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Special Request: © Copyright 2004 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse This information may be freely disseminated, in whole or in part, provided there is no charge for the information and this notice is attached. When using a partial version of this material, please state that it is an abridged version and refer the reader to the original, complete version at www.HealingTheUniverse.com. Publications are encouraged to reprint articles by permission only. Please notify us at Joe@HealingTheUniverse.com

From The Desk Of Joe Rumbolo October 2004

I am soaring through the clouds…above the clouds…higher and higher and higher! The sky is not the limit. The moon and the stars are not the limit. This Universe is not the limit. THERE IS NO LIMIT…only me. I am my only limitation, just as you are your only limitation.

That can be quite the scary thought; or, it can be quite the empowering thought. I am my leader; I am my guru; I am in charge of my life and so are YOU in charge of yours. Along with being the leader, the guru and each being in charge of our lives, comes the responsibility for being those things. Once we truly accept that responsibility, there are NO MORE EXCUSES! It is no longer mom's fault or dad's fault or Uncle Fester's fault. It is no longer the politician's fault or the government's fault. IT IS NO ONE'S FAULT.

Whatever it is that happened to us, only happened. Everyone has stuff and for each person, no matter what his or her stuff is, it is BIG stuff. One person may have been mentally, physically or sexually abused, another may have been born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a whiskey bottle in his hand and still another may have grown up in poverty and with the abuse and the whiskey bottle. They were events to facilitate lessons we contracted to work with and learn. When we truly take responsibility for our gifts and for who we really are, then we get to heal ourselves…heal our stuff…from this lifetime and all others and begin to operate not only for our own highest good, but also for the highest good of all. Now, that is quite a big chunk that we've bitten off for this lifetime and of course, we are each at choice.

So, what have you chosen? Keep in mind that all choices are honored.

Incredible! I had no idea that I would begin with soaring above the clouds and then end up here, so now, let's get back to this soaring above the clouds thing.

Last month I had the privilege of facilitating my own seminar, MANIFESTING THE LIFE YOU WANT! Through the years, I've had the opportunity to do some facilitating of other people's material, but I had never created the opportunity to do my own. Much of the content came through channels over the past couple of years and some came from books that I had been guided to read. Of course, I was my guide but I didn't realize it at the time. After having facilitated much of this material with people, one-on-one, for over a year and a half, and after watching it evolve, it was time to do it in person and in a group energy. It just blew me away!

My close friend, soul family member and "student", Tracey, came to St. Louis to assist me with this course. She had done this program with me about 7 months ago and had so much success with it almost instantly, that it was only natural that she be the one to assist me with this and even step into a co-facilitator role. It felt to us like we had been working together for years (and I'm sure we have, through many incarnations) and that was the same feedback we received from the participants. This first course went quantum leaps beyond any expectations that we may have had and from it, we have manifested two more seminars this year; one in Burlington, Ontario and the other in St. Louis, Missouri, with potentials for many more in 2005, throughout the US, Canada and the rest of the world.

Having personally road tested each tool and each process that we presented, we knew that if the participants would only practically apply this information in their lives, they would see results almost immediately. They all did and because they did the work and stepped into the group energy, some began to manifest their desires by the morning of the second day; others by the end of the second day and just about everyone within 48 hours of the end of the course…and the manifestations continue! What a ride…more fun and exhilarating than Space Mountain at Disney World…more fulfilling than just about anything that you can imagine! Hmmm…we may be onto something here! Working in your passion…What A Concept! When you are working there, it is no longer work. It is fun; it is play; and it doesn't matter how many hours you "work." It's all play and your energy is limitless.

We have two more seminar topics in the planning stages, which will be written during the next several months and will be ready to present by the spring of 2005. One will be a version of the Manifestation course that will include parents with their children and another, as yet untitled, will be a weeklong Life course.

I was told about two years ago by my good friend and mentor, Steve Rother, to hang on because the ride was just beginning, and so I did. Being the roller coaster lover that I am, I ultimately chose to not hang on but to keep my hands in the air. It makes for a much more fun, interesting, exciting and exhilarating ride. It's all about living life on the edge, stepping off the cliff and Trusting and Knowing that at the very least, you will land on your feet, or, You Will Learn How To Fly! I can tell you from my experience that this flying thing is Magnificent! Weeeeeeeeee!!!!

And of course, you know what THEY say about living life on the edge…



As I soar above the clouds, beyond the moon and even beyond the stars, I notice that many of you have joined me, just as I have joined the many that have gone before me in this incarnation. It feels good, doesn't it? Free…Easy…Powerful…Fun…Exhilarating! I offer you my thanks and gratitude for the opportunity to present my experiences and my flavor to you. Do with it what you will. It is always your choice!

