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Special Request: © Copyright 2004 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse This information may be freely disseminated, in whole or in part, provided there is no charge for the information and this notice is attached. When using a partial version of this material, please state that it is an abridged version and refer the reader to the original, complete version at www.HealingTheUniverse.com. Publications are encouraged to reprint articles by permission only. Please notify us at Joe@HealingTheUniverse.com

From The Desk Of Joe Rumbolo December 2004

Coming to you LIVE from THE COFFEE HOUSE, in St. Louis, Mo…

2004! What an incredible year it has been, forgetting a lot of what I thought I had learned (re-membered), learning it all over again…and growing even more! Well, at least that was how it appeared, but WHAT THE BLEEP DO I KNOW?

As 2003 ended, I was on a fast track, moving forward at the speed of light and almost at the very moment that 2004 appeared…BAM! I was blind-sided! I felt as though I had been smacked over the head by a baseball bat and knocked sideways! Issues and emotions were surfacing that I thought I had dealt with years before (and I had), but there they were again, in all of their glory and it was not the least bit pleasant. Apparently, I had forgotten to take my Spiritual Amnesia medication because it seemed as though I had forgotten just about everything that I had known about dealing with these issues. I questioned everything that I thought I knew, almost deferring to what others were telling me. In some instances, I felt as though I was being spoken down to…treated as a spiritual underling…and there were moments when I almost began to believe it, at least intellectually, instead of discerning the information. Fortunately, the who I really am, hung on by a thread, guiding me through this little ordeal that I had so cleverly set up for myself, with the help of a key individual or two.

There were times during the first four or five months of this process when I felt as though I was beginning to emerge from all of this drama and muck, only to find that I was allowing myself to be pulled back into it all by the emotional undertow. What I noticed, however, was that each time I was pulled back under, the tug was less and less. Through it all, there were certain manifestations that began to appear and I knew that I was on the right track (for me, anyway) regardless of what anyone else said.

About four months ago, following a time of intensive past-life healing, a calm, peaceful confidence and assurance…a knowingness…began to emerge from within me. It was me, the God/Human that I AM, telling me to move forward with what I was doing, in spite of the fact that it appeared to defy any logic, in spite of the fact that there were a few people telling me that I was wrong, that what I was doing would not work or that the information was "dated", that it was not at a certain level or not powerful enough to appeal to certain groups of people or…or…any one of a number of negative comments. For a fleeting moment I was angered by this, which was actually triggered by my own self-doubt and fear, but fueled by this anger, I continued to move forward, my only struggle being whatever I said it was and believed it to be.

Throughout this year, I have had certain catalysts, which have caused me to do and be where I am in this moment. Some can be viewed as positive and some as negative, but ultimately, they have all been positive. To those catalysts, I offer my appreciation, thanks and gratitude for honoring and continuing to honor their contracts with me, some of which are complete and some of which are still in progress.

In this moment of Now, we are preparing to move into yet another new year. 2005! Hmmm…What could possibly be next? I'll tell you what it is for me, as it happens!

Now…what would one of these commentaries be without me expressing my view on one thing or another? There are many who have said that these segments are interesting and thought provoking, that they like and appreciate the fact that I write about my experiences and that they have learned from them. Conversely, a few have said that I write about my experiences too much, they don't like my writing style, or that I am too opinionated or rebellious. Could any of these comments possibly be opinionated or judgmental? Neapolitan ice cream only has three flavors…Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry…and I've never attempted to appeal to all of them, let alone all that exist, but I fail to see how a really great Spumoni would not resonate with everyone! Lol!

So, here we go again…Thought provoking? Opinionated? Rebellious? Or could it just be a flavor that either resonates with you…or does not?

Recently, I received an email about a Vigil for Peace from a friend, asking that I gather energetically with others at a specified time for this vigil. What was interesting to me was that the person who sent the original email to my friend said that a prior email had been sent but the section about the vigil, for some reason or another, had not been included. It had been magically or mysteriously deleted, so the original sender was requesting that others forward the message. This exclusion triggered an idea, a thought, a feeling in me that has been slowly, yet steadily growing.

