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From The Desk of Joe Rumbolo...SEPTEMBER 2003

Where do I begin? To say that the last month has been extraordinary would merely be an understatement! I recall that I said that the month prior to this current month was also extraordinary, or something similar. Can this possibly be? It is not only possible, it is WHAT IS!

There are so many wonderful things that have come to me and that are in the process of coming to me that my head would be spinning and I would be in overwhelm if I allowed that. Instead, I am thankful and grateful for all that I have, thankful and grateful for all the wonderful people, places, events and things that are in the process of coming to me and I AM FOCUSED ON ALLOWING IT ALL TO JUST FLOW TO ME! I have spoken of this before…ALLOWING!

You can read all the books that you want to read; attend classes, seminars, conferences and discussion groups; subscribe to monthly channels of divinely inspired information such as MESSAGES FROM MYSELF and others; plaster affirmations all over your bathroom mirrors, refrigerators and computers (okay…raise your hands! How many of you have chosen this décor for your homes?); and none of it is working in quite the way that you wanted it to work or that you were told that it would work.

So what is missing?

Okay, I'll tell you. There are three things missing.

First of all...
No one has bothered to tell you how to do it. Not really, anyway. No one has bothered to give you the real mechanics...the practical application of this information... probably because they don't really know what to do themselves.

You don't really believe it, much less, truly know it.

You don't allow it. You do not ALLOW the Universe to bring it to you.


How do you practically apply divinely inspired information in your life? Well, most of you have been told repeatedly that you need to have a specific plan, set a goal, focus on that goal and then take action...do, do, do, so that you can be, be, be who you need to be in order to have what you say you want. Step 1, Step 2, Step 3; Point A to Point B to Point C, and so on, until you reach your goal. Work hard, be relentless and have what you want and most probably you will accomplish your goal, if you don't become frustrated, side tracked, feel rejected and lose interest along the way. Even if you do achieve your goal, you just do not have much time for anything else, like family, friends, leisure time and the like, you know, the things that really count in life. You've all heard this before about the guy on his deathbed. You never hear about this person saying, "Gee, I wish I would have spent more time at the office, during my life!" I can tell from my own experience that this do, do, do philosophy did not work for me. It certainly was no fun. I was not living my passion and it was all work and no play. I know that many of you are having or at least have had, this same experience.

If that is your choice, then I respect that and there is no judgment on my part. I will tell you that this is very survival consciousness, fear based, old energy that worked well for its time, but now, there is a "new and improved" way, a "new and improved" technology that will allow you to do less and have more.

Many have written and spoken of this "new technology" for years. How many seminars have you attended where the facilitator has spoken of Be - Do -Have? Be who you need to be, in order to do what you need to do so that you can have what you say you want to have. This is quite different from Do - Be - Have. This is wonderful stuff! I was very excited the first time I heard this, but you know, when asked HOW this was supposed to be done, the answer was "JUST DO IT!" My friends, that's great if you happen to be Nike, but I was just a guy from St. Louis attempting to put my life on track and that answer just did not cut it! So then the facilitator said something about "being in your box" and that we needed to "get out of your box" in order to really make your life work and of course, to do that, all you had to do was...you guessed it, "JUST DO IT!" (Again, we were back to selling running shoes!) and once we got out of the box we would find the instructions for getting out, on the outside of the box! Well, that makes for great seminar humor, but if I was looking for laughs I would go to a comedy club which, even with a two drink minimum is a heck of a lot cheaper than some seminar that I had to drive to Chicago to attend!

Let’s get to the meat of this idea of the practical application of divinely inspired information. The first thing you need to learn is HOW TO BE…JUST BE. In our daily Third Dimensional lives, running here, running there, got to do this, got to do that, all we accomplish is DOING. Stop for a moment; smell the flowers; smell the coffee; play with a child; assist a senior citizen; sit quietly and listen to yourself…JUST BE! Then, start working with your energy. What energy are you putting out there? Is it heavy, sticky, dirty, negative, feel - bad energy or is it positive, uplifting, joyous, feel - good energy? Shift your energy to the latter by thinking of and focusing on anything that causes you to feel good. This will raise your vibration and in order to have what you want, you must maintain a higher vibration as much as possible. When you have accomplished this, then add your intention to the mix. What is it that you want? This is Intentional Meditation. Now, let us proceed.


