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Special Request: © Copyright 2004 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse This information may be freely disseminated, in whole or in part, provided there is no charge for the information and this notice is attached. When using a partial version of this material, please state that it is an abridged version and refer the reader to the original, complete version at www.HealingTheUniverse.com. Publications are encouraged to reprint articles by permission only. Please notify us at Joe@HealingTheUniverse.com

From The Desk Of Joe Rumbolo August 2004

The past year or so has been phenomenal and that is an understatement. If you will notice, I did not say that it was all dancing in the moonlight, walking on a beach, but it was and continues to be phenomenal, nonetheless. There have been many, many moments of happiness, joy and even ecstasy (not the drug!), some of hurt, pain, anger, disappointment and fear…and Healing…oh my US, the Healing! The past few months for me and for many others have not only been about healing, but about major healing of past life issues.

It began with strong emotion coming up, the pain of which I felt in my body. As the emotion and physical pain moved upwards through my body, accompanied by a flood of tears that I thought would never stop, I noticed a reduction in the physical pain until finally, it was gone.

The tears continued, long bursts at first and then progressing to short bursts…five, ten, fifteen seconds at the most. In attempting to locate where the physically painless emotion was originating, I noticed that it began at the bridge of my nose moving upwards out the top of my head. It seemed as though I had come close to finishing that particular round of issues and now, I was drawing emotion in to act as a cleansing device to complete the process of releasing the remnants of what was left. There has been no hurt, pain, anger or fear attached to this particular phase of the process and I still have very brief moments of this.

For me, this has been a very interesting and especially healing, refreshing and rejuvenating process. I wonder if any of you have had or, are having a similar experience?

This past life healing is a major milestone in our whole healing process and is very powerful, especially if your catalyst is someone with whom you have spent many past lives, which require healing. In order to fully step into the 5th Dimension and beyond, the past life healing must be done, so let the games continue!

Steve Rother and the Group has said that we are already in the 5th Dimension and that we are so powerful that each moment, we are creating the illusion of living in the 3rd Dimension, within the 5th. My take is that we are not fully in the 5th but that we have acquired many of the 5th Dimensional "tools" and that many of us are traveling back and forth between them.

Whatever your belief is, there is one thing that is key to having your life work…to having your life be what you truly want it to be. You must learn to ground these 5th Dimensional tools in the 3rdapply these tools in your 3rd Dimensional life.

Whether we are fully in the 5th and are creating the 3rd within it, in each moment or we are not fully in the 5th and are living in the 3rd and the 5th, really makes no difference. It is all illusion anyway, so when you can take what you have learned in and about the 5th and practically apply those things in the 3rd, it is possible for you to manifest the life you want to have and either move fully into the 5th or stop creating the 3rd within the 5th. You can discover the true Creators that you are…God/Humans!

That's just my take on it. Yours may be different and still, I advocate the practical application of divinely inspired information in your life. Really, what do you have to lose?

There is one more thing on which I'd like to comment this month:


In my courses about Law Of Attraction and Creation and Manifestation, and in fact, in everything that I teach, I usually begin with the importance of Placing Yourself First and Treating Yourself Well and how that plays right into manifesting the life you want to have.

Placing Yourself First is all about taking care of yourself, giving yourself what you honestly need and filling your own cup for the purpose of having more to give without becoming depleted. It is about creating a perpetual in and out flow of love, money, kindness, business…you name it. In order to create positive influx, you must have positive outflow.

Placing Yourself First differs from being self-ish or self-centered in this way: With self-ish or self-centered, the intent is all about hoarding the inflow and if there is outflow, it is calculated. The intent is about, "If I give this, what can I get for it?" It is about TAKING and any of this, of course, is your choice.

It becomes interesting when people, in the guise of Placing Self First are actually being self-ish or self-centered. They spend a lot of their time talking about how they are Placing Self First and how they know that sometimes that offends some people but that's just too bad because they are not responsible for other people's feelings and…blah, blah, blah! Okay, so I know the "blah, blah, blah" comment is my judgment and I know you've experienced this kind of thing before, or maybe you've done it.

