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From The Desk of Joe Rumbolo...March 2003

Welcome to Healing The Universe on this, our maiden voyage. The information presented to you here was given to me by my guides (two in particular, Mathias and Closcovi, also known as Carmine the Conqueror) and my Higher Self, for your discernment. Some of what you read here you already know, some you don't know, some will validate what you know and some you may totally disagree with. This is your choice and I would never advocate you turning over your power to me or anyone just because it is written here or anywhere else. My request is for you to take whatever truly resonates with you and leave the rest. They are gifts for someone else.

Although I have known for quite some time that I had agreed to a spiritual mission in this incarnation and had unassumingly done many things to begin to accomplish this mission, I was not really aware of what the mission was nor did I have a plan in place to accomplish it. I've always had an inclination to write and more recently (past dozen or so years) have had a desire to facilitate personal growth and spiritually oriented seminars. What I was told was that all would be revealed in due time. I accepted this information and trusted this to be true. I also knew that this information would be given to me piece by piece or all at once, whatever was necessary and that it would be given to me directly, through signs and/or through other messengers.

In June of 2002 I had a conversation with internationally known author, facilitator and channeler, Steve Rother and the group of angels that he channels, simply called the Group. After reviewing the information I received in this conversation and the possibilities which were presented to me and after also reviewing the information given to me by my guides and Higher Self, it was time to make some choices. All of the information and possibilities presented to me by Steve and the Group coincided with, complimented and validated the information and possibilities presented to me by my guides and Higher Self. This all resonated very strongly with me and here we are in this moment of NOW. I of course, was at choice and these were the options:


creating and holding a space for everyone on the planet and in the Universe to heal themselves and be Messengers Of The Light, if that is their choice…..



It is obvious what I have chosen and how I have chosen to begin. What you will see here are everyday lessons for everyday life for the everyperson. We are all one in the same; all connected; all sparks of the Sacred Oneness.

In this spirit of oneness, I humbly present this information to you.

Joe Rumbolo
The Sentinel

MESSAGES FROM MYSELF Installment #1 March 2003

It is with the greatest of Love, Joy, Appreciation and Admiration that we come to you today on this momentous occasion, the launching of HealingTheUniverse. I am the Higher Self of the one known as the Sentinel. I am the energy which is both connected to he, the human and to that which is the Universe/the Love Source/the Light/God. This day I am honored to have with me two of my partner's most powerful and eloquent guides who have agreed to stand with me and impart this information to my partner and through him, to all of you. We come to you in the Light of the Anointed Love of the Sacred Collective, The One who is called the God-source; the essence of whom is found in the hearts of all of the courageous, extraordinary beings who have chosen to play this game of choice on the planet called Earth.

In bringing this information to you, I (and my partner, the human) am fulfilling an agreement that I (we) made prior to this incarnation: to receive this information from Home - to be a Messenger of the Light - and to then pass it on to all of you, for your discernment.


This is a game. It is only a game. It has been said that this is a test - that each lifetime is a test. This is true and it is game. It is a game that you created, including all the rules and especially the rule called Free Choice. It includes all of what you humans call "good" and all of what you call "evil"; all of what you call "right" and all of what you call "wrong"; all of what you call "light" and all of what you call "dark". What you must know is that one is the other and the other is the one. What you must also know is that YOU are truly the exalted ones who have chosen to incarnate time after time (and especially at this glorious time) choosing to forget the divine remembrances of Home; choosing to forget your own divinity; and choosing to forget the divine power that you posses; not as a being created in the "image" of God, the creator, but as one who IS a sacred spark of the Universal Energy.

Many of you have heard this before and some are hearing this for the first time. Many of you already comprehend this; many do not. For those who have a comprehension of this, it is not your place to judge those who do not but if you do judge, it is still your choice to do so. For those who do not comprehend, it is simply not their time. Know that there will be a time when they will be ready to know (remember) this and it may not necessarily be in this lifetime. There are those who do comprehend this and choose otherwise. It is their choice, for this is the game that you created and no matter what one chooses, all are loved, appreciated and applauded equally just for having the courage to choose.

There have been a multitude of games created in the Universe such that souls may be in lesson but this is the first planet of free choice - the first game of free choice. This had never been done before. What an interesting concept: incarnate time after time, lifetime after lifetime; go through the birthing process; forget who you really are and how powerful you really are; and then spend each lifetime attempting to remember. In this game you get to have guides who are always with you, constantly talking to you and feeding you valuable information but you have devised this game so well that you've not only forgotten how to communicate with them, you've forgotten that they are even there! And the same goes for your Higher Self! Then, to top it all off, you get to have free choice…..you can choose to do whatever you want to do! (Now, if that doesn't get you into trouble…..)

Dear ones, you have not only created the most extraordinary game of all time (pretending of course, that time really does exist), but you have played this game well…..beyond the expectations of all in the Universe….. beyond the expectations of even yourselves, for by choosing to do this you have raised the vibrational level of the planet, every being and life form on the planet, the entire Universe and all the souls in it. All of the predictions of the end-times were true at the time they were made but because you have played this game so well, the end-times have come and gone. The slate has been wiped clean and your job (because you agreed to do it before you came into this life) is to create your life the way you want it to be; to create your Heaven on earth; to create Home on your side of the veil.

