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Special Request: © Copyright 2004 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse This information may be freely disseminated, in whole or in part, provided there is no charge for the information and this notice is attached. When using a partial version of this material, please state that it is an abridged version and refer the reader to the original, complete version at www.HealingTheUniverse.com. Publications are encouraged to reprint articles by permission only. Please notify us at Joe@HealingTheUniverse.com

From The Desk Of Joe Rumbolo July 2004

Indeed, we are living in a most interesting time. If that isn't an understatement, I don't know what is and of course, we each chose to be here at this exciting time. Knowing this, there have been many times when, as events unfold, we have each wondered, "What was I thinking? I CHOSE THIS?" Of course, you each know the answer to that question. You did choose this!

Imagine a scene much like the one that follows, taking place on a Saturday night on the other side, at The Celestial Corner Saloon. There are a few souls having cocktails and discussing "local" events, like solar flares, the second planet of free choice, the illusion of time and intersecting time lines…you know, the usual inter-dimensional stuff.

Soul 1: You know what? I'm bored!

Soul 2: Bored? How could you be bored, living in The Light, Being The Light and being pure, unconditional Love, knowing all that is and being in the magnificent vibration of Home? How could you possibly be bored?

1: Well, yeah, this certainly is the life but it's all so easy and perfect… and not very exciting.

2: Exciting? Who needs exciting? Why don't you get a job? That would be exciting. Be a guide. Go to angel school. Kryon is looking for some help and the Group…they could use a hand…oh, and Archangel Michael. He's looking for help. Now that would be a good job, don't you think? Hmmm…executive assistant to Archangel Michael! I may look into that one myself!

1: Yeah, but that would be working for someone else. You know I like to be self-employed. I like the flexibility!

2: Sometimes I just don't get you. You know who you are, you love yourself fully and completely, you know all there is to know, you are loved unconditionally by all, even during those lifetimes when you screwed up royally, I might add…

1: Yeah, yeah…don't remind me. You know I like to play the game hard! What's the use of playing if you're not going to go 100%?

2: Please…allow me to continue.

1: But of course!

2: Okay! You are The Light, or at least a big chunk of it…and you're bored? Are you never happy? What's up with that?

1: Well, of course I'm happy, but you know, sometimes I miss the action.

2: The action? I just don't know about you, sometimes. I've always loved you and I'll love you forever, whatever forever is, and we've done so much together, but I still don't know about you!

1: What's to know? I MISS THE ACTION!

2: Jeez! (Oh, sorry man!) What we have right here, right now, is just like lying on a beach in Mexico drinking a margarita or chilling in a cabin in the woods…or sex.

1: Now you're cookin'…a beach, a margarita, a cabin and sex along with hurt, pain, frustration, some anger, disappointment and fear, throw in some happiness and joy and…

2: What are you suggesting…that we incarnate again?

1: Sure, why not?

2: And I suppose you want me to be the female…again? And you want to be the male? Am I right?

1: It would be fun, you know.

2: Hmmm. The beach, the margaritas, the cabin, the emotions…

1: Yeah…and don't forget about the sex!

2: MEN! You're all alike!

1: Practicing judgment already, are you? God, this will be great!

2: Knock it off, or I'm not coming! But you know, this does sound like fun and I do kind of like it when you're male and I'm female and we can be together in that way. Hmmm…and we'll be able to touch each other, feel each other, hold each other, love each other and recreate the vibration of Home and we'll get to forget everything and then try to remember?

1: We've done it before and always had a great time; why not again?

2: Okay…I'll do it, but this is THE last time. I mean it. This is it!

1: HaHaHa! That's what you said the last fifteen times!

2: I'm telling you, knock it off or I'm not coming! And yes, now I'm practicing anger! Okay…so I'll do it, but you have to go first.

1: But of course…I will. To do this again with you, I'd do anything!

2: Oh…You're so sweet!

1: Okay. I'll come in first and we'll arrange to live a good part of our lives without each other and then we'll meet.

2: Why do we have to wait so long?

1: So that we can each set the stage and then, when we do meet, there will be fireworks!

