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Special Request: © Copyright 2004 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse This information may be freely disseminated, in whole or in part, provided there is no charge for the information and this notice is attached. When using a partial version of this material, please state that it is an abridged version and refer the reader to the original, complete version at www.HealingTheUniverse.com. Publications are encouraged to reprint articles by permission only. Please notify us at Joe@HealingTheUniverse.com

From The Desk Of Joe Rumbolo May 2004

There is so much happening and so rapidly, in this moment of NOW, that I don't really know where to begin. On one hand, it is a good thing that THE ROCK has wings because he has been tossed more than a few times during the past couple of months and the wings really do come in handy for flying! On the other hand, the places where THE ROCK has landed have been more than extraordinary and so I (THE ROCK) express my most heartfelt thanks and gratitude to those who have been playing the role of my personal Tosser. That said, I do have one request: "Is it possible that you could ease up just a bit? A couple of the landings have been a bit rough, even with the wings!"

It was a year ago in March that Healing The Universe was launched and shortly thereafter when I finally and formally began working in the area of spiritual and personal growth and development, through MENTORING FOR THE 5th DIMENSION. I had been doing this kind of work for many years but not necessarily as a full-time career path. I was fortunate enough to have owned a business that although, totally unrelated, offered me a steady stream of people everyday, six days a week, and so I taught and learned every moment that I was there. It was excellent "hands-on" training for what I now have finally chosen to do.

My point here, is that you don't have to be facilitating seminars, writing books and articles or launching websites in order to fulfill your contract, in order to plant seeds, in order to teach, in order to serve. There are many ways and many venues in which this can be done. Perhaps you can do this in your current job or business, as I did for thirteen years or perhaps you could volunteer your services and time in some way. Your role may be to be a great mom or dad or uncle or aunt. Don't diminish the role you are currently playing and allow it to lead you to what is next.

I have a very close friend of mine who owns a coffee house in St. Louis, MO, appropriately and creatively called THE COFFEE HOUSE. This place is not Starbuck's, although the coffee and other beverages that she serves there, equal or surpass those of the high profile brands. I spend quite a bit of time there and in fact, I am sitting at a corner table enjoying a hot cup of the house blend, as I write this.

On the surface, it is just a little coffee house in a solid neighborhood - not fancy - with a juke box, a television, a foosball table, a few pool tables and pinball machines and a couple of checker and chess games available for customers to play. Most days and nights when the weather is permitting, there are a few Harleys parked outside and one of them belongs to the owner, Jeanarae (pronounced Jeana Ray). In the year and a half or so that I have been frequenting this establishment, I have met many interesting people, have had some extraordinary conversations and laughs and have made some wonderful new friends.

What separates this coffee house from the rest is PURPOSE. Much of the clientele are people who are in recovery for alcohol and drug addiction and this place is a safe-haven…a place for people to go to socialize, have coffee and during those times when a person may be in crisis and thinking about using again, there is always someone there to counsel. Jeanarae, being seventeen years clean and sober herself, offers AA meetings seven days a week. She has created a space and continues to hold that space for people to walk their path, explore their addiction and work their recovery, and she does this by passionately serving great coffee, conversation and extraordinary counseling when necessary.

My friends, This Is Service. This is Living Your Contract. This is Living Your Passion. It is that simple. It does not have to look like standing on a stage in front of a room full of people. You are all doing this in some way or another in your lives already. Discover what it is for you in this moment, acknowledge yourself for the work that you are doing and Shine Your Light!

I humbly present this information and the channel that follows, for your discernment. My job is to present it. What you do with it is up to you.


Joe Rumbolo
The Sentinel

© Copyright 2004 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse...All rights reserved



the “no frills” version of


Written and Edited by Joe Rumbolo

for those who want the “nuts and Bolts” of the channel




Dearest Warriors Of The Light…

Welcome Home!

I am Joseph along with Josiah and Josephia, the names taken by the male and female energies of our partner, the human, known as the Sentinel. Together, we comprise his Higher Self. We are honored to address you in this extraordinary moment of NOW (for all moments are truly extraordinary), with Mathias the Philosopher, Closcovi the Warrior (who of course, is sometimes know as Carmine the Conqueror) and the Many.

