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From The Desk of Joe Rumbolo...May 2003

This month, I begin by offering you my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for being here in this moment of NOW and for taking the time to review this information. If you are new to Healing The Universe, please feel free to visit the archives for past installments of MESSAGES FROM MYSELF. It is my hope that you will find something of value here, to assist you on your journey. I would never say that you must agree with everything that is written here or anywhere else, for that matter. Please feel free to take whatever works for you - whatever truly resonates with you - and leave the rest for someone else to discover. If you choose none of what you find here, I trust that you will find the perfect messenger with the perfect information that will work for you. There are many flavors of the same message from which to choose. We, at Healing The Universe, are not engaged in a spiritual competition; we merely offer our flavor for your discernment.

We are living in a very exciting and truly extraordinary time. The past twelve months have been quite an interesting, incredible, and magical experience for me. When I look at where I was a year ago and where I am right at this moment in my life, I am in awe of the road that I have traveled and extremely excited about the possibilities that lay before me. During the months to follow, I will tell you of some of those experiences and events and invite you to respond with your own magical experiences.

In the name of The Light, I humbly present this information to you, for your discernment.

In Love and Light,

Joe Rumbolo
The Sentinel

MESSAGES FROM MYSELF Installment #3 May 2003

Dearest Warriors Of The Light...

We Bring You Greetings From Home!

We are the Higher Self of our partner, the human, (who has graciously accepted this mission that he chose, prior to this incarnation, to impart this information to you) together with Mathias the Philosopher and Closcovi the Warrior (also known as Carmine the Conqueror), two of the human's most eloquent and powerful guides.

We come to you in this moment of NOW, to inform you of the remarkable work you have done and continue to do for this Planet Earth Project and to express our deepest, most heartfelt love, respect, appreciation and admiration for you. You command the attention of this entire Universe and of other universes (More information about other universes and the energies, entities and beings originating from them, at another time), because you have taken this game far beyond the expectations of any, including yourselves. You are the anointed ones! You are and always will be known, applauded and celebrated for your courage and participation. Easier paths are always available to you but time after time you have chosen the path of this Planet Earth Project because you know that the largest amount and the most important work for the greatest benefit of the Universe can be done on the Planet Earth, first planet of free choice.

No one is surprised, Dearest Warriors Of The Light, that you are here, NOW, continuing your work. IT IS YOUR PASSION!

It is no secret to you that the planet and all of its inhabitants are experiencing major change. Natural disaster; war; threats of more war; senseless killing of people, animals and vegetation; toxic waste dumping infecting soil, water and air; poverty and starvation; corruption in government and business (Enron, WorldCom, etc.); worldwide stock market inconsistencies and other economic woes; jobs lost and careers destroyed…all of this and much, much more appear as headlines in newspapers and lead stories in news broadcasts all over the world.

Indeed, change is not only in the wind, it is occurring NOW. It does appear as though these are the worst of times. Many of the events of the 20th Century leading up to today have bred anger, sadness, depression and fear. Anger breeds more anger; sadness more sadness; depression more depression; fear more fear; which in turn has bred many more intensified negative events, and so on and so on. But alas, Dear Warriors Of The Light, it is merely a cleansing process (In fact, it is really all just an illusion, which you have manufactured, but for now, let us just call it a cleansing process). From the fire and ashes of this despair, negativity and destruction has come awakening and enlightenment!

There are people who have chosen to leave at this time, many of whom will soon return to continue their work of causing enlightenment and raising the vibrational level of the planet, its inhabitants and the entire Universe. Although those closest to them look upon their departure with sadness, know that it is a time of joy and celebration for them, and the choice of each. The work continues by those on the planet, by those preparing to return and by others who are not returning and instead have chosen to do their work in other capacities at Home.

We have already commended you on the incredible work that you continue to do for this Planet Earth Project. As each of your moments pass, the veil becomes thinner for some, causing cleaner, clearer, crisper communication with guides, angels, the Higher Self and Home. For others, the veil remains the same, but have no fear. They are exactly where they need to be. When it is their time, the veil will also begin to diminish for them as well. You may pray for them, with no judgment, of course, and present them with information, but know that they are not "wrong" because you think you are "right". Just because your truth is not their truth does not mean that either is not truth.