This email about gathering for a Vigil for Peace stated that we were to gather at a specific time, all focusing our energy on peace. This seemed to be quite a worthy cause and yet, there was something brewing within me that I knew needed to come out. The idea of group prayer is not a new one, by any means and it has been proven to work, but what was beginning to surface was the idea that if Past, Present and Future exist simultaneously, why was it necessary to gather at the same linear time? If this idea of simultaneous existence is true, then wouldn't 9:00 a.m., 9:00 p.m., 2:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m. and 10:37 a.m. all be the same time? If these are all the same time, then all that is necessary for this to work is for each person to focus their energy on peace, at whatever time works best for the individual.

In the MANIFESTING THE LIFE YOU WANT! Seminar, there is an Intentional Meditation. It continues to evolve as new pieces "show up", are tested and then added as they are proven to work. About ten or so months ago, as a forerunner to this Meditation, a small, three-minute piece about manifesting your ideal financial situation was created as an experiment. There were three of us who decided to focus on this piece as a small group, with each person speaking for himself and the group. Since it was an experiment, we wanted to really test it, so we decided to each do it once a day at whatever time we individually chose, rather than at the same time. Just like magic, it began to work for us and then we added a fourth person, still doing this at any time of the day or night that was convenient…and it continues to work for each of us, individually and together as a group, at any time that we each choose. There are times when one of us forgets to do it and it still works although we have noticed that if a person does not do his part for a few days, the workability for that person begins to diminish, but it continues to work for those who are doing their part and it is very powerful!

I'm not saying that you should not gather at the same time for Peace Vigils and other forms of group prayer, if that is what you choose to do and especially if you feel that some sort of ritual or ceremony is necessary, but I am saying that if the specific time group gathering does not resonate with you, then don't feel like you have to do it that way for it to work. Do it the way it truly resonates with and works for you. There are no rules and you are at choice. If you believe it has to be a certain way for it to work for you, then you are right. If you believe it makes no difference, then you are right. As with all things, whatever you believe and/or know to be true for you and works for you, is right, as long as you are truly honest with yourself…Truly Honest With Yourself! No fair lying to yourself, unless it is truly your choice.

Often, when we gather for group prayer sessions, meditation both individually and in groups or in saying affirmations, focusing our energy on a desired outcome, to have something be a certain way, there is a certain underlying desperation and fear. We may not be consciously aware of it, but many times, it is present. The cause of this is that we have decided that the desired outcome not only has to look a certain way but it must also come to us in a certain way and within a certain period of time. We declare our desire to the Universe and then we impose rules and restrictions on the Universe, tying its hands behind its back, telling the Universe that it must work its magic the way we say it must. WE ARE SUCH A RIOT!

There is a fine line between taking charge of and taking responsibility for your life and ALLOWING your desires to just flow to you, once you have declared your Clear Intention and taken the necessary appropriate actions. When you can honestly detach from the outcome, ALLOWING your desires to just flow to you, more often than not, the desperation and fear will be gone. You will have no expectations and consequently, no disappointment. When you can honestly do this, your desires will begin to manifest and you will begin to enjoy the process…the journey…and it is fun! The more you can let go and detach, the more of what you want that will come to you. The key here is being truly honest with yourself. This is not an intellectual process for the purpose of trying to impress yourself and others. This is a process of the heart…of the soul…of your true inner knowingness. No fair fooling yourself…come on now! Those of you who are expert at lying to yourselves get to stop doing that, but only if you really want this to work.

Intellectually, we all know that this desperation and fear causes a roadblock, so it is necessary to not only know this intellectually, but to genuinely know it, in your heart, at the soul level. Once again, it is most important that you be completely honest with yourself. If you are and you discover that there is desperation and fear present, then that honest discovery is forward movement. At that point, you can choose to work on it…or not…but at least you recognize it and you can begin to work on it when the time is right for you or, you can choose to play games with yourself and attempt to play games with others, but if you do, who are you really fooling? Why would a powerful God/Human like you want to scam yourself, of all people and even though you may be an expert at scamming yourself, do you really think that others cannot see right through you? You may be able to fool others for a while but how long do you think that will last? It is no wonder that those on what is called the other side, find us so amusing. Even we find each other very amusing, but of course, never ourselves!

