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From The Desk of Joe Rumbolo...July 2003

I have received a number of emails in the past few weeks with questions, comments and suggestions. Thank you all for taking the time to write and for expressing an interest in the work that is being done here. I hope that all of your questions were answered adequately and know that your suggestions are being considered.

Healing The Universe is all about self-empowerment and physical, emotional and spiritual healing through the practical application of divinely inspired information. Several of the questions that came in were from people who were asking what they should do in a particular situation. Here is my response to those questions:

I would never consider taking your power away from you or encourage you to turn your power over to me or anyone else, by telling you what to do. I will however, offer you and/or cause you to discover your own possibilities and then ask you to own your power by making your own choices through discernment and discovering what truly resonates with you. Making your own choices in this way is being self-empowered and I am always willing to be a catalyst for that. That is why I founded Mentoring For The 5th Dimension, so that I could work with people, one on one, teaching them self-empowerment, the Law Of Attraction and also such that I could be a catalyst for them in discovering their Purpose and their Passion in this incarnation, and what to do with it.

I humbly present this information to you, for your discernment, offering you my most sincere appreciation and gratitude for allowing me to bring it to you.

I tip my hat to you for owning your power!

Peace, Love and Light!

Joe Rumbolo
The Sentinel

MESSAGES FROM MYSELF Installment #5 July 2003


Dearest Warriors Of The Light...

Welcome Home!

We come to you this day bathed in and surrounding you in the Peaceful, Loving Light of the Sacred Oneness, that which is called God/The Universe/ The Supreme Being. We are Mathias the Philosopher and Closcovi The Warrior (also known in some circles as Carmine The Conqueror) along with the Higher Self of the human know as the Sentinel.

It is with the greatest of love, joy and appreciation that we address you at this time, you who have chosen to walk this planet Earth, lifetime after lifetime; you who have done what most said was the mission impossible; you who through your remarkable work have already won the game and have chosen to continue in this New Beginning, raising your vibration higher and higher, creating Home on your side of the veil, for the benefit of your planet, all of its inhabitants and the entire Universe.

You are the courageous ones, the exalted ones, who have chosen this game, The Planet Earth Project, above all of the other much easier games available, because you saw that this is where the greatest work with the greatest results could be done, for the benefit of the entire Universe, for the highest good of all concerned. WE ARE IN AWE OF YOU! We sit at your feet and if we had tears to shed, we would shed tears of joy for you, for the extraordinary work you have done, for the incredible progress you have made, causing the cancellation of the end times and pronouncing the New Beginnings. Sitting before you is a clean slate onto which you may script your lives in any manner in which you choose; designing, creating, manifesting anything that that is your heart's desire in creating your Heaven on Earth, Home on your side of the veil.

We have toyed with the human recently by not telling him about that of which we will speak. Not only have we been silent regarding this issue, he does not have even the smallest inclination as he sits down to hear what we have to say. This is a game and it is supposed to be fun. We have such a good time playing with him but there are times when he chooses to not see the fun and humor in things! Ah, but we do, so we engage him and we play, knowing that if he does not get the joke now, he will get the joke later and he will then see the humor.

So what shall we speak of at this time? Yes! YES!!! Dear Ones; Dearest Warriors Of The Light, we shall speak of Purpose and Passion…YOUR PURPOSE AND PASSION, in this incarnation. Have you discovered yours yet? The answer that we are sure many, if not most give, is a
resounding, NO!

Fear not! If you would but only be willing to do the work that is necessary, and be honest with yourself, you will discover yours.

It has been written and spoken by many who have received many flavors of divinely inspired information that there was a time when, if you worked hard, you could have anything you wanted. Going back just one generation, this was true. In fact, even during the generation of the Sentinel (he is 54 of your years old in this incarnation) this was still being taught.

Sacrifice…Make A Living…Survive

Work Hard…Have Anything You Want

It was almost a mantra. Thousands of people; hundreds of thousands, immigrated to the U. S., where the streets were "paved with gold", for the opportunity to work hard and make a living. The human's grandparents (both sides) did just this and were successful. His parents did the same. In fact, he was caught up in this until just a few years ago when he realized that it was no longer working for him. Why? Because he was not working in his passion…he was not living his passion.

Have you tired yet of your major corporations and other businesses such as the Enrons and WorldComs, aided by the Arthur Andersens of your planet; lying, cheating, hiding, avoiding, operating from fear, stealing millions…billions…from people just like you, who were "working hard", "trying to make a living", "trying to survive", "trying to provide for their families"…left with nothing!

Companies have gone bankrupt, both large and small and people have lost jobs…downsized! Dear Ones, many doors have closed. Ah, but also, Dearest Chosen Ones, many doors have opened and many more doors will open, if you would but trust…trust in your guides; trust in your angels; trust in the Loving Light of The Sacred Oneness; above all, TRUST IN YOURSELVES!

