The tone for dinner was set during the exciting and adventuresome ride to the restaurant. It was interesting to see how much difference there can be in making a left turn instead of a right turn while still arriving safely at our destination! We ordered dinner and when I saw the size of the pizza I had ordered, I knew there was enough there for dinner, a late snack and cold pizza for breakfast! Although Tracey ordered a smaller one, the result was the same.

Much later that night, Michael and I once again headed to the patio for another intense conversation/channeling session. There was a piece of information that Michael channeled that tied directly into my CLEAR VIBRATION Channel of September 2004 (which he had not read), but with a slightly different twist. To me, it was mind-blowing since THE CLEAR VIBRATION offering focused on all humans and Michael's channel placed the focus directly on me. We repeated these sessions on Monday and Tuesday nights, also.

On Monday and Tuesday during the day, Tracey and I each did a few sessions, so the days were filled. On Monday night, we were invited to a going away party that was being held by some area Lightworkers, for a woman who had worked for our friends Steve and Barbara Rother. She and her husband were moving to Texas. I discovered that the woman hosting this party had been on my mailing list for a couple of years and although we had not met anyone attending the party in this lifetime, we were honored by the invitation. What a wonderful time we had, connecting with soul family…more gifts…more shiny paper…more bows…more magic!

Late Tuesday afternoon, we finally had an opportunity to do a bit of sightseeing, so Mary, Michael, Tracey and I drove up to Laguna Beach, CA for dinner at Javier's. The place was jammed. Mary knew the owner and several of the waiters, so our wait was not long. The food and service were extraordinary! After dinner, we walked to the beach and stood on the boardwalk watching the moonlight dance off the waves as they rolled in. I turned to Michael to tell him that it would only be a matter of moments before Tracey would be running across the beach and before I could get the words out, Tracey and Mary had thrown off their shoes and were on their way! When they returned to the boardwalk, Tracey was wet and sandy up to her waist, although that's not quite the way she expressed it! Being there at night was so beautiful that we can only imagine it during the day and we decided that on our next trip to California we would add a few days to the trip to breathe in the ocean, the saltwater filled air, the beach and the other magical places that the area has to offer.

For the six days we were in California, the gifts were many, the energy was extraordinary and the magic…well, it was just magnificently magical! Tracey and I agreed that neither one of us have ever experienced a time in our lives when we have laughed and played so much and had so much fun; just like little children on Christmas Eve, waiting for Christmas Morning to come so we could open our presents beneath the Christmas Tree!

These are just the highlights from this Magical Adventure. There was so much more and it continues to unfold…oh my God, how it continues to unfold!

Tracey, that red package is addressed to you; that green one is addressed to me; that gold one is addressed to both of us; oh, and let's not forget to look in the bottom of our stockings. We just might find some interesting side doors there!

I express to you my most sincere thanks and gratitude for this forum and for bearing with me as I have related this adventure to you. If it is your choice, feel free to tell your friends about Healing The Universe.

Your questions and comments are always welcome. Contact me at: Joe@HealingTheUniverse.com.

Spread Love and Pack Light!

Joe Rumbolo…The Sentinel

Certified OverLight Facilitator, Mentor and Manifestation Consultant and Facilitator

Facilitating Self-empowerment, Manifestation and
the Practical Application of Divinely Inspired Information in your Life

© Copyright 2005 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse™...All rights reserved







THE CLEAR VIBRATION™ August 2005 Installment # 30


Dearest Warriors Of The Light…

Dearest God/Humans…

Welcome Home!

WE ARE ONE and we are honored to be in your presence, in the presence of such magnificent beings as you, those who call yourselves humans. We are honored and consider it a privilege to have your ear and to have this opportunity to address you in this extraordinary moment of NOW!

Can you see who you are? Can you at the very least begin to see who you truly are…the magnificent Intentional Creators that you came to this planet called Earth to be? WE can see it, Dearest Warriors Of The Light; WE see it with such clarity. You are shifting the grand illusion that you call the veil, seeing more and more. You are creating a new illusion where this veil that you have so courageously thrown over your eyes is thinner in this moment; and now, even thinner in this new moment; and thinner and thinner; and then you momentarily snap back to what you call reality and it appears to thicken once again. If this is your experience and we know that for many of you it is, and the veil becomes thinner and lighter in one moment and then, thicker and heavier in the next, do you see that this is just your illusion, and since it is your illusion, you are in charge? Do you see this, Dearest God/Humans?