So now, let's bottom line this. Whether we gather in groups at a specific time or at different times, what is important is our intent. In the case of Peace, is the intent to cause Peace, for instance, by ending the war in Iraq, by eliminating terrorism, by electing a different president in the U. S., by bringing the troops home from Afghanistan, by eliminating drive-by shootings, by eliminating abuse of all kinds, by protesting against something, by demonstrating for something…What…How? Does Peace have to show up in a certain package for it to be Peace for you? Does it have to look a certain way? Is your perception of Peace better than someone else's perception of Peace? You will notice that each of these things is something outside of yourself. It may make you feel good to devote your time and energy to these causes and it may make you feel like you're really doing something but if you truly want Peace then I suggest that you Be Peace. Start with yourself. Create Peace within yourself first. Don't make it the other person's job to stop shooting or abusing. Make it your job to just Be Peace…or Be Abundance…or Be Relationship…or whatever your desire happens to be. BE IT! LIVE IT! It has been said that the only person you can change is You and for the most part, that is true, but if you are LIVING PEACE…if you are BEING PEACE…if you ARE PEACE, your energy will be positive, uplifting, feel-good and PEACE-FUL and you will be VIBRATING PEACE! How do you suppose that will affect the people around you…and the people around them…and the people around them? If you are a pebble called Peace and you toss yourself into the lake called The Planet Earth Project, the ripples that you cause will be endless!

This is just my view and I offer it to you, for your discernment.

I wish each of you a Happy, Joyous, Prosperous, Abundant, Healthy Holiday Season and New Year and a lifetime of Manifestation Fun and Mischief as you MANIFEST THE LIFE YOU WANT!™

Spread Love and Pack Light!

Joe Rumbolo
The Sentinel
Certified OverLight Facilitator, Mentor and Manifestation Consultant and Facilitator

© Copyright 2004 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse™...All rights reserved







THE CLEAR VIBRATION™ December 2004 Installment # 22


Dearest Warriors Of The Light…

Dearest God/Humans…

Welcome Home!

WE ARE ONE and we are honored to be here with you, in this moment of NOW, celebrating this glorious Holiday Season with you and in honor of you, the courageous ones, who are playing this game of choice, in human form. You are the All-stars of the Universe, the Magnificent Ones, the Anointed Ones, the Coveted Ones, the Chosen Ones, because you have each chosen to come to this planet and play this game! We Are In Awe Of You!

If you have visited this place before, you know that the information that our partner, the Sentinel, contracted to convey to you in this lifetime, prior to this incarnation, is different than most. There are many who impart information of a worldwide and universal nature, information that is both necessary and important. The information conveyed by the Sentinel is also necessary and important. His focus is on the utilization of this information…the Practical Application of Divinely Inspired Information by the Self-empowered Human; that of course, would be every Human on the planet. Having been given one of the Operational or Instructional Manuals of how to use this information, he facilitates the principles and the ever-evolving mechanics of this information, knowing that the information itself is fascinating and important, yet almost meaningless unless something is done with it. When people tell him that they have "channeled" one thing or another, he usually agrees that the information is wonderful, important and powerful and then always asks questions similar to this: "So, as a Self-empowered Human, what are you going to do with it? How will you use this? What are the appropriate actions that you will take to manifest the life you want?" The information has been "given" and "received" for a reason…to assist you in being the Intentional Creators that you all are.

He always attempts to strip away the magic, mystery and mystique in which this information is usually shrouded, because there is nothing magical (other than you) or mysterious about it. It is the true natural order of things for you to know and use this information; it is your birthright to know and use this information and your only limitation is YOU. This information and how it has been communicated, transmitted, received and/or acquired, has been cloaked in this mystery, throughout what you have labeled "time" mostly for the purpose of Control…control of one person over another, of one person over many, of one group over another. Another reason for the mystery is that as people would become aware of their abilities, some would just learn the behavior from those who had gone before them, not really knowing why and thinking that this was the way it was supposed to be done. No more, Dearest God/Humans, NO MORE! It does not have to be that way, unless that is your choice. Why would you knowingly take someone's power away from them or have them turn their power over to you, other than to control that person?

