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Special Request: © Copyright 2004 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse This information may be freely disseminated, in whole or in part, provided there is no charge for the information and this notice is attached. When using a partial version of this material, please state that it is an abridged version and refer the reader to the original, complete version at www.HealingTheUniverse.com. Publications are encouraged to reprint articles by permission only. Please notify us at Joe@HealingTheUniverse.com

From The Desk Of Joe Rumbolo November 2004
Installment # 21

This month, the channel is about Separation and Oneness; how we have so brilliantly Forgotten who we really are, have created and continue to create Separation, how we are in the process of creating Oneness, in the midst of this Separation and Why. Creating Separation and Oneness simultaneously does seem to be quite the contradiction, but when you consider that Past, Present and Future occur simultaneously, why could we not be creating Separation and Oneness at the same time? Considering how powerful we really are, I wouldn't put it past us to do that, just to make this game more interesting, as if it is not interesting enough as it is! What were we really thinking?

What I have noticed is that within this field of Separation, we are creating Pockets of Oneness. While creating a pocket of Oneness within this field of Separation may appear to be creating more separation within separation, upon further analysis, it actually is not.

We all live what many call our mundane, everyday, 3-D lives, within this field of Separation. I choose to call this field, The Drift. Within The Drift, people can be found wandering aimlessly through life with their eyes closed, appearing to be completely disconnected from each other, critically judging others and themselves, paralyzed in fear. Even those who call themselves spiritually evolved, live in The Drift. In fact, it is possible that those who call themselves spiritually evolved may be even more deeply entrenched in The Drift, have their eyes closed tighter and may be standing more deeply in fear than the others, because their egos have the need for this label. Now, what do you suppose the need for this label creates? Of course! More Separation!

It is kind of interesting, because it is difficult to even write about this without at least appearing to create this Separation. Those who take the label spiritually evolved, speak of those who are what…not spiritually evolved, or 3-D People? They also speak of those who are just awakening, as newbees. Now, that is a term that really rubs me the wrong way. It is as if there are different levels, with one group being better than or "knowing" more than the others…Separation…The Drift! In writing this, I have singled out the group that labels themselves as spiritually evolved and that, in itself, causes Separation! We have all done such a wonderful job of manufacturing incredible limitations for ourselves through the many languages that we have created, the languages alone creating Separation!

People speak of the Indigo Children, the Crystal Children, the so-called "hybrids" somewhere in between them and how special they are. They do have different attributes and we are all in the process of acquiring those attributes, only we have chosen to do so while in human form, rather than being born with them…but are they not just children? Why separate them? Why label them? Why create that problem for them?

All children are special, Indigo, Crystal, hybrid or otherwise. All people are special, Indigo Elder, Crystal Elder (and there have been and are some), hybrid or otherwise. YOU are God and SO IS EVERYONE ELSE! I'm sure that it has occurred to at least some of you that the person who appears to be the most down and out, miserable person on the planet could actually be very highly evolved and has chosen to play that particular role to ultimately raise the vibration of the whole planet, and still, that person and people like him/her are judged by and separated from those who think they are better or who think they know more. I've done that myself, so I would venture to say that there are at least one or two other people on the planet who have done the same thing! We even create The Drift when speaking of soul families or groups, speaking of "my" soul group, "your" soul group, "the other person's" soul group. We're talking about "highly evolved" spiritual stuff here and still, we create Separation! Where Does It All End? HOLY CRAP! We are just too funny. We are all playing this game, on both sides of the veil…The All That Is, for Us's (GOD's) sake! If there is ONE, if WE ARE ONE, then how many soul groups are there really? Of course, there is ONE!!!

Now that I have so magnificently digressed, let's get back to this idea of creating Pockets of Oneness within The Drift. These Pockets of Oneness are not what can be called "pure." Competition can still be found within these pockets, but in observing some of them, it is mostly a friendly type of competition.

