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From The Desk of Joe Rumbolo...November 2003

It would be quite an understatement to once again say that we are all living in perhaps the most interesting time in the history of Planet Earth! I’ve been in Canada since October 29th, most of the time visiting Jill, with the exception of five days in New Brunswick visiting a very close friend of mine who was the leader, guitarist, singer and songwriter of a band that I used to manage. We have remained friends for many years and in fact, started channeling, consciously, at about the same time. Now, as I write this, I am back with Jill, both of us 5th Dimensional humans (at least!), attempting to apply this information and operate within the self-imposed confines of the 3rd Dimensional world.

Although the Harmonic Concordance was November 8th, the energy began to shift and change many, many months ago. To me, this Harmonic Concordance was like the Grand Opening of a new store or business that had been open and operating for a while, just to “get the bugs out” and then the Big Gala Event occurred, announcing it’s arrival.

This New Energy - this Crystal Energy, which was originally meant to close the door on The Planet Earth Project, instead, is paving the way and assisting us to create the New Planet Earth, since we have chosen to erase the end times and stay for a while.

This energy has effected people emotionally and physically and especially those who are aware of their spiritual evolution. If you take the time to look around you, you will notice that there are those who are in crisis in their lives, those who are hurtling forward at breakneck speed and those who are in crisis and moving forward at the same time. Where do YOU find yourself at his time?

Just as your physical bodies have had to adjust to this energy, so have our electronics and technologies, resulting in the recent failures in our electronic grids and in interruptions in satellite, communication, computer and other technological services. Along with these biological and technological adjustments, so has the manifestation process been accelerated, which to me, is very exciting!

How many times have you been told to “Be careful of what you ask for, because you just might get it?” You’ve been told this many times, throughout your lives, I’m sure. What I suggest to you at this time is this: “Be careful of what you ask for, because you just might get it…NOW…in the blink of an eye!”

Your thoughts can now become your reality…Instantly…BAM!…That Quickly! THINK WELL and CHOOSE WELL, my friends, such that you may create your Heaven On Earth, the way you have always wanted it to be.

Thank you all so much for the opportunity to impart this information to you for your discernment, as well as the channel that follows, from Joseph, Mathias, Closcovi and the Many, and thank you too, for passing it on to your friends whom you think may also be ready for it.

Spread Love and Pack Light!

…and enjoy what follows.

Joe Rumbolo
The Sentinel

MESSAGES FROM MYSELF Installment #9 November 2003


Dearest Warriors Of The Light...

Welcome Home!

As these words fall upon your ears and eyes and upon your subconscious mind, you are being enveloped by the energy of Home. Can you feel the energy shifting around you, as those on this side of the veil file in to take their seats? Feel the wings of angels wrap around you in the pure Love of The Light. Does something feel different to you? Has something somehow changed? Ah, the Harmonic Concordance, as you call it, has occurred but there is so much information about this which is available to you that we do not feel it necessary to expound further on this, except to say that we suggest that you take the information regarding this event and practically apply it in your lives, for that is why it was given to you in the first place, just as all divinely inspired information has been given to you.

I am Joseph, the Higher Self of our partner, the human who is known as the Sentinel; the one to whom titles mean nothing (he is such the rebel!); the one who has accepted the responsibility of the assignment that he had chosen prior to this incarnation, to bring this information of divine inspiration to you at precisely the moment you have chosen to have it.

I am here in this moment of NOW with the one who is called Mathias the Philosopher and the one who is sometimes known as Closcovi the Warrior and at other times, Carmine the Conqueror, however, none of these names really matter. We only use them for the your convenience in recognizing us and for the amusement and entertainment of our partner. We are but three and we speak for the Many who have assembled this day to impart information which can be valuable to you in creating your life the way you say you want it to be; your Heaven On Earth; Home on your side of the veil; if you discover through your discernment, that it resonates with you and if you so choose it.

Some of you have asked, “Just who are they, they which are called the Many?” In response to that we ask, “Does it really matter?” HaHaHa! Obviously it does, since you have asked and so, Dear Warriors Of The Light, we shall tell you.

The Many have come from the vast, far reaches of the Universe and of course, are all entities of The Light. At first assembly, they gathered to observe the extraordinary work that all of you…and we do mean all of you, even those who, in your judgment, appear to be doing no work at all…have done and continue to do in this Planet Earth Project, that you (and some of us) have so cleverly designed. They gathered as spectators, much like those of you who attend your baseball and football games (Peanuts! Popcorn! Crackerjacks! Ice cold frosty ones for only $8.50 U. S. currency…$10.75 Canadian! Yes, those of us who have had the human experience have enjoyed a draught or two on occasion!) to cheer you on and root for the Home Team!