2: Fireworks! Action! Excitement! That's all you ever think about!

1: Well, there is the sex, too!

2: Oh God!!!

1: Yeah…that's a good start and it sounds very spiritual too, I might add!

2: You just don't give up, do you?

1: Well, you should know me by now! And there's more.

2: Pray tell! I just can't wait to hear!

1: This is such a great time to do this again. You know that humans will be in a heightened state of spiritual awareness and we will contribute to that, the energy will be new and different and exciting…

2: Here we go with the exciting again…

1: …and everything will be moving at an accelerated pace, including creation and manifestation. You know this. We've been talking about it.

2: I will have to admit, this is starting to sound good!

1: It will be a wonderful time for us to heal…to heal everything that needs to be healed in this new, current lifetime…and because the energy is right and the spiritual evolution is in a heightened state we can "go back" and heal everything that needs to be healed from past lives, especially the ones that we have spent together…all the times that we have allowed ourselves to be hurt, all the times that we have hurt each other…broken hearts…HEALED…and then we can step into ONENESS, while we are still in human form!

2: WOW! That does sound exciting, but do you really want to put yourself through all of that again? It's so nice and comfy here.

1: Are you asking for me…for yourself…or for both of us?

2: Well, I guess for me…well, for both of us but…oh, do we have to?

1: No, we don't have to and it is our choice. I'm going and would really like for you to come too. Look, even though we will struggle and probably hurt each other again, we will heal that and the love that we have always had for each other on both sides of the veil is so strong and unwavering, that we can do this, whatever it takes, and create a win for everyone.

2: What can I say? Count me in. You're making my heart flutter already and I don't even have one yet! But how will we meet?

Souls # 3 and #4 enter the conversation

Soul 3: Ahem! Excuse me. We've been listening to your conversation. You two are something else! We've been listening to the two of you making your plans and enjoying it. You make us laugh! I think I can help with this, if you'd like.

 1 & 2: Sure! Of course! You've been with us before.

3: You both know that on this side, I'm an attorney, licensed to practice in all four quadrants of the Universe, don't you?

 1 & 2: Oh, yeah! You've done work for us before and your fee is quite reasonable.

3: I'll not only draw up all the contracts for the two of you and for all the other souls that you will interact with, but I'll also figure out a way for the two of you to meet. In fact, I have something in mind already that I think will just blow your socks off, but we'll discuss those details later.

 1 & 2: WOW! If you could do that, we would be eternally grateful.

Soul 4: Hey there! Yoo-hoo! I want to play too! Can I get in on the fun?

3: Absolutely, because as I'm doing their paperwork, I'm going to do ours too, so we can all go at the same time.

4: You and I? Together again? WOW! I know you said we'd go again when the time was right. I'm so happy!!! Do I get to be the girl this time? Oh please! You know how much I like jewelry and dresses and…oh…shoes! I almost forgot about shoes…and…SHOPPING! Mmmmm…SHOPPING!

3: Of course, my dearest, you get to be the girl and I get to be the boy, but I must say, the last time I was the girl, I did look quite stunning in a skirt and a tight sweater, although that whole girdle thing got to be kind of a drag!

And so, the four of them, along with all the souls that they contracted with are here now. 1 & 2 met, and yes, there were fireworks…and some hurt and pain…a whole lot of love…oh, and healing, not only from this lifetime but also from past lives too…especially from past lives. They have moved mountains in a short period of time and are eternally grateful to 3 & 4 for the magnificent part that they have played and continue to play in causing this to happen.

When I sat down to write the commentary for this month, I had no idea that this is where it would go. In fact, I had a completely different direction in mind. Oh well, so much for the mind!

I am thankful and grateful to each of you for being here and for reading this. It is my wish that you will each discover at least one nugget here to assist you on your journey.

Until next time…


Joe Rumbolo
The Sentinel
Certified OverLight Facilitator

THE CLEAR VIBRATION™ July 2004 Installment # 17


Dearest Warriors Of The Light…

Dearest God/Humans…

Welcome Home!