Now that we have completed our introductions, we say to you that none of these names are important. We answer to them only as a convenience for our partner and for you. Many of you have and continue to receive divinely inspired information and almost completely discount it because there is no name attached to the presenter(s). When our partner first began to clearly hear what we have to say, he put great stock in knowing the names of those who were speaking. In fact, he documented over forty names of guides, angels and other such entities that communicated with him…and so we played with him. Hahaha! Just about the time that "one" guide was finishing a communication, another would knock on his door with almost the same information and perhaps adding a new piece at the end. Then another and another and another would knock on his door. Can you imagine the time this took? Hahaha! Such is the "logical" mind of the human! Finally, he asked the all-important question: Is it possible for all of you to speak as one and if so, please do it! We laughed and rejoiced in knowing that finally, he was beginning to understand this process!

Dearest Warriors Of The Light…WE ARE ONE! We are ALL, on our side of the veil…each guide, angel, entity…we are all of you…we are the entire consciousness of ALL…and this consciousness is found within each one of you, stamped on each cell, embedded in each strand of your DNA.

There are those who are called channels (know that all of you are channels), both known and unknown to you, who receive communications from the popularized entities, for instance, Kryon, the Group, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Tobias, Yeshua Ben Joseph, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and more. These personalities speak for the combined energies of many and ultimately for the combined energy of ONE. Although many messages appear to sometimes be contradictory and conflicting with each other, the messages are ultimately the same, differing only in flavor, the filters through which they are channeled and in interpretation. There in, lies the rub. The ONE speaks and the same bit of information is filtered and
interpreted hundreds of different ways. Courageous Warriors that you are, such is the game you have put into play, always wanting to keep things interesting and usually, not easy! All at once, you cause us to laugh and at the same time, to appreciate you and honor you for your work. Oh, my! You are so magnificent!

Of course, your purpose in designing this as it is, was to cause you to learn discernment, the process of not judging what is right or wrong but rather, to discover what truly resonates with you and works for you.

WE ARE ONE…all of us and all of you…ONE…and yet, within ONE there are many personalities, all different and yet, all the same.

This being said, let us move on to the job at hand, for this time.

Many of you are diligent students and some of you, perhaps even too diligent, studying the truth of others; learning it, knowing it and accepting it, with no exception, just because someone said it and/or without viewing it through discernment. Others of you have learned the discernment process…not judging what is right and what is wrong, but rather, a piece here and a piece there, choosing those nuggets that truly resonate with you and leaving the rest for others to discover, in assembling your truth.

We are not here to judge and we are here to inform. We ask, even, that you not just take everything that we say as your truth just because we say it, but take only those pieces that truly resonate with you as part of your truth and please do, leave the rest, for it is the treasure of another.

There was a time when we would give you the answers - lay it all out on a silver platter for you- give you a free ride - even tell you what to do next, but no more, not at this juncture. You are now beginning to discover just how powerful you really are and we would never consider taking your power from you by just telling you what to do, nor is this truly acceptable by you. Remember? You have always insisted that the game be kept interesting and that is what we are doing, but we are here to guide you and so we will.

You have been asking many appropriate questions regarding attraction/creation/ manifestation:

  • How can I create the life I want to have?
  • How can I manifest the people, places, things and events that I want in my life?
  • Heaven On Earth…how can I create it?
  • Who do I need to be in order to have what I want?

The energy during the past ten or eleven of your months has been and continues to be highly conducive to you manifesting your desires, as the veil becomes thinner, you become even more sensitive to the energy, you begin to discover who you truly are and what is possible, and you become aware
of frequent activations, or downloads of information (as some of you call it), causing you to start to become privy to the knowledge of the ALL THAT IS, conveniently stored within you.

There are many processes that may be used in manifesting the life you want to have, whatever that may be, and know that whatever you choose, all choices are honored.

There has been criticism recently that some of these processes are "old" and either no longer work or are limiting and at best, take too long. It has also been said that only the "newest" process(es) works because it is much faster and limitless. We only suggest that you use what truly resonates with you, that you are your own leader, that there is no "right" or "wrong" and that what you and others may perceive to be new, fast and limitless, will soon be perceived as old, slow and limiting; as each of you discover more deeply, your divinity. We also suggest that you not get caught up in words of "right" while making others "wrong" and especially in moments of spiritual elitism and competition, for this is a product of your ego and will ultimately hinder your own progress.