Joe Rumbolo
The Sentinel
Certified OverLight Facilitator

© Copyright 2004 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse...All rights reserved



SPACEHOLDER'S SPACE by Tracey Ruggiero



THE CLEAR VIBRATION October 2004 Installment # 20


Dearest Warriors Of The Light…

Dearest God/Humans…


WE ARE ONE! All of us on our side of the veil…All of you on your side of the veil…WE ARE ONE, that which is called THE SACRED COLLECTIVE, THE ONENESS, THE UNIVERSE, THE ALL THAT IS…GOD…WE ARE ONE and we are honored to address you in this moment of NOW, wherever you may be, whenever your ears hear these words, whenever and wherever your eyes meet these words. Past, Present and Future exist simultaneously, so it matters not when or where you hear this, when or where you read this, it IS the MOMENT OF NOW and it is YOU who is speaking to YOU!

Do you understand the implications of what we say? It is YOU who is speaking to YOU! Since it is YOU who is speaking to YOU, then you must be able to comprehend just how powerful you truly are, just how magnificent you truly are; WHO YOU TRULY ARE! With this realization, comes great responsibility…the responsibility to actually Be the God/Human…the INTENTIONAL CREATOR…that you truly are, for, the more responsibility you are willing to take, the more powerful you become.

Some of you have chosen to create this path of the INTENTIONAL CREATOR for yourselves, one step and then, one leap at a time, trusting and knowing that with each step…with each leap…that the ground will be created under your foot upon the moment of impact. You have chosen to take whatever responsibility is necessary to actualize who you really are; knowing that the more responsibility you are willing to take for your gifts and for yourself, the more powerful you become; to create the "reality" that is your birthright; to create the "reality" of the INTENTIONAL CREATOR that you truly are. After all, that is why you have chosen to come here, time and again, to remember who you truly are and then, To Choose and To Create. We know that you are excited about this and you, as humans, cannot even begin to comprehend how excited that we, on our side of the veil are, to witness this actualization in you.

Some of you have chosen to create the illusion of being stuck, not knowing which way to turn, not knowing what to do. The more you twist and turn and attempt to step out of your muck, the deeper in it you go…to your knees, to your waist, to your shoulders, to your nose…and the smell is horrific! You cannot seem to understand it. How could you, a Lightworker, possibly be stuck just like every other "3-D person" that you may encounter (Hehehehe!), as though you are better than they are. We know that at least a few of you have thought that. What a riot! You are so hilarious! You attempt to intellectualize it, just "knowing" that you are doing all the "right" things…the books, the classes, the tapes, the meditation, the discussion groups…looking outside of yourselves and the one thing that you truly forget to do is TRUST - TRUST YOURSELF. We are not advocating that you discontinue the books, classes, tapes, meditations and discussion groups. They can all be wonderful catalysts to assist you in re-membering who you really are and They Are Not Gospel. They are only the flavors that others have re-membered…not "wrong" and not "right"…just someone else's take on things. What is really important is Your Take!

Some of you talk about TRUST and about TRUSTING YOURSELVES, and you fool yourselves by pretending to do this, however, when you actually have the courage to take the risk and really do it…if you would only comprehend that one thing, not in your head but in your heart…you would notice that you would not have to twist and turn and fight to get out of the muck. You would notice, Dearest Warriors of the Light, that the muck would begin to dissipate and you would be free! Instead of chasing your dreams, attempting to run and wade and swim through the garbage that you have so ingeniously created for yourselves, you would begin to notice that your dreams are close at hand and within reach. Instead of chasing them and running past them because you are running, wading and swimming in blind pursuit of them, it is possible that they would actually catch you! That is how close they are to you. This does not mean to sit on the mountaintop, meditating, doing nothing, taking no action and then expecting your desires to just show up.

Since Past, Present and Future exist simultaneously, the Universe (and of course, you are a piece of that Universe) has already created and orchestrated all potentials for you. Through the declaration of your Clear Intention, you choose the potential and when you are truly Clear in your intention, 90% of the work is complete…90%! Your desire - your dream - is that close to coming to fruition! It is within reach. TRUST! TRUST YOURSELVES and then take the appropriate action on your side of the veil to manifest your desire. You are the only thing and the only one that is in your way. Since the Universe does 90% of the work, if you have been clear in your intention, that does leave 10% of the work to be completed on your side of the veil and you will be guided as to what to do, if you will only ask, remain open and listen and see with your heart. WE and YOU…THE ONENESS…will guide you. YOU are your own leader; YOU are your own Guru, if you will only TRUST. Dearest Warriors of the Light, you are so powerful…so magnificent…the true All Stars of this Game and of the Universe!

Our partner, the Sentinel, is only one of a vast number of humans who "channel" what you call this divinely inspired information. He and many have chosen to publish the information that they "receive," in various ways, each in his own flavor. Some of these "channels" feel that they are hearing from their guides, others from their Higher Selves and still others from angels, groups of angels and more. There are also some who feel that they are "channeling" the All That Is…The Oneness. This is all filtered through their humanness, which is what creates the different flavors, no matter what they do to attempt to get out of their own way. Of course, you all "channel" whether you are aware of it or not.