At first gathering, the Many were the angels and other entities of The Light who were not directly involved in this Game but who were so intrigued by your incredible progress, that they just had to come and view your extraordinary work firsthand. They would wander in and out, taking note of the action and the drama which you all were providing…kind of a place to go for rest and recreation…a vacation spot, if you will. Recently however, as the Game has become much more intense and at the same time has Lightened up, with your results even more staggering than they had ever been in your past, they have summoned their friends on their Celestial cell phones and invited them to attend this Celestial Super Bowl, of sorts. The excitement level has risen to such heights that they have chosen to participate as coaches to all of you, playing whatever role is necessary, with the permission of your Higher Selves, your guides, angels and other entities of The Light who are and have been directly involved in this project since the beginning.

This same group of original participants have, of course, always attempted to contact you in many ways since the beginning and in some instances, have actually gotten through to you, whether you are aware of this or not. Many of you wonder if you have actually made contact or if we have contacted you, and do receive information from us. The answer is, “Yes,” of course. You just may not always realize it. One venue that we have used to attempt to reach you is through those who you call channels. We still do not like that word because it smacks of mystery and mystique, but it will do. In this moment, many of you are much more accepting of these channels and the information we impart to you through them and so your guides, Higher Selves, angels and other entities of The Light have also chosen to speak to you through them. A number of them have joined the Many, in addition to their individual work with you and you derive the benefit of all speaking to you. Perhaps the greatest work performed by the Many is in creating and holding a space for you to begin to and continue to heal yourselves Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally and Physically, if you so choose, such that you may move forward in your lives, creating your Heaven On Earth.

The Many are all in support of you and the wonderful work you are doing. Call on them frequently, as well as on your own guides, angels and Higher Selves and know that they will not take your power from you, nor will they allow you to turn your power over to them by giving you the answers, but they will offer you possibilities from which you may choose. Once you have made your choice, they are there to assist.



In our last open message to all of you (see Archives…MESSAGES FROM MYSELF, October 2003), we spoke of relationships; what they are, what they are becoming and what it all means. You are in relationship with everything around you. You are in relationship with ALL THERE IS; a chair, a table, the planet, animals, plants, money (by the way - what IS your relationship with money?), a house, a car, YOURSELF, the Universe, your guides, your angels…you are in some kind of relationship with ALL HUMANS.

Specifically, the kind of relationship of which we speak is relationship of a primary nature. This can be of course, a relationship between a man and a woman, a woman and a woman or a man and a man. Traditionally, it has been between a man and a woman but there is no rule that says it has to be this way although in many instances, the society that you have created says that it must look a certain way (the ways in which you cause us to laugh are limitless and endless! When our partner opens his Spiritual Comedy Club, we will suggest that he book all of you as performers - even Headliners!).

On our side of the veil, there are no genders. We all carry both the male and the female energies just as you do, however, our energies are balanced. You have all spent many lifetimes in both the male and female roles enhancing both your experiences and your learning process. With the influx of the new energy, the extraordinary work you have all done and the resulting thinning of the veil, more and more humans are striving to balance their male and female energies and the result will be more same sex relationships. This does not mean that all relationships will be as such but you will begin to notice more of them.

This, however, is not the point of our communication at this time but as you know, we do take the liberty of digressing, more than occasionally.

It matters not whether a relationship of this primary nature is between a man and a woman, a woman and a woman or a man and a man. What follows applies to all.

Hold on to your hats Dear Warriors Of The Light; Dear Powerful Humans! It is time to roll up your sleeves and explore some possibilities!

How many of you have been or are currently in a relationship where you have “settled for?” Come on now. Raise your hands! Be honest with yourselves because we already know the answer. At one time or another, you all have been in at least one of these, and many of you have repeated this behavior over and over again, wondering why it never works! You know the relationship(s) of which we speak. You have searched for “the one” and perhaps have found a piece of what you were searching for with someone. You were (are) connected to the other in some areas (one or more) but there was always something or some things missing. For example, you may have been connected intellectually (mentally), emotionally and physically but not spiritually (in that the two of you did not stand on much or any spiritual common ground) and the love was conditional and limiting, predicated upon the other’s behavior and/or how much control you had in the relationship. Could this work?

Or how about intellectually, emotionally and spiritually but there was no physical attraction and the love was more parental or that of siblings or friends. Even though the other person may be a wonderful person who has much to offer, that certain chemistry was not there. Could this work?