Once you have learned to shift your energy and raise your vibration you must know, or at the very least, believe that IT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO HAVE WHAT YOU WANT. The reason why affirmations usually do not work is because you do not believe that you can actually have what you say you want. Oh, you may at the intellectual level, but not at the soul level; not at the core of your being.

How many of you have stood in front of a mirror and used this affirmation or one like it:


I would say that many of you have, including me, and as you’re saying this you notice that you’re ten, twenty, thirty or more pounds overweight, your head is always stopped up, you have no energy, your back is out of whack and you just feel terrible. Then that voice inside of you, you know the one, says over and over again, “Hey pal, who in the heck are you trying to kid?!?” I don’t care if you have this thing plastered all over your house, your car, work, you name it; and I don’t care if you recite this little ditty a hundred times a day, you are not losing the weight and you are not going to feel better and be healthier…PERIOD!…because you don’t BELIEVE it about yourself and you certainly don’t KNOW that it is possible, for you!

So what can you do about this? The answer again is quite simple…ENERGY AND VIBRATION! It works!


Perhaps the biggest roadblock to you having what you want is that you don’t allow it. YOU DO NOT ALLOW THE UNIVERSE TO BRING IT TO YOU! That’s quite interesting, don’t you agree? You’ve mastered the energy and vibration piece of the puzzle, incorporating your intention; you think you have the part about believing and knowing, and it still does not work. Here is why. You’ve decided that you want an extra $5,000 in your bank account by the end of next month and you have decided that the only way it can come to you is as a bonus from your job. That really limits the Universe in the ways this money can come to you. You are telling the Universe that it has to look a certain way. There’s a very good chance that the money will not come, even if you have the energy/vibration/intention thing hitting on all eight cylinders and even if you honestly do believe that you can have it. On the other hand, if you just want the money and you have no attachment to how it comes to you, it gives the Universe many more ways to bring it to you.

I realize that I have written on this topic before but this has been working for me on a grand scale and I want it to work for you, too. Recently, the Universe has completely opened its doors and said, “Joe, come on in…we’ve been waiting for you. Ask for what you want and we’ll tell you in which aisle you can find it!”

If you would like to have more conversation on this topic, please contact me at Joe@HealingTheUniverse.com with your name, phone number, time zone and best time to call you and we will set an appointment and discuss this.

I humbly submit this information for your discernment.

Spread Love and Pack Light!

Spread Love and Pack Light!

Joe Rumbolo
The Sentinel

MESSAGES FROM MYSELF Installment #7 September 2003


Dearest Warriors Of The Light...

Welcome Home!

We are Mathias the Philosopher and Closcovi the Warrior (also known as Carmine the Conqueror) along with our dear colleague and fellow Warrior Of The Light, Joseph, the Higher Self of our dear friend, the human known as the Sentinel, through whom we all speak. We so much love to use these names, for we know that some of you attach such importance to them! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ah, laughter...you cause us to laugh and this is one of our favorite things to do. It IS one of the true vibrations of Home! There are so many things that you do to cause us to laugh, but we will discuss this at another time. We do, however, thank you so much for this opportunity to laugh!

On our side of the veil, we are recognized by our energy and by the colors that we wear. We have no need for names. We are all one; all pieces of the Sacred Oneness (just as are you) and we each also have our own unique signatures. As we greet each other...as we recognize each other, we are in fact, greeting and recognizing ourselves. We are sure that some of you have experienced others by the feel of THEIR energy. As an example, when was the last time you met someone for the first time in this current incarnation and felt as though you instantly knew that person? It happens all the time, does it not? You know their energy. How about not even meeting someone in person, but meeting them instead, by your telephone or your internet or perhaps even by written word? Have you had instant recognition in this way? Have you felt an instant connection with a person in this way, never having been in the person's physical presence, experiencing a feeling...no, a knowingness...that somehow YOU KNOW THIS PERSON, and more? Energy Dear Ones...Energy! If you have never had an experience such as this or if you have had such experiences and would like to discuss them with our partner, feel free to contact him. He previously agreed to extend this courtesy to all of you prior to this incarnation. We do so hope that he remembers this agreement! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Now...we say to you that we are once again honored and privileged to be allowed to humbly address you in this moment of your time (time...if we had sides we would be holding them in the laughter which you cause us to experience!). We do so love to communicate with you, especially now, when we know that at least some of you are paying attention and listening, though we do not judge! Everyone in his own time and it may not be this particular lifetime.

