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From The Desk of Joe Rumbolo...June 2003

Welcome! It is no accident that you are here in this moment of NOW! Some of you have come here consciously; some have been guided here by friends, both seen and unseen; still others have just "stumbled" into us (If you can believe that); and in some cases, we have been brought to you. For whatever reason and through whichever path, you are here and you are always welcome.

The past few months have been incredible! In fact, looking back on the past year - where I was then and where I stand today - I am in total awe of what can be accomplished when one operates from clear intention, no fear, trust in the Universe and trust in self; leaping in the midst of the flow and allowing it to take you where you need to go. I can tell you from my experience that going with the flow is a lot easier and much more satisfying than attempting to swim upstream or attempting to hang on to a branch sticking out from the bank of the river. In going with the flow there is no resistance and not much real efforting or work involved. Swimming upstream or hanging on to a branch is all resistance and a whole lot of work…Been There, Done That and Have NO Plans To Do That Again! This of course, does not mean that the process for having what you want goes like this: You decide what you want, put the intention out there and then sit on the couch for a day and a half drinking beer and eating nachos while watching NFL Europe, The Arena Football League and Judge Judy on T.V. (Unless of course, your intention is to get drunk, gain ten pounds and suffer from gastric distress!). Once you put the desire out there, you do have to take action, but the action that you must take is Inspired Action. Put your intention out there and allow yourself to be guided to the next step rather than spending time and energy doing things that are ultimately unnecessary.

I must admit that there were times when my intent was clouded, I did walk in fear and trust was the last thing that entered my mind. Of course, these were the times when things were not working. It didn't take long for me to figure that out and the solution was to shift out of that negative energy which was lowering my vibration and shift into positive energy to raise my vibration. What I found was that the more positive the energy that I was putting out there, the better I felt; the better I felt, the higher my vibration; the higher my vibration, the more people, events and things of higher vibration that flowed into my life, almost effortlessly and easily.

This process during the past year has been quite enlightening and continues moment to moment, with increasing intensity. IT WORKS!

We hope that you enjoy the time you spend with us at Healing The Universe. We encourage you to come back often, invite your friends and if you have not already subscribed to MESSAGES FROM MYSELF, please do so, if you choose.

In the name of the Light, I humbly present this information to you, for your discernment and hope that you find something here to assist you to take back and own your power.

Let the games begin (Continue)!

Peace, Love and Light!

Joe Rumbolo
The Sentinel

MESSAGES FROM MYSELF Installment #4 June 2003

Dearest Warriors Of The Light...

Greetings From Your Point Of Origin,

The Sacred Collective Of Love And Light Called Home!

We are Mathias the Philosopher and Closcovi the Warrior (also known as Carmine the Conqueror) along with the Higher Self of the human, the one known as the Sentinel. It is with the greatest of love, appreciation, admiration and privilege that we address you this day; you, the exalted ones; you, the chosen ones (called so, because you chose this mission); you, the anointed ones. We shower you with the Loving Light of the Sacred Oneness.

There is much on our side of the veil about which you know nothing. That is what you chose in designing this grand game; to incarnate lifetime after lifetime, forgetting all remembrances of Home and then challenging yourselves to remember. There is also much on our side of the veil of which you, as humans, would not comprehend even if you knew (remembered), and this too, you have written into the design of this game, just to make it interesting, for how much fun would a game be if the challenges could be solved and the game won, instantly? You have done such an extraordinary job of taking the simplicity of the Universe and from this, creating the complexity, which you, in your duality, have decided is the foundation for all of your understanding! You have purposely littered your path with one obstacle after another, just for the challenge, just for the fun of it! Dear Ones, what a remarkable game you have created, what extraordinary players you have become and what an extraordinary contribution you have made to this Planet Earth Project and to the entire Universe, if only just for choosing to play. We bestow upon you the highest of accolades and express to you our most heartfelt love, appreciation and adoration for the extraordinary work you have done in participating in this Planet Earth Project. What you have accomplished in designing and playing this game, in light of easier games that you could have chosen, is indeed, remarkable and has been and continues to be felt throughout the Universe. We celebrate you, we sit at your feet and if we had tears to shed, we would shed tears of joy for you, for choosing this and for the immensity of your contributions.