What is really funny about this is that more often than not you can see right through the person who is doing this. That person either cannot see it or won't be honest enough with himself to see it. He may be fooling some of the people some of the time but he is fooling himself, all of the time! If you want to be a TAKER, be honest with yourself and say, "I'm a TAKER…I'm a MANIPULATOR…I'm a HOARDER…I'm a LIAR and I really don't care about anyone but myself." At least you're being honest with yourself and that is a start.

So, who are you really responsible for? Of course, you are only really responsible for yourself. There! I've said it! Wow! To have said something as profound as that, I must really be spiritually evolved! Can I join the club now?

This is my whole point:

You are only responsible for yourself. If this is true and you believe or even know that WE ARE ONE, then who are really you responsible for? If no one "goes" until everyone "goes" then who are you responsible for? My take, as I see it, is just good old common sense…or is it uncommon sense…or could it be Unselfish Spiritual Sense?

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU…for Placing Yourself First with the true intent and in the spirit of filling your own cup and creating a perpetual in and out flow for the purpose of having an unlimited supply to give to others, unconditionally, without the arrogant, "I'm going to do whatever I want to do and I really don't care what you think or how you feel" kind of attitude. Do you recognize that one, either from yourself or others? If, as many are continuously verbalizing, it is true that WE ARE ONE, then what you do to and for yourself, you do to and for the ONE; and what you do to and for the ONE, you do to and for yourself.

The bottom line, and this will never fail you:


Some may think this to be old fashioned or "Old Energy" or outdated etc. but how can you go wrong with this? It doesn't mean that you have to enable anyone or take their power away from them or have them turn your power over to you or anyone else. It just means to treat yourself and everyone with love, respect, appreciation and compassion and do the best that you can to not hurt the ONENESS that is also you.

Okay! I'll step down off my soapbox for now and offer my thanks and gratitude to all of you for indulging me in this. It is my privilege to present this information to you for your discernment. What you do with it, if anything, is up to you. I offer my thanks, appreciation and gratitude to you for being here with me in this moment of NOW and allowing me to share my feelings and thoughts and little pieces of my life with you. It absolutely thrills me when I see anyone who practically applies any of the information offered here, either commentary or channel, to transform their lives.


Joe Rumbolo
The Sentinel
Certified OverLight Facilitator

P.S. Was this commentary "channeled" or did it come from within me? Is there really a difference?

© Copyright 2004 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse...All rights reserved

THE CLEAR VIBRATION™ August 2004 Installment # 18


Dearest Warriors Of The Light…

Dearest God/Humans…



Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life…in this incarnation. We are honored to be here with you, in this moment of NOW!

Most of the time, we inform our partner, the Sentinel, several days in advance, of the topic on which we will speak, just to prepare him, but mostly so that he won't panic and wonder what we will speak of or more importantly, if we will speak. We have never failed him although there have been those times when we have played with him, waiting until the last moment! There are also times when, at the last minute, we choose to speak on another topic, which we feel to be of more importance in the moment. We have done just that, this month.

Sixty or so of your years ago, many began to awaken, yawning, wiping the sleep from their eyes and looking around, as the Light began to slowly seep in, little by little; and that which has been called Spiritual Enlightenment, began once again. Oh, this was not the first time and many of you who have recently awakened, in this incarnation, are not the first now…oh, no…this process has actually begun many times. Other than sixty years ago, the next most recent time was right around the turn of the 20th century…late 1800's/early 1900's. This time, it is different, however. You are each committed to having this work this time around…and we come to tell you that there are some things in the way of your ultimate success. The main thing in the way is you. Now, don't become offended by that and don't beat yourself up. We would just like to show you some things that may be in your way and then you get to choose. No matter what you choose, know that all choices are honored.