We know that as each "new" thing shows up, you become very excited and passionate, especially as you see it begin to work for you. We suggest that you allow each person to do what they feel works for them and if you so choose, only plant seeds, presenting it such that you have discovered something new that works for you and that perhaps, if the other person is interested, you would be willing to explain and instruct. Dearest Warriors Of The Light, as our partner always says, "It's All About The Presentation!"

There are many ways to manifest and create the people, places, events and things in your life so that you may have the life you want to have. Among them, but not limited to these are the following:

  • Affirmation
  • Meditation
  • Creative Visualization
  • Intentional Meditation
  • The Law Of Attraction
  • Meditating In "The Zone"

There are several keys to having these processes work for you. They are common for all and are essential to the successful operation of each process. For now, we will discuss the keys and NEXT TIME, we will give you the mechanics of the processes, but for now, we suggest that you begin (or continue) to work with these keys as much as possible. The more proficient you become at knowing and working these keys, the more successful you will be at having what you want.

  • KNOW, or at the very least, BELIEVE that the process will work for you. If you do not have the Knowingness or the Belief, it will be difficult to have the process work for you.
  • KNOW, or at the very least, BELIEVE that you deserve to have whatever you want. Most humans have issues of self-acceptance, self-love, worthiness and deservability. These issues will create roadblocks, causing you to not have what you want. The more work you do with yourself in these areas, the more of what you want that will come to you.
  • CLEAR INTENTION! Be clear about what you want. Be specific, but not so specific that you hinder the Universe in bringing your desire to you. In other words, do not tell the Universe that it must come to you in a certain way or that it must come in the form of a specific person. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO LOOK A CERTAIN WAY! Declare your intention verbally. This is very important because it is about the vibration of the declaration.
  • Do the work and practically apply what you have learned, in your life.
  • ALLOW the Universe to bring your desire to you. This is extremely important. Even if everything else is in place, you must ALLOW the Universe to bring your desire to you. Many times, a person does the necessary work to bring the desire and then decides that it has to look a certain way or come in a certain "package." ALLOW the Universe to do its job with no hindrances. Additionally, part of this ALLOWING is tied to your perception of your worthiness and deservability.
  • DEVINE TIMING! From the moment that you declare your Clear Intention, the Universe begins to orchestrate it. In fact, since everything happens simultaneously, Past, Present and Future, the orchestration has already begun. Your job is to choose it, trust that it will come to you and BE PATIENT! ALLOW the Universe to bring it to you in due time…when you have done the work with yourself, when the orchestration is completed and WHEN YOU ARE READY to receive it. You may think you are ready and you may have a roadblock or two to work on. The more blocks and doubt that you have, the less of what you want you will get. The fewer blocks and the less doubt, the more of what you want you will get. PATIENCE! More manifestations have been left incomplete because people have lost patience and given up, than can be counted. If it is truly your desire, Stick With It!

Now, what we say next is very important. It is not a key to manifestation but it is very important for you to know this, to allow you to keep what you have manifested, in your life. Knowingly or not, you have attracted/created/manifested everything that you currently have. There are some of these things that we are sure you would like to continue to have. In order to do this, you must WANT WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE. Whatever you have that you want to keep, you must continue to want it and continuously give THANKS and GRATITUDE for it. You may have manifested the great job or magnificent relationship and once you have it, you no longer actively want it…you no longer offer thanks and gratitude for it…you take it for granted…and then you wonder why it "mysteriously" dis-integrates and dis-appears. To keep those things that you want to keep, that you have already manifested; you must continue to want them and be thankful and grateful for them.

We have just given you the keys to having the processes work for you and we urge you to get going on this work, but what is this attraction/creation/manifestation business really all about? This is very simple and extremely exciting…


Since all things are energy, including you, this process of attraction/creation/manifestation (whatever you want to call it and whatever you want it to be) hinges on energy, how it feels and the rate of vibration caused by that energy. Now, if you want your life to be a certain way, do you really care whether you attract it, create it or it just shows up the way you want it to be? There are many who do care about this and we suggest that it really makes no difference, unless of course, it truly makes a difference to you. It all works or none of it works, depending upon your knowingness and your beliefs.