The entirety of this information is available to each one of you. You each have it all within you, stamped on every cell of your human body, imbedded in every strand of your DNA and as a part of the immense energy field that surrounds you, and that is why we say that ultimately, it is YOU who is speaking to YOU. This does not mean that the energies of the ones know as Archangels Michael and Raphael for instance, or Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Kryon, the Group, Tobias or Merlin are not being "channeled." These groups of energies do step forward and they do have their own individual "feel" just as you do, separate and still, part of The Oneness, just as you are. Why is it then, that you place those energies above your own? Humanness, perhaps?

At any rate, the bottom line is that some feel that they are "receiving" this information from somewhere outside of themselves and others feel like they are re-membering what they already know. You may choose to believe whatever you wish and for purposes of making our next point, this is irrelevant, for now.

We tell you all of this because this divinely inspired information is a huge, well-honed, double-edged sword. On one hand, if you comprehend this information and then take this information, along with all of the tools, processes and mechanics that go with it and practically apply it in your lives…ground them in what many of you call your mundane, 3-D lives…you can manifest the life you want. You can use the blade to cut through all of the "red tape" of the 3-D world. You can re-create Heaven On Earth, Home on your side of the veil.

On the other hand, if you comprehend this information and then only intellectualize it, only pretending to live it, hiding out in it, avoiding your life in it and preaching it to others as though you know more than they do and in such a way that says to them that you are better than they are, the well-honed blade will cut you deep…down to the bone…spewing forth your lifeblood until you "die" not necessarily physically, although that is possible, but you "die" nonetheless. Those who have created the illusion of being stuck in this way usually do a wonderful job of talking the talk. You act as though you know (have re-membered) it all and as though you are always "right", but when it comes to walking the walk, you do not really believe the words that come forth from your mouths. You stand paralyzed in your fear, too scared to even twist and turn to attempt to get out of the garbage. The real "beauty" of this is that you do not even know it! You walk through life with your head stuck up in the clouds, "teaching" and especially "preaching" what you call your wisdom, to feed and satisfy your own ego. It is important to you to have others see you as being knowledgeable and important and like a psychic vampire, you suck their energy to make you feel important, being the insecure human that you portray. You have been so detailed and thorough in your unconscious plan that you cannot even see it! You are blind to it, in your righteousness. Hehehehe! This is not a condemnation of you. All of you have been in this space before. Some of you have chosen to stay there for a while longer while others have chosen to step out of it and move forward. It is a natural progression…a natural evolution…and everyone will move forward, in this lifetime, the next, or the next. Of course, it is always your choice and you may do whatever you wish. We suggest that you do three things that may assist you in discovering whether or not you are stuck in this and in moving forward with this evolution process, but only if you choose to.

First, open your eyes and pop your head out of the clouds. This will allow you to leave Fantasy Land behind, step into the true realm of Infinite Potentials, see what you like and Declare Your Clear Intention.

Second, take an honest evaluation of where you are. The key word here is HONEST. Take an HONEST evaluation of where you are. It does you no good to lie to yourself and it especially does you no good to believe your own lies, but you may if you choose to. This second step may take some time, but we suggest that you stick with it until you can be completely honest with yourself. We also suggest that you do not beat yourself up for having been dishonest with yourself in the past. You do not deserve to treat yourself in such a manner. Just get honest with yourself in observing your past actions and move forward from there.

Third, step in the direction of your passion. You each have a general idea of what your true passion is but one of the things that keeps you stuck is that you do not know exactly what it is, how it is supposed to look and how to facilitate it. Just step in the direction of it…one step and then the next and then the next, trusting and allowing it to unfold in front of you, reveling in the excitement of it all and in doing this, Take Appropriate Action! As you take each step and as each bit of information and each small opportunity comes to you, take the appropriate actions to investigate and explore each one to see if it resonates with you and if it fits. Some of these things may appear to be insignificant side doors and it is in these side doors that you may discover the real keys to your desires.

Okay! Are there any questions? Yes? You sir, the gentleman in the back row sitting on the end…what is your question? Well…Yes! We are going to take a break for now so you certainly may go to the restroom and do not forget, there will be a test on this material. The test is called LIFE. It begins in this moment of NOW…It always begins in this moment of NOW and you may take as many lifetimes as you wish in order to pass. IT IS YOUR CHOICE!

It is with the greatest love, honor, respect and appreciation that we present this information to you for your discernment.




We ask only that you…

Laugh Often - Have fun with this! Laugh! Light-en up!

Spread The Light - You are the Light. Allow yourself to shine!


DO NOT FORGET TO BREATHE! You are the breathe of God.

YOU ARE GOD, and So Is Everyone Else!

I AM Joseph…I AM the Sentinel…I AM the human…I AM You


© Copyright 2004 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse...All rights reserved