How many times have you come here to play this game; ten times? A hundred times? A thousand times? Over and over again you have come here to make a positive difference in the Universe. This time, however, was different. Knowing that the end-times were approaching, you not only chose to make a difference, you chose to be the difference to make this endeavor successful. You decided to be here now to accept this Mission Impossible and to cause the elimination of the end-times. So strong was your passion that hundreds of thousands of souls stepped aside so that you could be here in this moment of NOW, Lightworkers all…Warriors of the Light, here to spread the Light; to be Messengers of the Light; and the message is simply this:

Know this above all
Love is the answer;
Love is always the answer;
No matter what the question;
Love is always the answer!

We request that you only impart this message to others, for their discernment. We also request that you do not attempt to convert people to your way of thinking or attempt to get them to join, as in a religion, club or organization. We further request that you not attempt to make others "wrong" because you think you are "right". My friends, this has nothing to do with religious or spiritual competition, or competition of any kind, for that matter and it has everything to do with spreading the message of the Light…..for the discernment of others. It is then up to them to choose. FREE CHOICE! Indeed, what a concept. This mission in which you have agreed (chosen) to participate is this simple and yet, this complex:

You deliver the message with no judgment; they get to choose!


As we impart this information to my partner, the planet of free choice stands on the brink of war; lines are being drawn, sides are being taken. Will there be a war? If so, who will "win"; who will "lose"; what will be the outcome? Do not ask for a prediction for there will be none forthcoming. If you choose peace then there will be peace for you, perhaps in the midst of war and chaos, but peace nonetheless. If you choose war then there will be war for you, perhaps in the midst of peace, but war nonetheless. If enough of you authentically choose peace and in your own way actively express your intent, then you will shift the consciousness of the entire planet. Dearest Warriors of the Light, what do you choose?

This threat of war is merely the last hurrah of the old energy that says, "I win, you lose; I'm right, you're wrong; I'm good, you're evil"; etc., all based in fear, all based in survival consciousness. We are not saying that this is not serious business. On the contrary, this is extremely serious. We are also not saying that the old energy - this survival consciousness - was wrong. In fact, it worked quite well for it's time, a time when one's greatest fear was death. Of course, a person didn't wake up in the morning and immediately think, "I'm going to die" but that person did think about having a job to earn money to buy food and shelter to keep from starving to death or from suffering death from exposure. As an alternative to having a job to earn money, some would just steal from others. The bottom line was Fear OF Death. Knowing this, what do you suppose are the motivations that pit one country against another?

People lived according to their five senses - taste, smell, sight, touch and sound. If a person could not taste it, smell it, see it, touch it or hear it then it just wasn't truth. You have all (who are reading this) evolved arriving at the realization that you are all multi - sensory beings and so has your truth evolved. WHAT IS THE NEW TRUTH? This is what is being presented now in this threat of war. The old energy has collided with the new. Lessons are being presented through this threat. Will you learn them and move on or must they be presented again through war? It is your choice, you know. Of course, as with all lessons, when they are presented and not learned they are presented again only with more difficulty, until they are learned; and if those lessons are, in fact, presented through war, what are the consequences? What price must be paid?

During the past century and especially during the past sixty or so of your years (Time - what a grand illusion you have created!), great strides have been made in the evolution of humankind - technologically, biologically and spiritually. Although the threat of war looms heavily upon the planet, so does the "threat" of peace! You are all magnificent, powerful beings, sparks of the Sacred Oneness, some operating in the new energy and others seemingly operating in the old. One could logically conclude that those who are operating in the new energy are lightworkers who have discovered their contracts and are working to fulfill them and those operating in the old energy have not discovered their contracts, consequently are not working to fulfill theirs.

Contemplate this for a moment. Does this smack of judgment to you? This is quite possible, you know. What if those you perceive to be the villains are actually fulfilling their contracts? What if those "villains" agreed before this incarnation that they would be the ones to create this controversy so that the rest would have the opportunity to choose? CHOOSE! That is the game you created! Looked upon in this light, is it possible for you to grasp the immensity of the contribution being made by these "villains" (and of course, the "villains" are not only those who are opposed to the U.S.A. and it's allies, IT IS ALL INCLUSIVE!)? This does not mean that you must condone the behavior but it is possible to love the souls - the sparks of the Sacred Oneness who is all of you (us). My partner, just as many of you, could never quite grasp the concept of LOVE YOUR ENEMIES when, as a child, he studied the religion that he was born into (and of course, was told that it was the only "right" religion!). No one bothered to, or could explain exactly what this meant. He was just told to do it and accept it; that's the way it is…..no room for discernment, no room for choice, not even room for judgment! Here it is once again, presented to you for your discernment:

LOVE THE SOUL and you do not have to like the behavior!

So, my dearest magnificent ones, what will it be? Will it be war or will it be peace? Major lessons are being presented and will be presented, no matter what. Or will it be LOVE?

Love is the answer, you know, no matter what the question,


All of this is yours for the taking.

Take all of it. Take some of it. Take none of it.


It is with greatest of love, respect and appreciation that we ask you to

Laugh often, spread the Light and Do Not Forget To Breathe.

HS, M & C

Copyright 2003, Joe Rumbolo, All Rights Reserved.