I was born and grew up in St. Louis, MO. I am a baseball fan and my favorite team is the St. Louis Cardinals. I played the game when I was growing up and have always appreciated the strategies and nuances that baseball has to offer. Of course, I always like to see the Cardinals do well, but I always enjoy a well-played game, no matter who "wins." I have been criticized, occasionally, by a few who cannot seem to understand how I could possibly be enthusiastic about this game of competition. All I can say is that I like it, it is entertaining and it is fun. Perhaps I'm just not as spiritually evolved as I'm "supposed" to be! Hahahaha!

The other night, the Cardinals won the seventh game of the National League Championship series, winning the National League Pennant and progressing to the World Series with the Boston Red Sox. That night, after the Cardinals won, I watched the crowd of over 52,000 people leave the stadium and join with about 40,000 or more people who had flooded downtown St. Louis, in celebration. There were people of many races, colors, ethnic origins and cultures merging together and celebrating. Yes, they were celebrating the Cardinals winning of a competition, but what I "saw" was almost 100,000 people coming together, happy, joyful and in celebration. There was no one saying that they "hated" the other team and there were plenty of accolades and congratulatory comments for the team (the Houston Astros), that had succumbed to the Cardinals, comments about a well-played series of games and about what a talented, class organization the Astros are.

This may seem easy enough to do when your team has been victorious, but here is what happened next. The Cardinals moved into the World Series with the Red Sox and were defeated in four games straight…a sweep! The last two games were played in St. Louis and there were quite a number of Boston Red Sox fans in town, to cheer their team. Although the St. Louis fans were disappointed because the Cardinals lost, most were happy for the Boston fans. The Red Sox had not won a World Series since 1918...YES…1918...Eighty-six years! During the two games that Boston played in St. Louis, the fans for both teams treated each other like the brothers and sisters that they truly are, all having fun, and yes, wanting their team to win, but they treated each other like ONE, and this behavior was coming from what some would label, 3-D people! I find that to be quite interesting.

If this many people can step into a Pocket of Oneness out of "love" for a game and for a couple of teams, is it possible then, that we could ultimately step into Oneness out of Love for each other, out of Love for ourselves?

Some of you may be wondering, "What the hell is this guy talking about? How can he and all of these "3-D" people be passionate about a game? How can he possibly see this as being different from the Separation that is created by governments, clubs, corporations, ethnic groups, cultures, skin colors, religions, etc.?"

Regarding being passionate about a mere game, well folks, that is exactly what we are playing here…A Game…and those on the other side are cheering us…The HOME TEAM! Without being cliché, I choose to see the cup as half full, rather than half empty. These Pockets are not, by any means, Perfect Pockets of Oneness and they do exhibit forward movement, just as we, as a whole, are not a Perfect Pocket of Oneness…YET!

Some have said that Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal. Depending upon your perception of it, it either is or it is not, but no matter what your take is, there is improvement with each performanceForward Movement!

Regardless of how our current world situation appears in this moment, we are stepping in the direction of Oneness.

I express to you my most sincere thanks and gratitude for this forum. I do not expect everyone to agree with me nor do I expect this information to resonate with everyone, however, I do offer this information for your discernment. Take from it what you will. It is always your choice.

Spread Love and Pack Light!

Joe Rumbolo
The Sentinel
Certified OverLight Facilitator


© Copyright 2004 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse™...All rights reserved



SPACEHOLDER'S SPACE by Tracey Ruggiero


Installment # 21


Dearest Warriors Of The Light…

Dearest God/Humans…


WE ARE ONE and we are honored to be here in the presence of the magnificence that is you and to address you in this moment of NOW. It is your choice to either move in the direction of this message, to totally disregard it or to take the pieces that work for you and leave the rest behind for someone else to discover, for it is their treasure.

Hear what we say…WE ARE ONE! We are all connected; all of you on your side of the veil who are the true heroes of this Game of Free Choice that you have so brilliantly designed and who are the All Stars of all universes; and all of us on our side of the veil. We Are All Connected! We all originate from the same place. We all originate from the same ball of energy…the same consciousness. WE ARE ONE!

