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Special Request: © Copyright 2004 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse This information may be freely disseminated, in whole or in part, provided there is no charge for the information and this notice is attached. When using a partial version of this material, please state that it is an abridged version and refer the reader to the original, complete version at www.HealingTheUniverse.com. Publications are encouraged to reprint articles by permission only. Please notify us at Joe@HealingTheUniverse.com

From The Desk Of Joe Rumbolo June 2004

Very early on the morning of Saturday, May 22, I boarded a flight for Baltimore, MD, to do the week long, intensive OverLight 1 - Spiritual Psychology course presented by Steve and Barbara Rother and the Group.

What a week! I certainly did get my money's worth from this one! For me, the week was very intense and emotional. Although the course was Spiritual Psychology, there were at least two other courses that I did, simultaneously, within the context of this one seminar. Phew!!! The entire week just blew me away! Of course, the content was right up my alley as Steve and Barbara presented the Practical Application of this divinely inspired information, which included the Seven Stages Of Life, the Twelve Primary Life Lessons, Energy Stamps and Energy Matrixes, but there was so much more going on for me.

It was a weeklong process of self-examination, self-discovery and emotional self-healing. No stranger to crying, I did shed more than just a tear or two and I'm sure that the stock in Kleenex must have skyrocketed! In addition, I was able to gain more tools and insight to assist me in knowing myself and those who are closest to me, much better, and to assist me in my work with others. The revelations were magnificent! Although much of the information was familiar to me and had come to me in many ways before, it was the packaging, the presentation, the safe environment for learning and expression, provided by Steve, Barbara and the Group and the people in the room, combined with my willingness to do the work on myself, that caused me to have the extraordinary experience I had. The light bulbs are still going on and I know they will continue.

There were only two people from my soul family that I had met in person in this lifetime, besides Steve and Barbara who were in this course and within the first couple of days, I had met and connected with everyone else in the course, knowing that they too, are family. For six glorious days, we rocked and we rolled, laughed and cried, learned and healed...an incredibly marvelous experience!

To any of you who are seeking a powerful, safe space to heal yourselves and also to those of you who heal with your words, for example, facilitators, counselors, teachers of all kinds, psychiatrists and psychologists, I would greatly encourage you to participate in this course. It was very powerful for me and I feel that my participation in this course already has been and continues to be powerful for my clients, as well.

Now, let's move on to something else. In November of 2003 I was told that after the first of this year, I would discover or learn a new way to channel. I was curious but had no idea of what that would be. The January channel was done just before the first of the year and I didn't notice much difference other than it seemed to flow better and the same for the February channel, which was done just after the first of the year.

By the middle of February, the March and April channels were completed. In March, I was instructed to introduce THE CLEAR VIBRATION™, the edited version of MESSAGES FROM MYSELF™, for those who had just wanted the nuts and bolts of the channel. Not only did the channels seem to flow better but they were also more clear and concise. As I was doing the channel that follows, I was told that there was an integration taking place, which I had suspected, and that the illusionary gap between myself and those who had been speaking through me had narrowed considerably, that we are truly ONE and that by August at he latest, the illusion of separation that I had so powerfully created, would be gone. I AM all of THEM and THEY ARE ME...WE ARE ONE. Additionally, I was told that MESSAGES FROM MYSELF™ IS, in fact, THE CLEAR VIBRATION™. I have accepted that...AND SO IT IS!

Until next time, I ask that you...

Spread Love and Pack Light!

Joe Rumbolo
The Sentinel
Certified OverLight Facilitator

© Copyright 2004 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse...All rights reserved



Dearest Warriors Of The Light...

Dearest God/Humans...


WE ARE ONE. Yes, Joseph/Josiah/Josephia, the Higher Self/male and female energy of the human known as the Sentinel is here, as well as Mathias the Philosopher, Closcovi the Warrior (also known as Carmine the Conqueror) and the compilation known as the Many. Each of these energies is part of the ONE. All of us on this side of the veil are part of the ONE. Each of you is part of the ONE. WE ARE ONE. Each piece has its own personality and yet each piece comprises the ONE; each interchangeable with the next and yet, each unique unto itself. It is important that you comprehend this oneness at this time, for this is your ultimate mission...the return to unity consciousness...the return to ONENESS. We stress the importance of this, in this moment of NOW, because for you to know...truly KNOW...that you are a piece of the ONE, is for you to truly know who you are...what you are...how truly powerful you are! God/Humans...Creators...Manifesters...each and every one of you! Know this; claim this; it is yours; It Is Your Birthright! We only ask that you OWN IT, if that is your choice, for it is yours to own, and if you choose not to own it, we honor that choice, also.

