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From The Desk of Joe Rumbolo...OCTOBER 2003

Dear Friends…Dearest Warriors Of The Light…as I sit down to write this, I am standing in the Universal Flow of ALL THAT IS! What a marvelous experience this is, allowing all that is to just flow to me! As it flows, I get to choose what I want and how I want my life to be. When I am open to receiving it, whatever it is, and when I know that I am deserving of it, all I have to do is reach for it and it is mine. Of course, there is a little more to the process, but it is quite simple, nonetheless. Operating from no fear, operating from self-love and knowing…truly knowing…that I deserve all the wonderful things that the Universe (who is each and every one of us) has to offer, are all keys to having what you want.

Many have written and spoken, including myself, of co-creating the life you want to have, with the Universe, but I stand corrected on this issue of co-creation. Yes, for the longest time, co-creation was the way to go, but these were mere baby steps. It was like a child riding a bicycle with training wheels. Now, in this moment, if you believe as I do, that we are all pieces of God/The Universe/The Sacred Collective/The Sacred Oneness, rather than that a piece of God resides in each one of us (and there is a difference), then the training wheels have been taken off and we are all the creators, if we so choose to be. All we must do is know it, choose it, do not fear and most importantly, Love; just Love; and by doing so, all of the powers of the Universe; all of the energies of the Universe; all of the Love emanating from the Light is at our fingertips. This, my friends, is powerful and exciting news! Of course, we all create, moment to moment, whether we are aware of this or not, so to have what we truly want to have, awareness is key.

I invite you to join me in this Universal Flow Of Love, if that is your choice, and create the life you have always wanted to have. I invite you to go within, for that is where you will find your truth; your answers; discovering the magnificent being that you are and consciously begin this process of creation, right here, right now, in this moment. All things are possible from the moment that you truly begin. I would, however, be remiss if I did not add that you have been in this process of this creation since the beginning, but most of the time many of you (including myself) have done this unconsciously, unintentionally and asleep at the wheel, creating where you are and what you have in this life at this very moment! This is very powerful stuff! The Good news is that you have created where you are right now. The Really Good news is that if you don't like it, YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE IT!

In the September 2003 channel, Mathias, Closcovi and Joseph spoke of a new star that I had discovered, shining brilliantly in the sky. This discovery was made on July 15th of this year. In the moment that I first encountered this energy, I was totally taken aback by it in such a wonderful way that I knew this was going to be huge for me. Her name is Bright Star and in this incarnation, her name is Jill.

When I first encountered Bright Star's Light, I was not in her physical presence, in fact, I was online in the Online Spiritual Community. At first, all I saw was her name - Bright Star - followed by a texted greeting. After hearing her voice for the first time just a few moments later; a voice which is so powerful, kind, loving and healing; after experiencing her extraordinary energy; I knew that I had known this energy many times before and I knew that I must once again become acquainted with this magnificent soul, in this incarnation. Of course, the first thing I had to do was pick myself up off the floor!

I have always been rather judgmental about online meetings, but that is no longer the case. After two months of lengthy long distance telephone conversations, sometimes lasting over six hours at a time, Jill and I met in person. Even before this meeting, our two energies danced and played and sang and mingled with each other such that we could actually feel each other’s presence! We both felt a connection so intense, so deep, so full, so complete, so wonderful...a connection so great that is was and still is the stuff that dreams are made of, if in fact two people could possibly dream in such a grandiose fashion!

When we finally met in person and had the opportunity to spend time together, we knew for sure what we already had known; that we are connected fully and completely...spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically...and that the Love we have for each other is limitless and immeasurable.

People often speak of "being on the same page" with another person, but what I can tell you is that we are not only on the same page and not only in the same paragraph but often on the same word in that paragraph! We are one, yet we stand as individuals, complimenting each other's gifts and talents as we move forward, hand in hand, to live our lives and do this work together.

The vibration that we create, especially when we are in each other’s physical presence, is such that we transcend the Third Dimensional world and are given a free pass to the 5th Dimension, an experience that is beyond our wildest dreams! All things are available to us; all things are possible for us. Do we still have work to do on our relationship and ourselves? Yes, of course we do! We are still human and we are both willing to and are doing the work.