Many of you speak of this and some of you even teach this (or preach, as the case may be). We ask this question: ARE YOU LIVING IT? Speaking and teaching is a good start but have you truly stepped into Oneness? Are you truly living it or, are you living Selective Oneness…when it is convenient, when it suits you or when it is with someone or with a group of people that you like or agree with? We know the answer and so do you, if you are willing to be honest with yourself about it. Are you willing to be honest about this? Some of you are willing, if not with others, at least with yourselves and some of you still insist upon scamming yourselves and attempting to scam others, but you fool no one, preaching all that you "know" (think you have re-membered) but still do not live, with your spiritually competitive, righteous, noses in the air. If you could but see yourselves…hear yourselves…you would enter the field of Stand-up Comedy! For our "money", all of you are the best, regardless of whom you are attempting to scam! No matter, you are all still moving in this direction of Unity Consciousness and at an even more accelerated pace than you realize. We know that you are all just doing your jobs and playing the roles that you agreed to play. You are doing this so well that it just makes us laugh and cry tears of joy, at the same time. Tears, you ask? Yes, it is only a figure of speech for us, for many of us do miss being in the human form. You are the fortunate ones, for having created the opportunity to be there at such a wonderful time. There are a few of you who can see this, as well, and we know that you are laughing with us, as you each play your own role.

We speak of these things, not to condemn you, for we would never do that, but to praise you for the wonderful work that you have done. Once you designed this ingenious Game, with all of its magnificent rules, for instance, Linear Time, the Duality of Human Form, Good and Evil, Light and Dark, Forgetting Who You Are Really and then Trying To Re-member and more, including the big one…the first time that this rule had ever been placed in a game…FREE CHOICE…it was time to go to work and implement this plan. You had to lower your vibration…lower and lower and lower…to create the duality that was necessary, in order to FORGET, so that you could effectively play this Game. In doing so, it was necessary for you to create the illusion of stepping out of the Oneness and therefore create the illusion of Separation, so that you could then, once again, re-member who you truly are…the powerful, Intentional Creators, the God/Humans, the Pieces of the Sacred Oneness that you truly are.

You have done so well in creating this illusion of separation; races, countries, ethnic groups, states and provinces, counties, cities and towns, clubs and organizations, religions, wealthy, middle class and poor, big and small business; and the list goes on and on, including spiritually evolved verses not spiritually evolved (whatever that may be!), 3rd Dimension verses 5th Dimension…any way that you could possibly create Separation, any way that you could create some kind of competition, any way that you could make a statement that said that one thing was better than another, one thing was right and another wrong, you have found that way!

Control and Power (Force), which is rooted in FEAR, was your motivation. It has been marvelous! You knew exactly what you were doing. The more you lowered your vibration to allow yourselves to play this Game, the deeper into FEAR you went, and the deeper into FEAR you sank, the more you sought Control and Power, which in turn, caused the Separation. What an extraordinary plan you designed and the implementation has been magnificent, so magnificent that even as some of you have realized the intent and purpose of it all and have genuinely begun to reverse the process, attempting to step into Unity Consciousness, many more of you have continued what would appear to be an even steeper downward slide into FEAR and SEPARATION.

Just take notice of the world situation in this moment of NOW! Terrorism is deep-rooted in FEAR and always seeking Power and Control, using as justification, the unknowing misinterpretation of its religious scriptures. If you think that sounds judgmental, try this on for size. Take a look at the people at whom the terrorism is directed. They, for the most part, are as deeply stuck in their Fear and seeking Control and Power…seeking to be "right"…as those who are called terrorists. Both "sides" are scared to death and both "sides" say they are "right". It is the last hurrah for this illusion called Separation and what some call the Old Energy. The pull toward it is stronger than ever as the Fear increases causing this Old Energy thinking to fight for its life! Oh, my US (God), could you have done your job any better? You are extraordinary!

There was a "time" when a thought was put out there; and then another and another; and soon those thoughts became the Declaration of a Clear Intention to found a new nation; a nation where everyone would be equal and have their say in things; a nation that would open its arms to the world, welcoming everyone. As the thoughts and the declaration were put out there, there was great rejoicing on our side of the veil. Finally, a new nation, founded in Oneness was about to come to fruition! There were "hopes" and "expectations" that with the founding of this nation would come a huge leap into Oneness…Unity Consciousness.