I, Joseph, speak through our partner, for the ONE...for everyone on our side of the veil and for everyone on your side of this extraordinary, illusionary veil that you have so magnificently created. I speak for ALL and I speak through the flavor of our beloved partner.

In November of 2003, our partner was told that he would discover a new way of channeling after the beginning of the year 2004. There have been changes and alterations in style since then, as a very important process of integration had begun about half way through the year 2003. This process is almost complete and will be completed by August of 2004, at the latest.

The outcome is that not only will all of this information come from within him...from the ALL THAT IS that is stamped on every cell of his biology and imbedded in every strand of his DNA...as it has always been, but now, he knows it without doubt and is confident in what it is, the God/Human that he is, the God/Human that each of you are. The difference between then and now is that there is becoming little if any distinction between what he speaks and what those whom he channels have to say. What he speaks and what he channels is one in the same. WE ARE ONE.

I AM Joseph...I AM the Sentinel...I AM the Human...and together, we are all part of the ONE, along with YOU, My Dearest God/Human...Dearest Leader Of Yourself...the powerful Being Of The Light that YOU are!

Having said this and having reiterated your power, let us get down to business and continue with our discussion from last time, just as we promised.

We gave you six keys to having the process(es) of Attraction, Creation and Manifestation work for you. In summary and to recapitulate, here they are:

KNOW, or at the very least, BELIEVE that the process will work for you.

KNOW, or at the very least, BELIEVE that you deserve to have whatever you want.

CLEAR INTENTION! Be clear about what you want. Be specific, but not so specific that you hinder the Universe in bringing your desire to you.

Declare your intention verbally. This is very important because it is about the vibration of the declaration.

Do the work and practically apply what you have learned, in your life.

ALLOW the Universe to bring your desire to you. Even if everything else is in place, you must ALLOW the Universe to bring your desire to you.

DEVINE TIMING! From the moment that you declare your Clear Intention, the Universe begins to orchestrate it. PATIENCE! More manifestations have been left incomplete because people have lost patience and given up, than can be counted. If it is truly your desire, Stick With It!

(For a detailed version of these six keys, see: MESSAGES FROM MYSELF May 2004)

We have told you before, that there are many ways to manifest and create the people, places, events and things in your life so that you may have the life you want to have. Among them, but not limited to these are the following:



Creative Visualization

Intentional Meditation

The Law Of Attraction

Meditating In "The Zone"

These are just labels. They all overlap and can work together quite well, if you so choose. We suggest that you work with all of them and then choose those pieces that resonate with you and work the best for you. As usual, there is no right or wrong here. Piece them together, take them apart, get creative and add new pieces. We have no vested interest in how you do it. We just encourage you each to be the God/Human Creators and Manifesters that you truly are. Claim your birthright! You deserve it! It is yours for the taking.

What follows are some guidelines for the process of Deliberate Manifestation. As we mentioned last time, you are manifesting, moment-to-moment, whether you are aware of it or not. Where you are in this lifetime and what you have is the result of unconscious manifestation. If you do not like where you are and what you have, then change it, if that is your choice, or simply stay where you are.

Once you have worked with the six Keys To Manifestation that we have already given you, then you are ready to create, so let us jump in.

We are going to give you a meditation, incorporating all of the processes that we have mentioned above, along with some additional bonuses to cause this all to flow and work more freely and easily for you.

Are you ready? Wonderful! Let us begin.

Choose a quiet, comfortable place for meditation, where you will not be interrupted. You may meditate in total silence or with the aid of some soothing, healing music (It is your choice of course!) and you may also enlist the aid of some candles. We are not great advocates of the ceremony and ritual that some say must be used, so it is not necessary to sacrifice lambs or chickens or even virgins, for that matter, and with the exception of these sacrifices, if you believe that the ceremonies work for you, then by all means, please use them. In fact, you do not even have to do this in the form of meditation. Just tune in, in whatever way works best for you.

Once you have placed yourself in a meditative state, attempt to clear your head of all thought. Some of you can do this and others cannot. If you cannot do this, just let the thoughts flow through, without attaching to any of them. Just allow them to flow.

When you feel that you are ready, begin an exercise of Thanks and Gratitude. Even if all you do is give thanks and gratitude for all that you have and for all that is in the process of coming to you, this alone is enough to shift your energy and raise your vibration and that is exactly what you want to do...Raise Your Vibration.