We Are One…all of us on this side of the veil and each one of you, on your side of the veil…WE ARE ONE! Know this and use this as your M. O. - your purpose. We Are One…so, the next person you see, look deeply into his eyes, if you are given permission, and see yourself! Know that all she wants is the same thing that you want and that is, to be loved and to somehow know that WE ARE ONE…that we are all in this together…that we are all truly there for each other. To love that person is to love yourself and that is the key - Love Yourself. You are both one and the same. No one is telling you that you must like his behavior, but to love her is to love yourself. If everyone could do this, there would be no wars, no fighting, no abuse, no strife, no world hunger, no drive-by shootings, no politics, no struggle for power and control, no drugs…NO JUDGMENT! Wait a minute! Where would the lessons be? What would be the purpose of this Planet Earth Project? Ah, this, then, must be why you are all there - for the lessons - and you are learning them well, moving toward a time of no lessons, but is this the real reason you are doing this…just for the lessons? What if it is not about the lessons? What if the lessons are merely the tools to assist you in accomplishing your true purpose and in fact, are not the purpose? What if the lessons are only game board pieces or mere filler, perhaps a means to an end? What if none of this really matters?

Dearest Warriors Of The Light, none of this does matter…none of it…except for this: Mastering the art and even the science of experiencing yourselves, discovering the magnificent creators that each of you are and knowing that WE ARE ONE. How is this to be done, you ask? It is to be done through healing…first by healing yourself and all of the illusionary damage that you have incurred in this lifetime and then by reaching "back" in time and healing the past…all of the hurt and pain and anger and frustration and disappointment and fear from past lives; and secondly, by showing others how to do this, if they so choose. The time is right for this. It is happening now and many of you have begun this work, jumping in with both feet, in fact, stepping off the edge with reckless abandon, with an unconscious knowingness that is rapidly rising to the surface. You are beginning to know this…that this is the ticket to ONENESS, the ticket HOME. Dearest God/Humans, YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT, the true heroes, the courageous ones who have chosen to play this game.

There are many on our side that have also played the game. They, too, are courageous heroes. All who have chosen to play are All-Stars, true masters in the guise of underlings. We truly do sit at your feet and wash them with our tears of joy!

There are those who have chosen paths, which, through the grand illusion that you have so cleverly created, may appear to irritate you, aggravate you, hurt you, cause your heart to ache and to break and that downright make you angry. You do not have to like their behavior and we suggest that you consider respecting, appreciating and having compassion for the paths they have chosen…brothers and sisters all! Look into their eyes with your heart, see their beautiful souls and SEE YOUR BEAUTIFUL SELF, for when you can do that, you will have truly created Home on your side of the veil.

We would like to carry this theme of ONENESS into yet another area. Some call the dimension in which most of you live, the 3rd Dimension. There are others who say that you have moved through the 3rd and are now living in the 4th Dimension and then there are those of the "spiritually evolved" ilk that speak of living in the 5th Dimension and beyond as though one is better than the other. THE JOKE IS ON YOU! They are all intertwined, criss-crossing each other, with many occupying the same "space" and "time", each with its own function and job to perform and now, in this moment, with the veil thinning as it is, dimensions are intersecting each other, each with their own time lines which are intersecting and many of you are experiencing events as a result, which are otherwise unexplainable. Hmmm! Why the competition? Why must one be "better" than the other? Ah, yes, the duality breeds the competition.

Just as there is no hierarchy on our side, with each having their respective function to perform and role to play, one dimension is no better than the other; one human is no better than the next; one planet; one guide; one angel; one ascended master, as you call them; one ball of energy…not one better than the others…none better than the rest. This is a team. Just as we are ONE so are we ONE with the dimensions.