Throughout all the years of your linear time (What a grand design that was!) a handful of humans (In comparison to all who have incarnated) have been loved, revered, feared, admired, adored and/or worshipped for their special ability to receive divinely inspired information. Early on, before you had the opportunity to do the extraordinary work that you have done to date and prior to the thinning of the veil as a result of that work, it was much more difficult to "hear" this information but there were still some who were attuned such that it was possible. We tell you now, on the offhanded chance that you do not already know this, that you all have this special ability and always have had it, but now it is much easier. IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN YOUR BIRTHRIGHT! The actual mechanics may vary from human to human but you all have the ability to do this. Some may hear words, receive thought-groups, or may just have a knowingness. Others may see pictures, have feelings, observe signs, have vivid dreams and more. The mechanics are only the mechanics. YOU ALL HAVE THIS ABILITY. It is your choice as to whether or not you use it.

There have been some, such as the Master called Jesus, who came to bring the message of peace, love and self-empowerment. Yes, self-empowerment! He did not incarnate to be worshipped, to teach of a God who was to be feared or to teach that humankind is inferior to or should be subservient to anything or anyone. His message of self-empowerment said that every human was capable of doing and creating all that He was capable of doing and creating, but in their (your) wonderment, amazement and duality, worshipped Him as the Son Of God, not realizing that they (you) too, were/are truly Sons Of God (Not just a figure of speech); moreover, Pieces of God; Pieces of the Sacred Oneness. He was a teacher and a healer; He was a human; He was all that you are capable of being but have not allowed yourselves to realize - YET - but you are making progress, in fact your progress is progressing so rapidly that the "grandstands" and "bleachers" of the Universe are filled to capacity with those who are excited and honored to be witnessing the events on the planet.

Much has been written, spoken and taught about the Laws of the Universe, the same Laws of the Universe that were taught by the Master called Jesus, including and especially the law regarding manifestation. These laws are simple, yet in designing this game you have chosen to shroud this simplicity in a deep, dark, thick, wet cloud of complexity, choosing to forget all remembrances of Home, creating the ultimate challenge - to remember - and from these remembrances, create your Heaven on Earth; Home on your side of the veil.

Dear Ones, you have done well to date, moving through the deep, dark murkiness of this third dimensional duality that you have created. You have done so well that you have eliminated what was supposed to be the end times. You have won the game and HAVE CHOSEN TO CONTINUE TO PLAY! You are scripting the continuance of this game, moment to moment. As we said before, we have been here since the beginning to assist you in your participation and we are deeply honored to be allowed to continue in our role. If you would only but listen, we will continue to give you the keys necessary for you to create Home on your side of the veil.

One human is no more or less special than another, for all are special if only for choosing this game of free choice. Each is unique unto one's self, yet all are equally special in their own way. No matter what stage of awakening and enlightenment a human is in, all are a major contribution to this Planet Earth Project.

What we speak of next is something of which you have all studied, knowingly or unknowingly; of which some of you understand intellectually and some of you actually know in your hearts; and all of you practice moment to moment, whether you realize it or not. That, of which we speak, is the Universal Law Of Attraction. If you would but only know this one law and consciously work it, you would put yourself on the fast track to creating the life you say you want to have; Home on your side of the veil. Hear what we say: There is more than just this one law, but consciously working this can point you in the appropriate direction and serve as your launching pad to take you where you say you want to go.

The Law Of Attraction is simply this:


You all know this. How many times have you read this? How many times have you heard this? Simple! Yes? Ah, but you have all done such a masterful job of designing this game. You have created the illusion of a thick veil, which separates you from remembrances of Home and from Home itself.