Next, you may want to move into an exercise of Forgiveness. By forgiving others who you feel have wronged you, you will, over time, move into forgiveness of yourself which will assist you in accepting and loving yourself. This, of course is important, because the more you accept and love yourself, the more you will feel deserving of all the magnificent things that are available to you.

Remember, there are no "have to's" here. These are all mere suggestions and you may do this in whatever way works for you. This would be a good time to surrender and release situations and circumstances in your life that may be troubling you, trusting and knowing that you will have what you want, or something better, for the highest good of all concerned.

Now, let us ease into affirmation. Affirmation, in many circles, has received a bad rap because very frequently, it does not work. The reason for this reverts back to the six keys that we gave you earlier. Once you have begun to master them, affirmation will begin to work for you. Have a brief affirmation of what you want, written and memorized ahead of time or you may develop one in the moment. Just make sure that it is direct, concise and to the point. As you begin to speak your Clear Intention over and over again, you may notice yourself moving deeper and deeper. Speaking this out loud is important because it is all about the vibration and not necessarily about the words.

IT IS ABOUT THE VIBRATION. In working with the Law Of Attraction, what is important is shifting your energy and raising your vibration. Like attracts like. More specifically, like vibration attracts like vibration so the higher your vibration, the more easily and freely the people, places, things and events that you want in your life will flow to you...those of like vibration.

If you choose, you may visualize what you want. See it clearly. Speak and hear the words being spoken in the event. Get involved in the action of the event. Live it! Feel it! Be it! You may also surround it in a pink bubble, for pink is the color of love, the color of the heart and let go of it. Release it to the Universe to gather energy so that it may return to you, fully charged and energized.

At this point, you may find yourself quite deep and now is a good time to really have some fun with this and we do want you to Light-en up and have fun with this! Some call this next step the Dream State, the Daydream State or the Imagination. We choose to call it the Zone. The name means nothing. It is the process that counts.

Move into the space between your heart and your head. Some may call it the mind, but use whatever works for you. The distinction that we make is that the mind is found in every cell of the body, in every strand of DNA and even in the energy field around each of you. The head is your computer and operating system. The trick is to move it aside or shut it down temporarily. Once you get there, the real fun begins. Just Be. Allow whatever comes to come. Sometimes nothing will come and other times, a scene will unfold, like a movie. Allow it to flow. Do not become involved with it; do not attempt to manipulate it; just let it flow and if you like it and want it then choose it. If it does not suit you then just let it flow without focusing on it, without attempting to change it. Just let it flow and do not choose it, just like those thoughts that roar through your mind that you do not attach yourself to. The beauty of this is that if you do like the movie and you do choose it, the potential for having it NOW is great. What you are allowing when you do this is that you are allowing Potentials to flow forth, especially Potentials that you may not have even consciously thought of and then you have the option of choosing them, if you like. This is powerful!

Once you have mastered this, attempt this with your eyes open, perhaps walking through the woods or sitting at your kitchen table having coffee (the large mug with milk or cream, please!), or walking through the park or down the street, or riding your bicycle or even your Harley on a secluded country road...just about anywhere. Have fun with this and check your results.

Dearest Warriors Of The Light...Dearest God/Humans...Dearest Beings Of The Light...
You can have whatever you want. You are worthy of it and you deserve it. OWN IT! The Kingdom of Heaven Is Within You! THE KINGDOM OF YOU IS WITHIN YOU! Discover YOUR TRUTH within you and follow only yourself.

For many years, those who were attempting to take the High Road have said:


This was the noblest of behaviors at the time and in this moment of NOW, what truly works is Focusing In...Focusing Inward...Focusing Within...for when you focus within for your answers and when you focus on taking care of yourself first, that is when you have so much more to give to others. That is when your life works. That is when you are creating YOUR Heaven On Earth.

It is with the greatest of Love, Joy, Respect, Compassion and Appreciation for you and the magnificent work that you are doing, that we communicate this information to you.



Your Choice!

Your Glorious Choice!

We leave you this time, with these words that have come to our partner often during the past six years:




Laugh Often...For laughter is the medicine of the soul

Spread The Light...For this is one of the missions you have contracted to fulfill

AND DO NOT FORGET TO BREATHE! For you truly are The Breath Of God.


I AM Joseph...I AM the Sentinel...I AM the Human...I AM You...WE ARE ONE

© Copyright 2004 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse...All rights reserved