We can go on and on with many different combinations but the question is not: “Could this work?” Of course it could work, depending upon the commitment that two people have made to each other to causing it to work, whether or not they have agreed to do the amount of work that it will take and whether or not they both think that it will be worth it.

The real question is this:


Relationships are a wonderful place to learn and to teach. Lessons are always presented in relationships whether they are primary, friendships, family, business associates, acquaintances, one-time chance meetings or any kind of relationship that you can think of.


That is why you sometimes or, all of the time, end up in the same kinds of relationships with the same kinds of people, which appear to not be working. Each time a lesson is presented and not learned, it is presented again and again until it is learned and each time it is presented, the degree of difficulty increases. Of course, at some level, all relationships work and you just do not always know this at the time, usually, but if you have been in enough of them and you do rise to some degree of awareness, you will see the lessons and perhaps you will choose to learn them and then be able to move forward.

Prior to discovering his Bright Star (see Archives…MESSAGES FROM MYSELF, September 2003 and October 2003), our partner had been in just such a relationship, in fact, several in a row, but in the last one, he finally saw the lessons after allowing himself to be mentally and emotionally battered and bruised enough and he chose to learn them. He has said that this woman was one of his greatest teachers in this lifetime, although she was not aware of this at the time and he will be forever thankful and grateful for the role that she chose to play in his life. It was during this time that he asked to clearly hear us and feel our presence and we joyfully accepted his invitation!

Now, let us get back to the real question:


Please read the question again. It is not:


It is:


What truly works for you? What are the deal-breakers? What is in your highest good and the highest good of all concerned? Of course, for the purpose of learning and growing spiritually, just about anything will work but if you truly want to create your Heaven On Earth, THEN…


We ask that you allow us to paint you a picture with words, of a most extraordinary relationship and yes, Dear Ones, what we will paint IS possible for you to have.

Most of you have said, “Yes” to our request yet, a few of you have said, “No.” To those who have said, “No” we ask you, “Is it the fear that keeps your eyes closed? Is it the fear that keeps your heart closed? Is it the fear of actually having what you really want? Is it your issues of worthiness and deservability? Is it the fear you have of having to re-evaluate your current relationship that causes you to say, “No?” Ah, we’ve struck a nerve or two! We will proceed with the painting and any who choose to, may take it in.

Picture This:

You are in a primary relationship in which you are both strongly connected INTELECTUALLY. What does this mean? Here is a clue. It has nothing to do with educational levels, mastery of language, verbal skills or vocabulary usage. It has everything to do with the common ground on which you both stand, and a willingness to share areas of interest outside of that common ground. The mutual communication is excellent…the lines are always open and you can converse with each other about things other than “ the kids need new shoes, we don’t have enough money, my boss is a jerk, my job stinks, is it possible that we will ever have sex again with each other in this lifetime, when are you finally going to mow the lawn or clean the house or do the dishes or cook dinner or fix the toilet or…or…etc. We are not saying that these things should not be discussed because, for the most part, they are everyday, Third Dimensional concerns that need to be addressed. What we are saying is that beyond this, the two of you can communicate about anything. You can have an interesting and stimulating conversation for hours - just the two of you - either a serious conversation, one in which you are laughing and playing, or both; or you can sit in a room with each other, saying nothing verbally, one perhaps reading a book, the other perhaps on the computer, in a state of knowingness, being together and being completely comfortable with that, no small talk necessary just for the sake of small talk to fill space, both connected fully and completely. Now, please tell us. HOW DOES THAT LOOK TO YOU?

Let us proceed. The two of you are connected fully and completely EMOTIONALLY. This one is simple so we ask that you, just for a moment, step out of the complexity of your humanness, of which you have all done such a marvelous job of creating. You are both open. Your two hearts are completely open to each other. You are both AVAILABLE…no secrets…no hidden agendas…no trust issues…open to each other…accepting of each other…allowing each other to be who he/she is. No secrets? Open? Available? VULNERABLE?!? Yes, Vulnerable but oh so Powerful in that vulnerability! Oh, and by the way, it is okay to cry and there are no real issues of control to deal with and if there are, they are minor and of course, can be addressed. You are, after all, human! HOW DOES THIS LOOK TO YOU, so far?

Let us summarize, up to this point. The two of are connected fully and completely INTELLECTUALLY. There is never a lack of stimuli for interesting conversation, you both feel comfortable in addressing any issues that may occur regarding the relationship and you both feel quite comfortable with each other, saying nothing or everything. Neither of you feels the need to speak just to fill space yet neither is avoiding the other by not speaking. Rather, the two of you are quite together in your silence. In addition, you are both open, honest and trusting of each other, fully and completely connected EMOTIONALLY and are emotionally available.