Knowing this NOW…what will you do with this? How will you use this? Will you use this information at all? This ability is yours for the taking, after all, to do with it whatever you will. It Is Your Choice, you know; It Is Always Your Glorious Choice!

If you choose to hear this information, absorb it and speak intelligently about it with others, that is your choice and it is honored. If you choose to hear this information, absorb it, speak intelligently about it with others and then Practically Apply it in your lives, then that too is a choice and it is honored. If you are of the latter or would like to be of the latter then perhaps you will choose to listen to our latest presentation of:

Practical Spirituality:
Multi-Dimensional Living In A 3rd Dimensional World

6th Edition

WE have a contract with Joe to present this information to him in this incarnation, just as he has a contract to receive this information and present it to all of you for your discernment. He has choice in receiving, discerning and presenting and he has chosen to fulfill this contract, finally, although for the longest while, talking to him was similar to talking to a brick wall. We say this because he is what you may call a late bloomer, just as some of you may also be. The point is that it is never too late. It was only fifteen years ago, after many years of chipping away at him to remind him of his agreement; false starts, stops, and more false starts, that we began to get through to him and only seven years ago that we were able to fully grab his attention. Once we did, there has been no turning back for him.

Multi-Dimensional Experiences

Many of you are having what you may call Multi-Dimensional Experiences, experiences where your reality is in one dimension, in your case probably the 3rd, but you are getting small glimpses of yourself or others living in alternate realities. Some of you may be getting large chunks rather than small glimpses. Does any of this feel familiar to you?

What Is A Dimension?

Let us begin with the answer to this question: What Is A Dimension? A dimension, simply put, is a vibrational frequency. That which is called the 3rd Dimension has the illusion of a certain vibrational frequency. That which is called the 4th Dimension has the illusion of a certain vibrational frequency and so on, but the lines that separate dimensions are not as clear-cut as you might think or as clear-cut as you might want them to be. We will offer more on this another time, but for now, just know that a Dimension, as you perceive it, is only a vibrational frequency and what exists within a certain dimension are those things that vibrate at a frequency within the scope of the vibrational frequency of that particular dimension.

What Is A Multi or Inter-Dimensional Experience?

The answer to this question is rather simple, so we ask that you attempt to stay outside of complexity. LOL! We laugh because we are wondering if Joe can find it within himself to keep it simple in his interpretation of the thought package that we dropped in his lap at 4:30 this morning when we so rudely awakened him after just three glorious hours of sleep! He thought it was quite simple and clear at that time.

Let us assume that in your awareness, you live in the reality of what we will call Dimension A, living and doing whatever humans would do in that vibrational frequency. Everyone in that dimension has been doing some work to raise the overall vibrational level and the illusion of the veil begins to thin or lift. Many begin to see little balls of light or energy, or possibly shadow-like figures, for example, out of the corners of their eyes. Others may hear voices in the still of the night, which may sound like a thousand radio stations, not quite tuned in to the individual stations correctly. When they investigate, they see nothing and yet, the voices may continue. Other examples may include driving in your car, not feeling completely there and feeling like you are not in control of the vehicle; or noticing that sometimes objects that appear to be solid in this dimension momentarily appear to vaporize or disintegrate.

These are examples of some kinds of Multi or Inter-Dimensional experiences. Because the veil appears to be thinner or lifted, you are experiencing what we will call bleed-through from other dimensions or realities, perhaps from Dimensions B, C and/or D, whatever and wherever they may be; but what can you do with this…how can you use this…other than to sit around in awe of these events, discussing them and comparing notes? Many are too caught-up in the awe of this to actually do anything practical with these experiences and there is practical use for these experiences. This is only the beginning and there is more…much, much, more!