As you move forward, healing and doing what you need to do to step into ONENESS, we have a request. Unless it is truly your choice, we ask that you not be quick to judge your world leaders. They are courageous souls, ALBIET UNKNOWINGLY, yet courageous nonetheless, who are just fulfilling the contracts that they made, doing their jobs, stirring up the "old energy" that has lain stagnant, drawing it out into the open for its last hurrah, for how else can the healing be facilitated? The hurt, pain, anger and fear must surface again and must be felt, to be released once and for all. You have created this. We offer our congratulations to you, your political system and to that which are called "hanging chads" in the U.S. state of Florida! It has been said that God (you/we) work in mysterious ways. Need we say more to you, magnificent God/ Humans…Creators all!

With the transit of Venus has come the increased influx of feminine energy, encouraging the melding or integration with the masculine and this has caused a heightening of intuition causing the increased potential of communication and clarity not only with your other side but with everyone on your planet. Have you noticed this? Certainly, many of you have.

So, what now, can you do with all of this? Discuss it with each other? Play parlor games and make it all about your new abilities that are, of course, available to all for the taking? Or, is it possible that you will use all of this for your own highest good and for the highest good of all? Ah, the highest good of yourself…and…of all? Now, there's a concept! Yes! Use it for your highest good. Live it! Be it! Teach it! Love it, respect it, and appreciate it! Create and manifest, Dearest Warriors Of The Light, for yourself and for the highest good of all, remembering that no one "goes" until everyone "goes." No one has really "gone" yet; not Christ or Gandhi or Mother Theresa or the ascended masters, to name a few. They are just standing in the next room, mostly out of sight to you but becoming more and more visible, doing their work from there. No one goes until everyone goes, so we suggest that the competition be ended in all areas including but not limited to political, world government, business, religion and lest we forget, THE SPIRITUAL…and especially in the area of the spiritual, where competition runs as rampant if not more rampant than in other areas. Where is the gain? One wins and one loses? And in playing that game, NO ONE GOES!

Now, let us recapitulate what we have said:

  • Look into the other person's eyes and see yourself
  • To love the other person, truly, without judgment, is to love yourself
  • You are magnificent - the true heroes of this game
  • Consider having appreciation, respect and compassion for the other person's path
  • No hierarchies and NO COMPETITION
  • This is a game of Win/Win
  • No one "goes" until everyone "goes"
  • Use your heightened abilities of intuition and connection with the source within you, for your highest good and the highest good of all
  • WE ARE ONE…we are all on the same team

Many of you have been operating like this for quite some time and many more of you are beginning to operate in this fashion. We have noticed that most of you are doing a wonderful job with this, for the most part, in dealing with others within the spiritual community. This really does make for good practice and the real stretch is to do this with those people who appear to you to be living "3rd Dimensional" lives. That, Dearest Warriors, is where the greatest amount of work needs to be done. Do not misunderstand what we say. There is work that needs to be done at every level and for now we are saying that the greatest amount of work that needs to be done is at that 3-D level. It is up to you to choose what work you will do, where you will do it, how you will do it and how that will look. Oh, and you can do work in all areas. You don't have to restrict yourself.

Just set your clear intent to connect with people, unconditionally, to see the beauty in their souls and in that, see your beautiful self. Just look into their eyes and connect. Your rewards will be extraordinary and you just may activate something in the other person. Take a look at what potentials you will create for yourself, for other people, the planet and the Universe. The possibilities are limitless!

When you are operating from this space of pure, unconditional love, seeing the magnificence of the other person, seeing your own magnificence, what do you suppose you could create in your own life? What seeds could you plant with others, such that they may begin to operate in this fashion. The implications here are tremendous…everyone ultimately discovering the God/Humans and Creators that you all are! At that point, Everyone Will Go…EVERYONE! Along the way, the human need for competition, for control, for being right and for hierarchies and elitism of all sorts will be eliminated.

We joyously submit this information for your approval…or disapproval…as the case may be.








We ask that you…

Laugh Often...For laughter is the medicine of the soul

Spread The Light...For this is one of the missions you have contracted to fulfill

AND DO NOT FORGET TO BREATHE! For you truly are The Breath Of God.

YOU ARE GOD and so is everyone else!

I AM Joseph...I AM the Sentinel...I AM the Human...I AM You...WE ARE ONE

© Copyright 2004 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse...All rights reserved