That is how it began, and alas, Dearest Warriors, the vision went awry almost immediately, at first internally with the formation of political hierarchies, with white men having the right to vote, having their say and white women and black men and women not having that right. It was stated that All Men Are Created Equal. It did not include white women, black men or black women; and whites could own blacks…slavery! The "faulty" vision then expanded worldwide.

For the most part, the downward slide into FEAR continues although some of these inequities have been remedied. Today, there are politicians, playing their roles to the utmost, who seek election by creating FEAR, and then by offering "solutions", if only the people will vote for them; will give them the Power…To Do What?!?

FEAR…CONTROL…POWER! Even many of the people speak loudly of segregation, not only of races, but also of ethnic groups and cultures…all foreigners…expressing their desire to either tighten up immigration policies and do things their way or close the doors to the country completely, preaching isolationism! This is not how they really feel in their hearts, for if you would look into their hearts you would see the love and the light that truly resides there, the love and the light of Home, cleverly disguised in the eloquently detailed costumes of the roles they play, roles of the fearful, insecure, angry, righteous human.

Who among you are not Foreigners in that country? With the exception of those who are called Native Americans, all of you can trace your origination to other countries, other cultures and other ethnic groups and even those who are called Native Americans are not truly native, although they are the closest to being so. Even if the doors were closed, would that end the internal separation?

Again, this is not a condemnation of you or anyone else and please, do not hear it as one. In fact, even as the FEAR intensifies, there are many who are taking actions to turn all of this around, to not just create a nation of Oneness, but a world of Oneness. We cannot say this enough: You are all playing your roles magnificently and Unity Consciousness is within your reach. If it is truly your choice, we ask that you each do whatever is necessary to manifest this, first in your own life, then in the world and beyond.

We offer you some suggestions to accelerate this process and we want you to know that this process is already in full swing:

  • Begin by Creating Oneness with Yourself. Everything starts with you. Forgive yourself, Accept yourself, Love yourself and learn to fill your own cup.
  • Move forward by Creating Oneness with those who are the closest to you; your family, significant other and friends.
  • Continue the process by Creating Oneness with business associates and acquaintances.
  • Then take the risk of Creating Oneness with those who you think are total strangers; the people you meet on the street, the people at the grocery store, the discount store, the new age store, the dry cleaners, the coffee shop.

You all know what happens when you toss a pebble into a lake. It creates one ripple after another, after another, after another. We suggest that you take a risk, if this is your choice. First, get completely honest with yourself about where you are and what your come-from really is. Then, Be The Pebble. Leap into the lake, watch the ripples that you create and do not judge yourself or others. One person can and does make a difference. We ask that You Be That Person! If each of you IS that person, can you even begin to imagine where that will lead? Your only limitation is what you say it is.

It is with the greatest love, honor, respect and appreciation for you that we present this information for your discernment.




We ask only that you…

     Laugh Often - Have fun with this! Laugh! Light-en up!

          Spread The Light - You are the Light. Allow yourself to shine!


                    DO NOT FORGET TO BREATHE! - You are the breath of God.

YOU ARE GOD, and So Is Everyone Else!

I AM Joseph…I AM the Sentinel…I AM the human…I AM You


© Copyright 2004 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse™...All rights reserved


The 2004 National Election in the U. S. A.

NOTE: I am neither a political writer nor am I really, a political person and occasionally, I do have a comment or two to make. This IS NOT a Partisan Political Commentary; rather, it is a commentary on the Election Process in the U. S. Although to me, it appears to have some flaws, I am thankful and grateful for the freedom to express my ideas on this subject and for the freedom to vote…the Freedom of Choice.

Dateline…November 3, 2004...St. Louis, MO

And so, the national election in the U.S. is finally over with John Kerry conceding this election to George Bush. After months of campaigning, debating, speeches about who is "right" and who is "wrong" and some mudslinging from both candidates and their supporters, that drama is finally over.

In one of the largest turnouts in voter history, George Bush won by more than three million votes in the popular vote and yet, the election was still "close" because of the all-powerful Electoral Vote.

I am not advocating one candidate over the other. Each had planks in their respective platforms that resonated with me and there were planks in both, that did not. Regardless of whether or not people agree or disagree with the histories and track records of each candidate, both political and otherwise, and regardless of who said what about whom, the bottom line is that they are both good people, balls of energy, part of the ONE, just like you and I, playing their roles in this Grand Theatrical Production…The Planet Earth Project…of which we are all, in our own ways, a major part.