We are three yet we speak for many, as there are many from our side of the veil that have messages of importance to communicate to you. We represent those who are in direct support of our partner (although we are all also, in support of each of you, individually and collectively) and we represent those who are in direct support of you. We represent all; those such as us who are in pure energy form, those who are human and those .who exist in other various forms throughout the Universe.

There are many, in all forms of existence, who speak to you; we who speak to you through our partner and we who speak to you through other humans in various ways and we who speak to you in a multitude of other ways.

In communicating with you, we of the Light will use any means possible such that you receive our messages, however, we will never use deception. We may play with you, but never any real deception. We will make it as easy as we possibly can for you to hear us. You, on the other hand, do a remarkably wonderful job of questioning the validity of the information you receive, the source of the information and whether or not you are even receiving information in the first place! HaHaHa! Even our partner, who has come a long way to be here with you in this moment of NOW, chooses to forget his power, from time to time. Oh, you humans!!! What an incredible job you have done of setting up this entertaining and amusing game. It is definitely worth the price of admission!

We caution you, however, that there are other energies that are attempting to communicate with you, other than we of the Light. These include energies of the dark (yes, they do exist) and energies that are alien to this Universe. These energies which are alien to this Universe are not here to cause damage but just as the "bull in a china shop" causes damage, so do they...mischievously and unintentionally...yet, damage nonetheless. On the other hand, those energies of the dark side are specifically present to wreak havoc, chaos and damage upon you. They are here for you to play with. Play with them if you must, in fact, play with them if you so choose (and of course, you have given yourselves permission to choose). Lessons may be presented to you by them. They may be harsh. Learn them well and know that they will be presented to you even if you choose to not play with them but they will only be as harsh as they need to be for you to learn them in that moment.

It is our suggestion that you choose only the Light...to play with energies, which are only from the Light, and to communicate and receive messages which only emanate from the Light, but that is only our suggestion. We tell you that if, in your discernment, you decide to be an open vessel and receive all information whether it be of the Light or not - if that truly resonates with you, then that is your choice and we applaud you for choosing. We also say that if, in your discernment, you choose to only receive and accept messages of and from the Light, then that is your choice and we also applaud you. It is always your choice and we applaud you, no matter what you choose, if only just for choosing.

Everything in the Universe is here for your entertainment and amusement and you may choose to play with anything but know that there is a price attached to everything…a cost of admission, if you will. Sometimes the price is very expensive; sometimes it is very inexpensive; sometimes the final cost is not known until after you have played; and know that entertainment and amusement does not always look the way you think it looks. Hear this, loud and clear…NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO PLAY WITH YOU UNLESS YOU GIVE THEM PERMISSION! Again… NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO PLAY WITH YOU UNLESS YOU GIVE THEM PERMISSION! Dear ones, what a grand game you have designed!!!

Ah…but we have digressed. Let us now return to all who are communicating messages of the Light to you and specifically those humans who knowingly or unknowingly are on the planet in support of you. Some made a choice prior to this incarnation, to act as angels in human form for the benefit of all but have not as yet remembered this assignment to which they had agreed. There are many times when they, in fact, act as angels but do not really know why. They just seem to have a knack for it! Others made this choice, do remember and fulfill this agreement, moment to moment. There are some who remember and have chosen not to act at this time and still others who did not chose this and have chosen other things.

For those of you who have not chosen this and have chosen other things, we applaud you for choosing. For those who have chosen this and choose to not act at this time, we also applaud you for choosing.

At this time, we address all of you who have chosen this and have not as yet remembered this agreement and we address all of you who have remembered and have chosen to act. Everyone else may listen if you so choose.