I am very thankful and grateful for my Bright Star; I am very thankful and grateful for this forum...HealingTheUniverse...and for all of you who come here and tell your friends. My wish for you...my prayer for you, is that each one of you will ALLOW yourselves to discover your very own Bright Star (My Bright Star, however, is not available to you...well, at least not in this way, unless at some time, she chooses differently, but she does shine her powerful and loving light for all to see, and use as their beacon!).

To those of you who are not in a relationship, I say to you, "Do the work, prepare yourselves and open the eyes of your heart. When you are ready and least expect it and from a place where you could not even imagine, your Bright Star may just show up, if you ALLOW it." To those of you who are in relationship I say to you, "Do the work, prepare yourselves and open the eyes of your heart. It is possible that the very person standing next to you in that relationship may just be your Bright Star in disguise. If you discover that that person is not, you may choose again...you both may choose again."



Be Love! Be Loved! Be Peace! Be Happy! Be Joy!

In closing (and I'm sure you are all happy to read those two words) I ask you to:


Joe Rumbolo
The Sentinel

MESSAGES FROM MYSELF Installment #8 October 2003


Dearest Warriors Of The Light...

Welcome Home!

I am Joseph, the Higher Self of our partner the human, the one known as the Sentinel. I am here in this moment with the one known as Mathias the Philosopher and the other known as Closcovi the Warrior (who, in some circles, is called Carmine the Conqueror). We are three but we represent and speak for the many who have assembled, from what you perceive to be the vast, far reaches of the Universe, to communicate with you in this extraordinary moment of NOW. We feel so privileged and we so much appreciate this opportunity to communicate with you and especially Now, when many of you are not only listening to what we have to say; not only discussing what we have to say with one another; but actually discerning the information which we impart to you, taking those pieces which resonate with you and actually implementing them in your lives such that you create the life you say you want to have.

We do offer to you this one caution and of course, we request that you, through your discernment, discover whether or not this resonates with you such that you may make your choice. There are many of you who listen to and read a multitude of divinely inspired information (you call them channels), books about divinely inspired information, explanations and interpretations of divinely inspired information, attend classes and seminars about and which impart divinely inspired information, and much more. You study this information and it’s various flavors; you learn it; you know it. You attend groups to discuss this information. Many of you have become scholars, in fact, “experts” in this arena.

Here is the caution: Some of you have become STUCK IN THE STUDY! You know “all there is to know” about the guides, angels and entities that are coming forth with information, you know “all there is to know” about the content of this channeled information and you know who is channeling whom, when, why and how each got his/her start as channels. You accept what is said as though it were all “gospel truth” (you truly do make us laugh!) and you are so caught up in the study of it all that you either forget to, do not know how to or choose not to use the information in your lives, which is why we give you the information in the first place! Of course, a really great way to totally avoid your life is to stick your nose in a book and keep it there, with KNOWLEDGE as the justification, rather than to live your lives.

We are not saying that the information that you receive is not true because all divinely inspired information of The Light is true, however, it is presented in many flavors, such that it may appeal to the many. We know that many flavors may give the illusion of conflicting points of view but the information all leads to the same place and only varies because each individual’s taste varies. We ask you, through your discernment, to discover what resonates with you; what truly works for you, and then choose your flavor or various combinations of flavors. It is what resonates and works for you that is important and also that you make choices, rather than merely accepting all. Put this information into action in your life to create the life you say you want to have.

As we have said many times before, we are no longer in the business of prediction and telling you what you should do. You have all shown that you are now too powerful for us to enable you in this way any longer. It is no longer fair to you and your growth to give you this information, as much as you would like to have it. We refuse to take your power from you, which is what we would be doing if we told you what to do, offered you predictions or gave you the answers. We also will not allow you to turn your power over to us, although in asking us for the answers, this is exactly what you are attempting to do. We are, however, available to offer you possibilities and other information, along with the tools to practically apply this divinely inspired information in your life, such that you may create (and notice, we say create, not co-create, for you no longer have to co-create with us/the Universe...you ARE us!) the life you say you want to have...Heaven On Earth, Home on your side of the veil.

Knowing this now, are you wondering where to go to find your answers? Of course, you are, for all of you are seeking your answers, in some way or another, and you deserve to have them. Are you not all pieces of the Sacred Oneness having the power to create? Knowing this, just where do you go to find the answers?