As recently as some thirty or so years ago, the acceleration began, slowly at first, as a result of the magnificent work that many had done and because some were ready for it. Personal growth and development companies began operation teaching self-empowerment, speaking of claiming and owning your power and the importance of declaring your clear intention. The real work that has always been done in those arenas has always been commendable and founded in the spiritual, although, for the most part it was not marketed that way. It is the integrity of company management that has usually come under the microscope, and for good reason. Some of those who were in charge of these companies did not practice what they were teaching and some who were students, manipulated the tools and lessons for the purpose of selfish and sometimes hurtful gain. They were not operating in integrity. They could talk the talk but they could not or would not walk the walk. They were dishonest with the people that they were teaching and more importantly, they were dishonest with themselves, actually telling themselves lies, which they then began to believe. Still, what they were teaching was quite commendable and has paved the way for allowing you to be where you are in this moment of NOW.

Many of these companies seriously competed with each other, each saying that their way was the only way, their company was better than the next and that people should do their courses instead of any others. The competition and the dishonesty caused the collapse and demise of many of them. This is not to say that all were like this, but there were enough and that caused the extraordinary work that was being done to appear to be less than what it actually was.

As the acceleration was pushed beyond the "speed limit" about fifteen years ago, the spiritual aspect of this work slowly came to light. It not only included bringing up and dealing with past issues and emotions to heal them, but also meditation, visualization and listening to your true inner voice that is you. Could this possibly have been what you now call channeling, going within and conversing with your guides and such? Dearest Warriors Of The Light, of course, that is exactly what was happening, and so we tell you that none of this is new. None of what you are experiencing is new. It may appear that way to you because you have not, until recently, been aware of these experiences in this lifetime.


During the past few years it has become different because the rate of acceleration has drastically increased again, the energy has changed, the veil is thinner, you are more tuned in and knowledge and acceptance of this is much more widespread.

Many of those who began this work, five, ten, twenty or more years before you are not having the same experiences that you are having because each person has the experiences that they need for their own spiritual growth and development, they have already had experiences similar to what you are now having, have moved forward and are now having their own new experiences and are continuing to learn and grow. Some of them (our partner, for example), as a part of and as a result of their evolution and progression seldom get caught up in the everyday awe, amazement, and wonderment of the channeling, the visions, the feelings and the overall "woo woo" events that occur knowing that they are the natural order of things…what is to be expected. They are not better than you; you are not better than them. Just as they have paved the road to allow you to advance, so will you and they pave the road for those that follow.

This is a team, Dearest God/Humans. WE ARE ONE. This is not just an intellectual concept. WE ARE TRULY ONE!

What we suggest, whether you have recently wiped the sleep from your eyes or whether you chose to begin this work ten, fifteen or twenty or more years ago, is that you choose to go a different route than some of the personal growth and development companies and some of their participants. Ego, righteous attitude, spiritual elitism and competition, dishonesty with yourself and others and not truly walking the walk, will be your demise. It has happened many times before. Although you have all done magnificent work, there are no guarantees. It is possible that you could bring this all tumbling down not only on yourself but also on everyone. It is your choice.

Some of you will take offense to what has been said here, so far. If that is the case, then so be it. Our intention is only for you to take a good, hard, HONEST, look at this, notice exactly what offends you about this and then move forward from there. To say that WE ARE ONE and then to operate from ego-based, spiritual elitism and competition and dishonesty, especially with yourself, is to put you in direct conflict with yourself. It is hypocrisy and still, it is your choice. No matter what you chose, we love you just the same.

Now, let us speak for a bit about this phenomena that you call "channeling." It is quite exciting when you first become aware that the channel is open and the question you ask is, "Who or what am I actually channeling?" The Group, Kryon, Tobias, Michael, Raphael, Metatron, Mathias and Closcovi (by our partner), Yeshua, the Marys, guides, angels, etc. Who are they? What are they?

They are each energy…amalgamations of energies, just as you are energy. Your energy is so powerful that it does not only reside in your human body. Your body cannot handle the ALL of your energy. Part of your energy resides in your body and the remainder stretches from your body to source, also existing in parallel realities and in what you call past, present and future, simultaneously.