Does this sound good to you? Is this something that perhaps you might want, especially if you knew you deserved it?

Now, let us add this to the mix. You are both connected fully and completely PHYSICALLY. That certain attraction is there. You know the one we mean. You have all had it before for someone, but perhaps that someone did not feel it for you. That certain chemistry is present; that certain “It” and it has nothing to do with who looks like what or whom, although many of you may think it does and have actually attempted to use “the look” as a foundation for a relationship (play children play…and experience…have fun!), but the bottom line is that it has to do with the energy, both individually and combined. Your lovemaking is not of the “slam, bam, thank you ma’am” variety (although at times it may be, depending upon what time the kids are coming home from school, how far you both work from home and how long your lunch breaks are or when the kids will be back from the movie! In these examples, it may be quite exciting!) It is meaningful and loving, each respecting the other, it may often be quite torrid and physical, two people who are there to both give and receive, who both take responsibility for their own “fireworks”, who love each other unconditionally for who they are, who are deeply in love with each other, who mutually respect each other and as a result of all of this, will often transcend the Physical to the Spiritual. HOW DOES THAT ONE GRAB YOU? Have we peaked your interest? Thought so!

Are you having fun yet, just thinking about this…just visualizing this? For some, being connected in only these three areas is enough. For others, connection in only one or two of these areas is plenty and certainly, there would be many lessons presented in these kinds of relationships, but then, what do you do when you have learned the lessons, if you have chosen to do so? Why would you want to sell yourself so short? Why do so many of you insist upon “settling for?” Are you so convinced that you are not worth the “whole enchilada?” Are you so convinced that this “whole enchilada” does not even exist, at least not for you? Worthiness and deservability issues! HaHaHa! You have outdone yourselves in this creation so well that you actually believe this about yourselves! Can you even imagine this…Powerful Beings of The Light pretending to be NOT WORTH IT!?! Oh, Dear Friends! If we had sides they would be aching from the laughter that you cause us to experience; if we had tears, the laughter would be causing us to shed them; if we had breath we would have to stop for a moment to catch it! Oh, My US! (God!)

Okay! The laughter has subsided for the moment; we have wiped our “tears”, caught our “breath” and are ready to continue.

Let us continue. You are both connected INTELECTUALLY, EMOTIONALLY and PHYSICALLY. You love each other unconditionally and you are deeply in love with each other. What else is there? Could there possibly be more? Yes, Beautiful and Powerful anointed ones…THERE IS MORE! This is so exciting for us, having the opportunity to paint this picture for you!

Here is “the more” of which we speak. You are both connected fully and completely SPIRITUALLY. You are both on the same page. Your beliefs…no, your mutual knowingness in this area is, for the most part, harmonious and in sync. You do not have to be exactly at the same level of spiritual evolution, nor is it necessary to be in total agreement on every point or on which flavor to choose, however, it is a plus to be at least within reach of each other. Some disagreement is healthy, causing teaching, learning and of course, more stimulating conversation, which enhances the INTELLECTUAL area of your lives, which enhances the EMOTIONAL, which enhances the PHYSICAL, which enhances the SPIRITUAL…and so on and so on and so on…each enhancing the other.

Is it possible that you could handle such a relationship? Do you deserve such a relationship? Does such a relationship actually exist? The answer to all of these questions is “Yes”, if this is what you so choose.

Even in this storybook relationship, as many of you may call it, there will be issues; there will be bumps in the road; there will be lessons presented and, with a willingness on your part, there will be lessons learned. There is no such thing as a “free lunch” because that is the way you designed this Game. You still get to do the work and it is possible to have quite a lot of fun while doing it.

What we have just offered to you is a viable possibility and it is you who must do the work to have this. We do not mean to imply that what we have offered here is the “best” or the “right” relationship for you because, for a variety of reasons, you may choose something else. We do, however, say that this IS available to you if you choose it. When you have done the work on yourself, when you have accepted exactly where you are in your life in this moment, in your heart, not in your head, and when you are truly ready (and perhaps it will not be when you think you are ready), this and much, much more is available to you.

We offer you this information for your discernment.





With the deepest of Love, Appreciation and Respect we offer you our most heartfelt Thanks and Gratitude for the opportunity to bring this information to you.

We ask you to...

Laugh Often; Spread The Light and DO NOT FORGET TO BREATHE!

H S, Mathias, Closcovi and the Many

Copyright © 2003, Joe Rumbolo, All Rights Reserved.