The more negative, sticky, dirty and heavy your energy FEELS, the lower your vibration. Notice how your energy feels after you have watched the news, read the newspaper, heard about a recent tragedy, argued with someone close to you or focused on your "terrible" financial or relationship situation. YUCK!

The more positive, uplifting and feel-good your energy is, the higher your vibration. Offering thanks and gratitude, of course, is an excellent way to shift your energy and raise your vibration. Notice the times when you feel this way. What caused you to feel this way? Was it holding your newborn infant, playing with a child, helping the elderly, accomplishing something at work, making the final payment on your house, having great sex or seeing a beautiful, uplifting happy story on the news for a change? Go there! Go to those events often and stay in them for as long as you can. Revisit them often, because you see, the event does not have to be occurring right now. You just have to be focused on the event that feels good, no matter when it happened. Be in the event. Truly feel it…and that alone will raise your vibration. That is where you want to be to attract/create/manifest what you want.

At the risk of repeating what many of you already know, this energy and vibration process is working for you in this moment of NOW. Where is your focus? What are your thoughts? Where is your vibration? Thoughts are things. If you can think it, you can have it. Where you are right now in your life and what you have is the result of your focus, thoughts, energy and vibration. If you do not like where you are and what you have, then change it - transform it - by changing your focus and thoughts, which in turn, will shift your energy and vibration.

This is how powerful you are. You are already doing it. You have always been doing it and when you do this consciously, it is called Deliberate Attraction…Deliberate Creation…Deliberate Manifestation. DELIBERATE!!! This is powerful. YOU are powerful. YOU ARE IN CHARGE! You are your own leader. Does this scare you? We would think that this would not, unless of course, you have a fear of taking responsibility for your own life!

Once you have learned how to shift your energy from negative to positive in an instant, we do offer you one caution. Heed this caution or not; it is your choice. Most do not like to stay entrenched in the heaviness and stickiness of negative energy (although there are some that do) and once you have learned how to shift out of it instantly, the temptation is to do just that. We suggest that you stay with the emotion for a bit to discover what it is, why it is and most importantly, to experience the feeling. Take the time to FEEL the FEELINGS, discover what they are, work through them and release them. When you do not do this often and move immediately into shifting your energy all the time, you are, in effect, putting a band-aid over your feelings. You are stuffing them - burying them - and ultimately, that will not work. Take time to release the negative feelings, those caused by events in the present, as well as from the past.

We are not saying that you are to verbally or physically abuse anyone in your expression and release of these emotions but we are saying that they must be felt, dealt with and released in a healthy fashion, in as short a period of time as possible and then, shift your energy.

At times, you may find that these situations might arise when it is not appropriate to handle them in the moment. Shift your energy in the moment but do not forget to go back and deal with the feelings. You will notice that much of what is coming up is about the past, triggered by a current event. That more of these past events that you allow to come up and can handle, deal with and release, the better off you are - the lighter you feel - the better you feel - and this is what we are talking about…FEELING GOOD, to raise your vibration and have what you want to have. By the way, it is okay to cry.

Begin your work here, with what we have given you, so far, and next time we will give you the mechanics to some powerful and specific processes. Using what we have already given you, you should begin to see results, if you do the work.

In closing, we would like to quote from one of our partner's favorite books from many years ago. It is called ILLUSIONS: The Adventures Of A Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach. We find this book to be appropriate since many of you are Reluctant Messiahs, although we do know that each of you are becoming less reluctant in each passing moment. And now, for the quote you have been waiting for…the last of the book:



Discernment Dearest Warriors Of The Light, Discernment!

We respectfully submit this information for your approval…or rejection.

It Is All Yours For The Taking.

Take All Of It. Take Some Of It. Take None Of It.

Your Choice!

Your Glorious Choice!

We ask only that you…

Laugh Often, Spread The Light and DO NOT FORGET TO BREATHE!

Joseph/Josiah/Josephia, Mathias, Closcovi and the Many


© Copyright 2004 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse...All rights reserved