So…if those who are being channeled are energy, and you are energy, and WE ARE ONE, then exactly who is it you channeling? Of course, the answer is YOU…All of YOU…All of US…ALL THAT IS! For convenience sake, if you choose to attach names to the energy that you are channeling, that is perfectly all right. Have fun with it and know that you are channeling yourself, perhaps the YOU that resides in the "future" if that is easier for you to understand, but it is YOU, nonetheless. That is why we are not fond of the word "channeling." It is much too mystical and mysterious sounding and causes some to think that they cannot do it. At times, it can also spawn elitism and separation. What you are actually doing is tapping into yourself, which IS source, which is ALL THAT IS.

Everyone can do this and everyone is doing this, although most are unaware that they are. Some, such as our partner, choose to not only tap in for their own personal information but to tap in and publish some of the information that they receive, hopefully for the benefit of others. There are no rules. Just do what resonates with you. This whole idea of "channeling" or tapping into source or going within is not new, it is not magical and it Is Your Birthright! We encourage you to be aware of it, to practice it and have fun with it.

As we said at the beginning of this transmission, we have pre-empted the information that we were originally going to impart to you to give you information of greater importance at this time. There is one more piece of information that we wish to impart to you now.

We have spoken often of you manifesting your life the way you want it to be. Many of you have done considerable work in this area but to no real avail. You still feel stuck. You clear your head and meditate, being "open" you think, to receiving your desires and nothing shows up. Much of the time, the problem is that you do not recognize the things that do show up because instead of showing up as "the thing" they show up as ideas, opportunities and stepping stones and you take no action! You expect things to just fall in your lap. Sometimes they do but just because you are meditating and declaring your clear intention does not make it an automatic. When the pieces of the puzzle begin to show up, you must take some action. Investigate the pieces, assemble the pieces and make some inquiries. Do something! Even if you want to win a lottery, you still have to buy a ticket!

Yes, it is much easier to sit on top of the mountain meditating, doing nothing and just expecting your desires to show up and yes, in some instances, this has appeared to happen but for the most part, if you follow it back to its source, there was an action taken and not just the meditating. You are all God/Humans…Creators! You are in charge, if that is your choice, so we suggest that you CREATE. Take steps to cause things to happen. Let the Universe (the ONENESS) know that you are serious about having what you want and as soon as YOU get the ball rolling, the Universe will bring you the people, places, things and events to have your desire come to you.

So what is it that causes you to not take action? Well, in some instances, it is either not appropriate or not time to take action in that moment. This is very possible but you must be very careful with this. You must be completely honest with yourself and no copouts, using this as an excuse. In other instances…in fact, in most instances, inaction is caused by FEAR…fear of something…fear of anything…fear of failure…fear of success…fear of fear! Again, be completely honest with yourself in discovering, acknowledging, embracing and dispelling your fear and then move forward and take appropriate action.

Dearest Warriors Of The Light, we encourage you to CREATE! Sitting on top of the mountain waiting for your desires to come to you in full form while taking no action, is only wishful thinking…in fact, it could be called insanity…and that gets you nowhere, other than sitting on top of the mountain, meditating and fooling yourself. It is, however, always your choice.

Do you truly have what you want? Do you really know what you want or, do you "want" what some "guru" has told you that you should want, in the name of your spiritual evolution? How does that "guru" know what you need, to evolve spiritually?

…at the very least, WITH YOURSELF!

We realize that some of you will dispute much or even all of what has been said here and that is no matter. Just as an exercise, you may want to take a hard, honest look at what it is about this that causes the dispute. Perhaps this information truly does not resonate with you…or perhaps…we have struck a sensitive nerve.

We are honored and appreciate the opportunity to present this information to you for your discernment.



Your Choice!

Your Glorious Choice!

We ask only that you…

Laugh Often…For laughter is the medicine of the soul

Spread The Light… For this is one of your missions

AND DO NOT FORGET TO BREATHE…For you truly are The Breath Of God

You ARE God and So Is Everyone!

I AM Joseph…I AM the Sentinel…I AM You…WE ARE ONE

© Copyright 2004 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse...All rights reserved