Dear Warriors Of The Light, the answers for each one of you can be found within…yes…WITHIN! You each have your own answers, the answers that pertain specifically to you. Your answers are not the next person’s answers or even the next person’s answers. Your answers are yours and although many may be similar, your answers are unique to you.

Many of you question what we say about this. All of you, being pieces of The Sacred Oneness/The Sacred Collective/God/The Light…pieces of the Universe; what then, would you expect to discover WITHIN but The Sacred Oneness/The Sacred Collective/God/The Light? Would you expect to find The Universe? Your Universe…the vast, far reaches of Your Universe?

Of course…within each one of you…Your Universe…Your answers!!! Know this! Live this! Discover your answers there! We no longer have to give them to you because you no longer require this and yes, we are all still here to guide you, but you get to discover your own answers and make your own choices.

Have you noticed? Things are changing. Your life is changing. The lives of everyone around you are changing. Many are either in crisis or taking quantum leaps forward and some are doing both, simultaneously, in crisis while making quantum leaps! The planet is changing. The Universe is changing. Everything is changing and, believe it or not, all for the better, moving forward and evolving, due to the marvelous and extraordinary work that you have done, however, there are those things that do not appear to be changing for the better, even though they are. It is a matter of perception.

Recently, in a private session that our partner facilitated, we brought forth information regarding relationships, specifically those of a primary nature, which also includes marriage. What follows are excerpts of and enhancements to that information, as it may pertain to you. Some of this information, you may already know and some may be new to you, so we offer it all to you as perhaps, a new flavor and for the benefit of those who may be new to this.

Relationships are changing and evolving and in a way that may be uncomfortable and disagreeable for some but also in a way that truly resonates with many others, although some, for whom this resonates still find themselves stuck in the fear of it all, convinced that they have no choice in these matters and choose to reside in misery.

Your parents, their parents, your parents’ parents, etc., were raised and lived in the old energy, where, SURVIVAL was key. A man married because he needed someone to cook, clean and keep house for him as well as for sex and for someone to have his children, and just because it was not only appropriate but almost expected, for the time. In return, a woman married to have someone to provide food and shelter for her, as well as other material things that she may want or need (mostly need) and to have someone to father her children and also because, for a woman, it was not only appropriate to marry, it was also expected and necessary. Of course, there were times when love actually did enter the picture, but more often than not, and even if love was in the picture, it was all about survival. Many stayed together, not because they wanted to, but because they needed to, for SURVIVAL of one kind or another and/or for the sake of the children.

With the ushering out of this old energy (and there are still many pockets of this survival consciousness, “fighting for its life”) and the strong influx of the new energy, SURVIVAL is being replaced by LIVING…LIVING YOUR LIFE! Many women have joined the work force during the past few decades and no longer need the material sustenance previously supplied by a man, nor do they need to be married to "properly" have a child. People, both men and women alike, are marrying later in life and some are actually marrying for love. Some are choosing not to marry and have been with a partner, happily, for many years, not because a piece of paper says they have to be or they should be, but because they actually want to be together! What a concept! Could it possibly be that they actually enjoy being together (oh, no, no that!!!)?

Yes, relationships are changing. They are changing from have to to want to and when the parties no longer want to they move on, whether they are married or living together, with children or not. This is not irresponsible as long as all responsibilities are met. Both commit to being together each day, as long as the relationship serves them, until one or the other or both, do not commit to being together. There are, however, still quite a number of those have to relationships and marriages.

There are many reasons why two people may choose to be together, but when the relationship no longer serves the purpose for one or the other or both, then they may choose again, and of course, two people may choose to stay together in marriage or otherwise, for life. Just know that the dynamic is changing and evolving.

Just one comment before we move on, regarding this notion of staying together for the sake of the children. Is it healthier to raise those children in an environment of yelling, screaming, arguing and verbal abuse or worse, with two parents, or is it better to raise them in a happy, healthy and peaceful environment with a single parent? The answer here is obvious, but you may choose differently.

Since we are on the topic of relationships, let us take a moment to discuss the issue of Soul Mates. Are you ready? THERE ARE NONE! That is correct, THERE ARE NONE! Well, not in your traditional sense; not in the way many of you see it. Did that burst your bubble? We offer you our deepest, most sincere apologies for that, but come on folks, let’s get real! Do you mean to tell us that in this incarnation you believe that there is one and only one person, one soul on this planet who is you’re “THE ONE?” HaHaHa!!! And of course, the two of you are destined to be together. Right? HeHeHe!!! The humor that you provide for us is incredible and we so much appreciate that!