It cannot get any easier. Let us see if we can complicate this enough for you to grasp this concept (As an aside, you do make us laugh and that is one of our favorite things to do. Laughter heals and we encourage it, but rest assured that we are not laughing at you; we are indeed, laughing with you, for when you are Home, you too, get the joke!).

You are constantly expending energy and for good reason. YOU ARE ENERGY! However, you are not always expending the same kind of energy. Sometimes it is sticky, dirty, murky and heavy and what you might call negative or "feel bad" energy. You watch the news, read the papers and bathe in the negativity that emanates from these sources; hunger and starvation all over the world; wars; drug addiction; drive-by shootings and other tragedies. You discuss these events with people and the more you read, the more you hear and the more you discuss, the more negative, "feel bad" energy that is created and the deeper you submerge yourselves into what seems to be a bottomless pit of negativity - and the worse you feel. The worse you feel, the lower your vibration. Is it any wonder that when you dwell on the war in Iraq, on world hunger and starvation or the innocent person who is accidentally hit by the hot lead of a drive-by shooter, that it manifests in your life as an auto accident, unexpected repair bill, a broken leg or worse? You are expending negative, "feel bad" energy, and it snowballs. You feel bad and you put out negative energy; then you feel worse and you put out even more intense negative energy; then you feel even worse…and so on and so on; and the lower and lower your vibration becomes. Just in reading this section, can you feel the heaviness and the stickiness of it? Can you feel your vibrational level plunging? LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE. What else would one expect to attract in this state?

Hear us when we say this. We are not saying that you bury your head in the sand and ignore world, national and local events, although you may, if it is your choice. If, however, you are anything like the Sentinel, whose job, among many others, is to observe, then you must be aware of and stay informed of these events. Neither way is "right" or "wrong", but if you do choose to be aware of the events, make a note of them and then own your power and shift. Do what you need to do to replace the negative, "feel bad" energy with the most positive, "feel good" energy that you can muster. Focus on the feeling you had the first time you remember having an ice cream cone on a hot summer day; or the feeling you had when you scored the winning touchdown or hit the home run that won the game; or how about the feeling you had the first time you fell in love and you discovered that the object of your affection was also in love with you; or the feeling you had the first time you had great sex, or the last time or anytime, for that matter!


Focus on anything that makes you feel wonderful - happy - joyous! It matters not what; just anything that causes you to create that positive, "feel good" feeling. The more "feel good" energy you expend, the higher you raise your vibration. The higher your vibration, the more people, events and things of higher vibration you attract. This, too, snowballs but this is a whole lot more fun! Once you get the hang of this, then it is time to get specific about what you want and focus on - no, experience - how you will feel when you have it.

Whether you are aware of it or not, the Law Of Attraction is always in play and always at work for you. However, when a person is walking through life on autopilot, unaware of the Law or perhaps only forgets to use it from time to time, the quality of the energy expended usually drops, which then creates a drop in the vibrational level. That is when the person walks into a streak of "bad luck", for a day, a week, a month or even for a lifetime.

This is not the whole story but it is a good part of it and certainly enough to get started. Oh, and by the way, as the manifestations of higher vibration begin to show up in your life, write them down. Keep score! Always express your gratitude for all that you have and all that is in the process of coming to you. Do not place limitations or expectations on the Universe about how a thing "must" or "should" come to you. Put it out there and allow the Universe to bring it to you with ease.

There will be more information on this at another time. If you so chose, get started now. Feeeeel Goooood!!!

We present this information to you for your discernment. It is all yours for the taking.

Take all of it.

Take some of it. Take none of it.



Regardless of what you choose, we request that you:

Laugh Often; Spread The Light and DO NOT FORGET TO BREATHE!

M, C & HS

Copyright 2003, Joe Rumbolo, All Rights Reserved.