It was stated by the ONE in the channel that precedes this that "There were "hopes" and "expectations" that with the founding of this (new) nation (the U. S.) would come a huge leap into Oneness…Unity Consciousness." The ONE continues by saying that "the vision went awry almost immediately, at first internally with the formation of political hierarchies, with white men having the right to vote, having their say and white women and black men and women not having that right. It was stated that All Men Are Created Equal. It did not include white women, black men or black women; and whites could own blacks…slavery!" It meant that All White Men Are Created Equal and even though the founding fathers, all white men, said that All White Men Are Created Equal, they still did not trust the intelligence and ability of All White Men to be able to properly vote in the political process, so they created the Electoral College to ultimately vote for them. Here it is, 228 years later and even though all citizens (except for convicted felons) have the right to vote, apparently we are still not capable of making an informed decision because we continue to operate under this Electoral College system!

For those who may not know how this works, here is a basic explanation:

Each person who is registered to vote casts their vote within the state in which they live. Each state has a certain number of Electoral Votes, based on its population. Whichever presidential candidate receives the most popular votes in a state, wins the Electoral Votes of that state. The candidate from each of the two major political parties is listed on the ballots of each state. In addition, each state may list the names of candidates from minor political parties, so it is possible that a candidate may win the state by having more votes than the others on the ballot while at the same time having less than the majority of the vote in that state.

Within this system, it is possible for a candidate to have fewer overall popular votes, nationwide, and still win the election by winning the electoral votes of states that, by the rules, have more electoral votes. Only God knows what the founding fathers were thinking when this system was designed, other than attempting to retain control of what they considered to be the intelligently diminished, everyday person (man)! I wonder if, in their attempt to control, they even had a clue as to the problems that this could cause?

In the case of yesterday's election, the candidate who was declared the winner, today, did have more popular votes (by 3 ½ million) than the runner-up and still, the bone of contention was the state of Ohio with its twenty electoral votes. Whoever the eventual winner would be needed that state and those votes. There were absentee ballots that were yet to be counted in Ohio and there were also provisional ballots to be counted. Provisional ballots occur when a potential voter shows up to vote but is not listed on the voter registration rolls. He is given a ballot and allowed to vote. The ballot is then placed in a specially marked envelope and sometime later, a determination is made as to whether or not that person is in fact, a registered voter. If he is, then the ballot counts. If he is not, then the ballot is thrown out. It was only when the eventual runner-up was able to determine mathematically, that he would not have enough of these absentee and provisional votes to win, that he conceded.

WE DO LOVE THE DRAMA of it all, don't we? We have all done things to make our lives more dramatic and complex but this is ridiculous! I even watched these proceedings on television until 4:00 a.m. this morning. Don't ask me why. Perhaps it was for the drama and the entertainment value. There are times when I am very easily amused, I suppose, but my conclusion is that there are two words to describe this scenario. The first of the two words is Cluster! You may call that my judgment if you wish!

It is my feeling that this particular system could use some revamping. Actually, completely eliminated, would possibly work better. Just count all the votes, including the absentee and validated provisional ballots and whoever has the most votes, wins the election. Would that be too simple?

The greater question might be, "Does any of this really matter, when looking at the big picture?" Actually, the answer to that is, "NO, not really!" We are all just playing the roles that we have agreed to play. We are all doing a magnificent job and as we play those roles, attempting to re-member who we really are, we continue to step in the direction of ONENESS, whether we are aware of it or not, even though much of the time it appears as though we are moving in the opposite direction.

Once again, there is a great opportunity being presented to the people in the U. S., an opportunity to heal the wounds caused by this election and by past actions taken, at both the national and international levels. There is an opportunity to create a magnificent Pocket of Oneness and then, to take the appropriate actions to cause this pocket to increase in size until it encompasses the entire planet.

If it's to be, it's up to me! And you and you and you…one person at a time, worldwide.

Joe Rumbolo

© Copyright 2004 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse™...All rights reserved