It has been expressed by many that truths evolve, just as do ideas, concepts, species, the planet, the Universe…
What is your truth today may not be your truth tomorrow. With the introduction of or remembering of "new" knowledge comes a "new" truth. As the veil becomes thinner, "new" truths appear.

We offer you a different take on the question of truth:

Truth remains constant. Truth does not evolve. Instead, you (we) evolve, which allows you the discovery of different and often higher aspects of truth. We know the question that you ask, even before you ask it. "What is the difference? Is this not just two sides of the same coin?"

Actually, there is a major difference. If truth evolves and you remain constant, you are turning your power over to something outside of yourself; you, who is a spark of the Sacred Oneness. When you evolve, you are owning your power, not giving it away. You are growing, you are moving forward, even if it may appear at times as though you are moving backwards, because there are times when you must step back in order to move forward. The more aware you become; the more enlightened you become; the thinner the veil becomes for you and the easier it is for you to push your ego aside allowing you to see higher aspects of TRUTH.

To further clarify, here is an example. Just for a few moments, envision this. You are 5'9" tall. You are standing outdoors with both feet planted firmly on the ground. Standing directly in front of you is a huge, ornately designed pillar which is three feet in diameter, perpendicular to the ground and reaching upward even farther than the eye can see; through the clouds, through the atmosphere, out into space and beyond.

That pillar represents TRUTH.

Your knowledge of TRUTH is that which you have seen and experienced from ground level to 5'9" up the side you have been and are facing. You know this area well because this is where you have been living your life. This is not "good" or "bad", "right" or "wrong". It is just WHAT IS. This has been your truth.

One day an inspiration hits you (Perhaps a nudge from your guides or a firm tap on the shoulder from your Higher Self). You decide to stand on your toes, seeing another piece of the pillar and your truth appears to shift, ever so slightly. Standing on your toes, you look up; see more of the pillar and your truth appears to shift again. Your guides and Higher Self have a meeting and conclude that you are ready to take a real trek into the unknown. Bam!!! They not only hit you with an inspiration, they smack you over the head with a baseball bat (Figuratively, of course!) and tell you to wake up! You begin to walk around the pillar, examining the different sides of it while still standing 5'9" tall, stretching up on your toes looking up as far as you can see and back down to the ground. Your truth has once again shifted and you become hungry for this awakening…this enlightenment. The more you know, the more you know that you don't know; and the process continues. You raise your vibrational level and begin to ascend, ever so slightly, bit by bit; and as you ascend, you move around the pillar, examining it, studying it and investigating it; around and around, ascending inch-by-inch, foot-by-foot. Once again, your truth appears to be shifting…evolving…but the pillar, which is TRUTH, never moves. It remains strong and solid and stable. You are the one moving, raising your vibration and ascending as you examine and learn new aspects of TRUTH. YOU EVOLVE; and as you evolve, the one thread that is woven through all aspects of Truth; the one thing that holds it all together, is LOVE.

We have said this before and we will continue to say it often:

In all things, know this above all:

Love is the answer;
Love is always the answer;
No matter what the question;
Love is always the answer!

We wish you well as you continue on your journey, raising your vibration and discovering new aspects of TRUTH and its companion, LOVE. Know that your Higher Self and your guides are always with you, always on call, always at your service and always communicating with you. It is your job to trust, dial into their frequency and listen.

We applaud you, we appreciate you, we respect you and We Love You for the courage that you have shown, incarnation after incarnation, choosing to participate in this Planet Earth Project and play this game. We ask that you never turn your power over to anyone or any group. No One! It is your power! Own it!

What is offered here is for your discernment. Discover what truly resonates with you. Know that:

All of this is yours for the taking.

Take all of it. Take some of it. Take none of it.


It is with greatest of love, respect and appreciation that we ask you to

Laugh often; spread the Light and Do Not Forget To Breathe.

HS, M & C

Copyright 2003, Joe Rumbolo, All Rights Reserved.