Now…let us investigate some of these "magical" and "mysterious" phenomena.

The Mystery, Magic and Mystique of Channeling

The only real MYSTERY and MYSTIQUE involved in channeling is…

Whatever You Believe and Say It Is!

Regarding THE MAGIC


This word channeling, itself, continues to sound mysterious but that is the word that you have chosen to use, so we will also use it. Communication with the other side might sound a bit softer but even that is a misnomer and we will discuss that before we finish this session.

Everyone channels to one degree or another…EVERYONE. Even those who do not believe they can channel, have this ability, each in their own way. For those of you who do not think that you can channel, have you ever known something and did not know how or why you knew it? Of course, you have. Do you suppose that might be channeling? Of Course, It Is! Some "hear" words, some see words and/or pictures and some "receive" information through some form of automatic writing, while others feel the information. There are those who see, feel and read energy or can feel and read the music (or vibration) behind the words. Information can come through meditation, imagination or daydreaming. With still others, the information is dumped in their laps as a thought group…a knowingness. There is no one way to do this…no right way…no wrong way…and by the way, just in case you are wondering, it is not necessary for "guides," angels, groups of angels and such, to identify themselves with names, in order for the information to be valid. What is important is that you trust yourself and your abilities to "receive" the information. Many times, no names will be given, just for the purpose of challenging your ability to trust yourself. God/You/We do work in "MYSTERIOUS" and Humorous ways!

Our partner has been open to and has experienced most of these ways, but currently, the information comes mostly as a thought group and to a small degree, through the meditation/imagination/daydreaming process, although some of the other ways do come into play as needed. In addition to this, in doing private sessions with people, he feels and reads the music (or vibration) behind the words that the person speaks. Many times, what is spoken is quite different than what the music/vibration has to say…how a person can say Up when they really mean Down, Left when they mean Right, In when they mean Out, etc. The person is only attempting to fool someone, ultimately himself, but the music always speaks the truth.

Those who open themselves up to "receiving" information, who acknowledge their ability to channel and who trust themselves and the information, will appear to be "getting" more information and of a greater significance, just because they have a greater awareness of the potential to do this. The information is there…the ALL THAT IS, is there…just waiting for you to tap into it. Dearest Warriors, Anyone can do this; Everyone can do this; YOU can do this, if you are open to it, if you believe you can do it, if you trust yourself and if it is your choice.

The Myth of Protection

Much has been said and written through the "ages" about protecting yourself from dark and alien energies (alien meaning, energies that some say, "do not belong" within your realm) when channeling, and/or from being unconsciously psychically attacked by these energies and through other people by these energies. There has been much ritual and ceremony surrounding this protection, for instance, visualizing yourself or others surrounded by white light, or visualizing vehicles, buildings or just about anything surrounded by white light.

There was a time when this did serve a purpose, but now, in this new energy, in this time of the Self-empowered Human, it is not only unnecessary, unless it is your choice, but it could also prove to be detrimental. By going through the process of protection, whatever that is for you, you are acknowledging your fear…your fear of these energies. These energies feed on fear. When you acknowledge your fear, you are giving them permission to "play" with you. They are not allowed to play with you unless you give them your permission. Now, they are not good or bad, right or wrong. They are just what they are and they do originate from The Light, just as everything does. They are there for your amusement, enjoyment, education and experience. You may or may not choose to play with them, depending upon what you have contracted to do and what you want your experience to be.

Ritual and Ceremony

We have spoken on a number of occasions on the subject of Ritual and Ceremony. There are some, in fact, many who perform these rituals and ceremonies for just about anything that you can imagine…prior to and during channeling or psychic readings, meditation, group and individual prayer, the Catholic Mass and other religious services, meals, travel, sex…just about anything; you name it. They can be a wonderful focusing tool if you feel that you need them and if you choose to use them and They Are Not Necessary. To some degree, depending upon your perspective, they do add to the mystery and mystique that we and our partner are attempting to strip away from all of this, so that each one of you can more freely and easily Be the Self-empowered Human and Intentional Creator that you are.