Where do you come up with these stories? Oh, my US! This one is almost as good as your story of Adam taking a bite from an apple and causing the world to end up in the sewer! Priceless!!! Oh my, but let us continue.

Just as an airline overbooks passengers on a flight, knowing that for some reason or another some will not show up, so do you “overbook” each incarnation. You have made agreements with many before this incarnation to be partners; love interests; to be together. Sometimes people just do not show up; sometimes you do not show up. Why? Because you have all made choices throughout your lives that will ultimately bring you together or keep you apart or perhaps even keep you from recognizing one another.

How many relationships have you had where you actually thought that your partner was “THE ONE”; your true soul mate? One? Two? Three? More? The attraction was wonderful; the connection was fantastic and then what happened? You both made choices, some of which ultimately caused the relationship not to work. How could that special person still be “THE ONE” on Monday but by Tuesday afternoon be “THE USED TO BE” as you wonder what in the heck were you thinking, in the first place? Be honest with yourself and review your history. Just how many have there been of “THE ONE’S”/”USED TO BE THE ONE’S”? Could they all be Soul Mates in your traditional sense? Certainly, you came together with these people for specific reasons, to learn and teach lessons and it is probable that they are from your soul group or family, but there are many. You are all masters of contingency, just like the airlines…OVERBOOKED! You have contracted with many, but do not be disappointed. You may still connect fully and completely with one, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and physically; loving both unconditionally and romantically and stay with that person for life…or not! If not, then choose again; yet another person/soul from your contingency.

How many of you are actually in a relationship that you feel is working and serves you? How many of you are actually in a relationship that you feel is not working and does not serve you? How many of you have been in a relationship that you feel worked and served you, but now for some reason, it is over?

Now let's get down to the meat and potatoes of this matter, or the chicken, fish and alfalfa sprouts, depending on your preference!

What is your connection with your partner? What was it when you first met and where is it now? What do the two of you share regarding common ground, right NOW, if any? Do you and your partner have a connection with each other that is full and complete mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically? If not, in which areas are you connected, how connected are you in those areas, in which areas are you not connected and why?

What was the first attraction? Is it still there now, or have things changed? What is the attraction now, if any? Is the love still there? If so, is it the love of close friends or is it that, plus, unconditional love and romantic love? What works for you? What feeling do you have? Are you depending on your partner to make you happy? What is "happy" for you? Are you still in the relationship or is your partner still there out of duty and obligation? When was the last time you had great sex…with your partner, of course? Have you ever had great sex with this person? Is that important to you? Are you in integrity in this relationship? Do you know the distinction between placing YOURSELF FIRST and being SELF-ISH? What has been your role in creating this relationship exactly the way it is right now? Are you there because you would rather stay in the space that you are in, rather than "fail" or “fail” again?

These are all very important questions to ask yourself. Take the time to go within to discover these answers. When you honestly answer these questions, you will know whether or not your current relationship actually works for you and serves you, what would need to happen for it to work for and serve you, and whether or not you in fact, want it to work. Then choose…in or out. You may also ask these same questions of yourself regarding previous relationships, to gain perspective and clarity.

As we conclude for this time, there are some of you who are wondering how we, on our side of the veil could possibly have any clue at all about humans, their feelings, their relationships and all of the so-called “trials and tribulations” of being human. We offer to you these qualifications. Our dear friend, colleague, partner and brother/sister, Mathias, has spent many lifetimes as a human, participating in this Planet Earth Project and in preparation for his/her current role. Some of the many of which we represent, have also spent time in human form and of course, I, Joseph, the Higher Self of our partner, the Sentinel, continues on in human form. We have EXPERIENCED and we also have an extraordinary vantage point, from our side of the veil. OUR PURPOSE IS TO SERVE YOU.

We Humbly Present This Information To You For Your Discernment.





We ask you to...

Laugh Often; Spread The Light and DO NOT FORGET TO BREATHE!

H S, Mathias, Closcovi and the Many

Copyright © 2003, Joe Rumbolo, All Rights Reserved.