The new doors are hanging wide open for you. All you must do is shed your fear; trust, and step through them. Know, as you stand on the edge of the cliff, that if you step off the edge you will ultimately land on your feet or you will learn how to fly! We are not saying to step blindly, we are saying to step knowingly; to step trustingly. Please hear this again. We are not saying to dart out in front of a bus traveling at 50 m.p.h. and expect to not be hit.


Choose through discernment and discover what truly resonates with you.

The new mantra for today is this:

WORK PASSIONATLEY…Have Anything You Want

How many times have you heard this? "Do what you love and the money will follow". This does work, you know, provided of course that you get out of your own way. You must also have the courage, the trust and the knowingness to just do it. If you like to write, then write. If you like to teach, then teach. If you like to paint, sculpt, make music, grow flowers; then do it! You must, however, be honest with yourself. Take inventory.

What are your true gifts? What are your true talents? What really floats your boat?

You may discover that you are already living your passion but it may be cleverly disguised as or by your current mode of employment. The Sentinel discovered that he was living his Purpose and Passion, teaching and healing with words, while owning and operating a food establishment. It was not until the last few years before he sold the business, however, that he discovered that he was actually doing this, with customers and friends who frequented the establishment daily and who called ahead for evening appointments! Until this discovery, he was working hard and not getting what he wanted, even though business was always good. What occurred to him one day was that the business was serving as a wonderful forum for him. He simply outgrew it because it was time to reach a larger number of people. He was also fulfilling his contract in his spare time, volunteering as a staff member, mentor and facilitator for various personal growth and development organizations, learning while teaching.

You may discover too, that you are living your passion and fulfilling your contract and not even know it. The key is to recognize that you are doing it, if in fact, you are. If you do recognize this, it will allow you to move from being frustrated and struggling in your current employment, wondering what you are supposed to be doing, to knowing that you are working your contract and consequently, allowing yourself to shift from the negative, heavy, feel-bad energy of lower vibration to the positive, uplifting, feel-good energy of higher vibration.

Even in the midst of working in a job that you do not particularly like, it is still possible to live your passion. When this happens, it will cause you to shed a new light on your current situation and you may just perceive it differently.



As the fighting and killing continues in your middle east, Iraq and even on your block in your own neighborhood; as the situation in Liberia flares up and the situation in North Korea intensifies; as evidences of lies and misinformation come to light; know that you are all but actors, each playing your individual roles in this production called The Planet Earth Project. Yes we realize that you look upon these events as tragedies, and indeed, in your duality, they give the appearance as such. You have decided that these events are necessary for your evolution.

As long as you allow conflict to reside within you; as long as you allow separation mentality to reside within you; as long as you allow war mentality to reside within you; as long as you allow judgment to reside within you; as long as you allow fear to reside within you; the manifestation of this and more will continue throughout the entire planet…and the actors will continue to play this out, bigger and better than the most extravagant Hollywood production.

To this, many of you quizzically say in your own defense and with varying degrees of frustration, anger, surprise and/or fear, "I am responsible for all of this?" The answer is a resounding "YES" as sure as the sun appears to rise in the east and set in the west; as sure as the sky appears to be blue; as sure as water appears to feel wet; and as sure as rocks appear to be hard. YES, and this is not a condemnation of you! Instead, this is a tribute to the power of creation that you each, individually and as one posses.

You are the producers, the directors, THE CREATORS of this production and when you consciously shift the battle that rages on within you, this ongoing drama, this ongoing tragedy that you are so marvelous at creating, will become the lightest, happiest, most humorous, most joyous production ever created (if that is your choice) with the most joyous of New Beginnings (not endings) that you can possibly imagine. The sky is not the limit. There are no limitations!

What is that you say?
Pray for peace?
Pray for a stop to the fighting and killing?
Pray for an end to conflict, disagreement, lying, cheating and all the rest?

Do not pray for peace. It will not work. LIVE PEACE! BE PEACE!!!
Do not pray for a stop to the fighting and killing, etc. Wanting this to stop will only result in a greater desire for the end to all of it.

We are not telling you to not pray, period! We are only saying to pray effectively…prayers that actually work for you.

Offer prayers of thanks, appreciation and gratitude for all that you have and all the wonderful people, events and things that are in the process of coming to you and to your family, your friends, to all who you know and to all who you don't know.


If you do this, truly from your heart, you will not just cause your vibration to rise, it will soar!

For all of those involved in conflict of any kind, anywhere, send them (through prayer, meditation or by any means that works for you) the

peaceful, loving, joyous, healing energy of the Light. This too, will raise your vibration and the vibration of the entire planet and Universe.

It is with the greatest of Love, Joy, Appreciation and Passion that we present this information to you for your discernment.

It is all yours for the taking.




Laugh Often; Spread The Light And DO NOT FORGET TO BREATHE!

M, C & HS


Inspired Action Coaching

How to get from where you are ………………To where you want to be
Self-empowerment…Law OF Attraction…Purpose and Passion

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Joe Rumbolo

Copyright 2003, Joe Rumbolo, All Rights Reserved.