This is not to be confused with offering appreciation, thanks and gratitude for what you have or all the things that are in the process of coming to you, nor is it to be confused with the declaration of your Clear Intentions or your process of Surrendering and Releasing or Forgiveness or even meditation.

We suggest that you only do what honestly resonates with you and what works for you and not what you think you should do, just because someone or even a number of "some ones" said so. It is always your choice and no matter what your choice is, you are always applauded, just for exercising your birthright of Free Choice.

The "Other" Side

What is meant by the term, The "Other" Side? When we refer to The "Other" Side, we mean the side of the veil where you, the courageous All-Stars of the Universe, reside…Planet Earth…Your Side of the Veil. When you refer to The "Other" Side, you mean the side of the veil where we reside.

The Other Side of the Veil…Hmmm.

When we refer to The "Other" Side of the Veil, in a sense, we really do mean The "Other" Side of the Veil. You see, for us to fully come and join you where you are and to fully mingle and live with you, we would have to lower our vibration so much that we would have to incarnate to completely accomplish this (or would we?) and then, what would be the point? Although many would love to incarnate again, the lines remain long and the spaces are reserved only for those of your ilk…The All Stars. As it is, we must lower our vibration considerably, just to communicate with you and to at times, be somewhat visible to you. However, because of the magnificent work you have done and continue to do, you have raised your vibration so much with the result being that the veil is becoming much thinner, that you have made our job much easier. This is not the complete explanation. There is much more to this that is far beyond your comprehension in this moment of NOW, but in "time" as you continue to move forward, new pieces will be revealed to you to further clarify. For NOW, suffice it to say, that we exist where we exist, in what appears to be The Other Side.

Now, you exist where you exist, but where is it that you exist? You exist as Humans…Gods in Human form…participants in the Planet Earth Project, but your existence is not limited to only the planet, although there are many who believe that. Your energy is huge! It is so huge that it cannot be contained by your human body, where only a small portion of it resides. Your individual energy exists as you, the individual, and as you, the energy that is connected to the One…the All That Is. Your energy exists in other dimensions, in other universes, in parallel universes, in other "times" and "spaces", your energy can exist Everywhere That Is, so for you, God/Humans that you are, where is The Other Side? Energetically, You exist where we are and we exist where you are. YOU And We EXIST EVERYWHERE and even this is not the whole story, although what follows, may interest you:

Many of you were raised in religions that stated that God Is Everywhere. Have you ever questioned that? Of course, God Is Everywhere! God is You… AND We…and together, We ARE EVERYWHERE! Oh, and one other point you may find interesting: THIS IS ALL AN ILLUSION! You made it up! This whole idea of the veil…you made that up to allow you to play this game. Being the Self-empowered Humans that you are, you can change that rule whenever you are ready…and the time for that change is much closer than you can even imagine; in fact, you are in the process of stepping into that change in this moment of NOW!

As a part of our overall mission of Self-empowerment, we are honored to present this information to you for your discernment.




We ask only that you…

Laugh Often
This is called Lightwork. Do not take it so seriously. It is only a game. Light-en up!

Spread The Light
You are the Light. Allow yourself to shine!


You are the breath of God!

YOU ARE GOD, and So Is Everyone Else.

I AM Joseph…I AM the Sentinel…I AM the human…I AM You


Greetings For The Season!

To The Powerful Intentional Creators That You Each Are,
During This Holiday Season and In Each Moment of NOW,
We Wish You…


Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and Forever and a Day!



the Higher Self of the Sentinel.

Josiah and Josephia

the male and female energies of the Sentinel.

Mathias the Philosopher, Closcovi the Warrior & Carmine the Conqueror

at first thought to be major guides of the Sentinel and later, discovered to be the Sentinel, in previous lives. SURPRISE! It certainly did surprise him!

The Many

a group of 2000 or more energies who decided to come and play and to assist in the Sentinel's process of integration.

The One

no explanation necessary. WE ARE ONE!

© Copyright 2004 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse™...All rights reserved