The Practical Application of Multi or Inter-Dimensional Experiences

During the past few of your years, many have been in an accelerated process of self-healing, as many of you know, not only healing from this lifetime, but from past lives. It is one thing to heal wounds that you are aware of or become aware of from this lifetime, but it is quite another to reach into past lives and bring forward unhealed wounds from those lifetimes, to be healed in this one and especially when all you feel is a feeling and cannot identify the cause or source. Again, it is the illusion of the veil thinning or lifting that allows you to bring these wounded feelings forward, sometimes identifiable and sometimes not, to be healed now. It does not matter whether you believe that past, present and future exist simultaneously or not, you are still reaching into another reality to bring forth that which is to be healed. Powerful? Yes! Now you are moving into a Practical Application of these Multi or Inter-Dimensional experiences. You are using these experiences or gifts for your own self-healing and still, there is much, much, more!

Humans are in various stages of these experiences. There is no right stage, place or level at which to be, nor is there a wrong place. Now, consider this. Some of you have had experiences where you are actually experiencing a particular event in your current reality and at the same time, you are seeing and at times actually feeling or living out the event in several different realities, simultaneously. More incredible, is when there are witnesses to the event who give different accounts of what they see, one matching one reality that you are living, another matching a completely different reality that you are living and another yet a completely different reality that you are living…different people witnessing the same event and each witnessing a different outcome, simultaneously! Now, what can you do with that? How can this be Practically Applied? Try this on for size…

As you are living in your current reality, doing what you are doing, making the choices you are making and having the outcomes that you are having, and in addition to that, knowing that you are also living in alternate realities or dimensions, simultaneously, again, doing what you are doing, making the choices you are making and having the outcomes that you are having in each of them, with each outcome being different based on the different choices you are making in each, there are several things that can become available to you:

  1. In your current reality, this may allow you to make your choices much more freely, easily and gracefully WITHOUT FEAR because you know that all outcomes are being played out. This does not give you some special dispensation to make irresponsible choices, but it can eliminate the FEAR FACTOR, which will allow you to make the choice that truly resonates with you, rather than the choice that may seem logical. Often, humans choose from what appears to be logical or "the norm" out of Fear Of Being Wrong or Based On What Others Might Think, rather than what feels right to them and then they agonize and second-guess their decision, often swaying and waffling and beating themselves up for making what they think is a wrong choice. Do you really want to expend your energy in this way? WE would think that you would not, but then again, spending your time in a space like that is great justification for being a victim and not having what you say you want. That, of course, is your choice.
  2. Here is where this really gets good! If you can see, feel and at times actually live these different realities and if you see an outcome that you truly like and want, why couldn't you just choose that outcome, reach into that reality and just pluck it and bring it into your current reality? You can do this, you know! This is the stuff of which your dreams are made. Your dream state is Multi or Inter-Dimensional. You have been dreaming of and living in other dimensions and realities since you first chose to be human and because of the extraordinary work that you have done, you are shifting your illusion of the veil, causing it to appear thinner and you are now beginning to realize that you have access to that which you have always had access, as the Intentional Creators, the God/Humans that you are.
  3. We have spoken often of not limiting yourself to the confines of the boxes called the 3rd Dimension, the 4th Dimension or even the highly-coveted-by-many, 5th Dimension because all of what you call Dimensions are available to you. We have also spoken of you having the ability to gather the Multi-Dimensional tools to which you now and have always had access, grounding them in the 3rd or 4th Dimension, or wherever you think you are, and Practically Applying them in your life in creating your Heaven On Earth, HOME on your side of the veil in MANIFESTING THE LIFE YOU WANT!™ (see: THE CLEAR VIBRATION September 2004). Perhaps you can now see that you have always had the ability, one way or another, to access and travel between what you call Dimensions or Realities, whether you were and are aware of it or not.

WE suggest that you work and play with these ideas and experiences. You may just surprise yourselves in what you can create but above all, have fun!

WE have enjoyed being with you in this moment of NOW. WE have so much more to tell you and for NOW, this will suffice. WE express our most heartfelt Thanks and Gratitude for the opportunity to present this information to you, for your discernment.





We ask only that you…

Laugh Often
This is called Lightwork. Do not take it so seriously.
It is only a game. Light-en up!

Spread The Light
You are the Light. Allow yourself to shine!


You are the breath of God!

YOU ARE GOD, and So Is Everyone Else.

I AM Joseph…I AM the Sentinel…I AM the human…I AM You


© Copyright 2005 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse™...All rights reserved