You have made an agreement before coming to this incarnation, to be an angel in human form. Just exactly what does this mean? It means that you have agreed to place yourself in the paths of humans, in their time of need, such that you may assist them in some way. These acts may be as easy as a simple smile or hello, to saving someone’s life emotionally, physically, spiritually and more! That’s all there is to it! No big commitment here, on your part! HaHaHa!!! We so love to play with you. You are all so much fun!

What you perceive to be a huge, serious commitment (and in fact, it is a major contribution to the Planet Earth Project…how major, you cannot even begin to comprehend, in your duality!), is the manifestation of you choosing, prior to this incarnation, one of a number of challenging, worthwhile (they all are) and fun activities in which to participate while serving The Planet Earth Project, experiencing the experiences which can only be had in human form and learning as it can only be done through this game.

Many of these Human Angels, as they have been called, walk among you in this moment and they too, have Human Angels to assist them, in their lives. The ranks grow as each moment passes, as do the acts that they perform.

Be aware. Look around you. Has one of them shown up for you? Have you shown up for others? ARE YOU A HUMAN ANGEL? Take inventory if you must and keep the eyes of your heart open. How many of you have been in this role even before you remembered that it was your role? Acknowledge yourselves for who you are and for what you are doing. This is a wonderful assignment you have chosen and it manifests in many different ways. We certainly acknowledge, appreciate and applaud you for what you have chosen to do. You are all beginning (although some of you have done this for lifetimes) your training and apprenticeship for the time when you will apply (at the celestial employment agency) to become angels in pure energy form. Know that the function that you perform is crucial to the success of the Planet Earth Project as it is being written, moment-to-moment, by each one of you, its participants.

Our hearts leap and dance for you for what you have accomplished to date and if we had tears to shed, we would be shedding tears of joy for you in celebration. You will wear the colors of this Planet Earth Project forever, and you will forever throughout the Universe, be recognized as one who had the courage to play this game. Those who have chosen this mission to be a Human Angel will carry special colors, in addition, indicating so, and you will always be acknowledged and applauded for choosing this.

The Star

At this time, we wish to shift gears and move into another area, although it is not totally unrelated. We will explain this relationship at another time but for now, we tell you this. Recently, our partner, when he least expected it and when he was not even searching for it, discovered a new star shining brightly in the sky. This beautiful new star, although it shines brightly for many, shines even more beautifully and brilliantly for him. We will give no other details of this wonderful discovery, at this time, other than the fact that this star has become the catalyst for him to manifest all that his heart has ever desired, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually…all areas, including the advancement of his work. As to the direction of that work, we have not even totally revealed this to him other than it is about the practicalapplication of divinely inspired information.

Although we have not as yet revealed the details of this work, what we have offered to him, however, is this new guiding light, shining brilliantly in the sky, not to lead him, not to follow him, but to walk with him! This has been offered to him not one moment before he was ready. He has graciously accepted and we are in divine celebration of this choice. We have broken out the celestial party hats, noisemakers and champagne, although our partner prefers a good merlot or chardonnay…his choice, of course! We have always suspected that he would choose this and so, we already had the infrastructure in place such that upon his choosing this, forward movement would occur rapidly. To our dear friend and partner we ask, in jest, already knowing the answer, “Have not events moved forward quickly from the moment of your choosing?” HaHaHa!!! We already know his answer is a resounding “Yes!” Of course, always being at choice, he could have chosen something else, which would have taken him in another direction, the infrastructure of which was also already in place and we would have had no judgment. You see, Dear Warriors Of The Light, this is how the process always works; this is how you designed it!

We will reveal one more bit of information regarding our partner and the star. There are angels at work here, those of the pure energy kind and those who are human, as well as various other celestial beings. Your job is to choose and get the ball rolling! Then, ALLOW the Universe, ALLOW us, ALLOW yourselves to bring it to you.

We humbly present this information to you with the greatest of Love, Joy and Appreciation for you, for giving this opportunity. All of what you find here is for the taking.

Take all of it.

Take some of it. Take none of it.



We ask you to...

Laugh Often; Spread The Light and DO NOT FORGET TO BREATHE!

Mathias, Closcovi and Joseph, the Higher Self.

Copyright © 2003, Joe Rumbolo, All Rights Reserved.