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From The Desk of Joe Rumbolo...January 2004

It is with my heart overflowing with Love, Joy and Appreciation that I wish you all a Happy, Prosperous, Joyful and Abundant New Year, in all areas of your lives!

In this New Year there is much wonderful work for all of us to do, if we so choose, and there is also much fun to be had. Work, fun or both… it is all a matter of perception – your perception – so let the games continue!

I am in Montreal visiting Bright Star for several weeks. I arrived late on the afternoon of 12/26 and the magic began. After being apart for over five weeks we spent the next five days catching up. On the night of the 30th, I was abruptly awakened from a sound sleep. The room was illuminated with the beautiful, brilliant yet soft, white light of five angels. Propped up on my left elbow and looking over Jill as she so peacefully slept, the angels were bowing over her. The first three angels, from left to right, were about five and a half feet tall. The fourth was over seven feet tall and the fifth was the same as the first three. When I asked, they assured me that all was well and that they were there to watch over, nurture, teach and love this beautiful, radiant, Human Angel, Bright Star. After a time, they faded from my view and the room became almost completely dark.

Our New Year’s Eve celebration was interesting and quite incredible, as Jill had invited a few neighbors and we were joined by two women from our soul family, for several days. 2003 seemed to not want to end as the conversation turned to that of a spiritual nature (go figure!), however, as always happens in this concept of linear time to which most of us have agreed, 2004 finally came and with it the full force of the New Energy. Although it had been arriving in bits and pieces for quite some time – first the scout teams, testing the waters; then the squadrons, one at a time, setting up its camps and settling in – when the full force did arrive, it swept over us, around us and through us. It had the power and the fierceness of a herd of wild horses, running and snorting, stampeding and bucking across the dessert, twisting, turning and changing directions for no apparent reason and yet, there was a gentleness to it that I could not feel. The perceptive ladies were aware of it all and worked to get a good feel for it and to get used to it. I, on the other hand, felt as though I was astride each one of those horses, holding on for dear life and struggling TO NOT LET GO, fearful that if I did, I would be thrown from their backs and plummet to the ground – or worse – plummet into the unknown of no-thing-ness! Wow! Struggling To Not Let Go! It makes me wonder if I’ve learned anything at all in the years that I’ve done this work! We humans are such a curious lot.

My old friends and teachers, my issues of betrayal, abandonment, loss and fear of rejection had come to visit once again and this time, I was given the opportunity to work through them in the New Energy. At first, I was so caught up in the hurt and pain and the drama of it all (quite an imaginative illusion I created!), that I completely forgot to just let go, trust myself and trust the process. Emotionally, I felt like I had been hit by a truck and didn’t get the license plate number!

Having begun this work a dozen or so years ago in the grand old energy, I thought I would have a pretty good handle on the New Energy. If you want to give the entire Universe an incredible, sidesplitting belly laugh, complete with tears, just say that you GET IT…that you have it all figured out, and then just know that the next test is on the way!

Apparently, I had been one of the ones who volunteered for and agreed to this mission of beginning the work in the old energy, prior to this incarnation. Oh, my US (God)! What was I thinking? Obviously, at the time, I thought it would be a significant contribution to the advancement of the game and also would be a lot of fun. At that time, I forged an agreement with the beautiful soul, Bright Star, who agreed to begin this work as the first scout teams of the New Energy began to arrive. Among the wonderful gifts that I have already received from her, was the gift of inviting me into the New Energy and in fact, being the trigger for me to bring up all of my old, lovely garbage…and to allow me to sit with it, feeling the hurt, pain and sadness to the core of my being, so that I could move through it while truly learning from it, this time, rather than skipping over it and stuffing it, only to have it return another day even more intensely and still creating roadblocks in my life.

Being the consummate healer, Jill is always ready and willing to step in to do her work when others are in need, but she was guided to stand back, honor and appreciate my process and have compassion for the path I had chosen. One of her lessons was to wait until people ask; one of mine was to ask for help – to externalize – to discuss what I was feeling, which for me, the consummate ROCK, is not an easy chore. It is becoming easier and I have learned that I can be the ROCK and still ask for help. It is interesting because one of the things that we old veterans learned was exactly this; to share, however, we also made as a goal, the ability to handle most things internally, to become self-cleaning ovens. Even after I had accomplished this, there have still been many times when I have used the “buddy system”, with great success…but why not this time? Was it perhaps to emphasize the value of this lesson for me?

Another lesson I re-learned (or re-membered) was about being the participant in an event while standing back and observing it, remaining unattached from it. From this viewpoint, the picture becomes so much more clear and the event easier to deal with. I cannot even begin to count the number of times that I have written and spoken about this in the past year and still, I forgot to do it!

Had I become so attached to Jill…had I forgotten to fill my own cup…was I expecting her to fill my cup for me, that the moment I created the illusion that her attention was not totally on me, I went into a panic; stricken by fear and questioning my own self worth? My friends, I “know” the answer is YES, yet, I still don’t want the Universe to think that I have figured that ALL out, as well. I do not want to again be the fodder for their laughter, at least not this soon, although, to date, I’m sure I have offered them plenty of reason for comic relief!

The greatest lesson presented to me at this time is about learning to LOVE WITHOUT ATTACHMENT; learning to give and express love with no expectation and for me, especially romantic love; learning to accept where another person is in this moment, accept that person’s choices and love them anyway, whether what they have to give in return is what I want or not, whether it is to the degree that I want it or not, even if it appears to be nothing. This lesson has been presented to me many times before and in concept I have understood it. Had I truly gotten it at the core of my being, do you see how it is possible that my issues of betrayal, abandonment, loss and fear of rejection would never have come up? With no attachment, with no expectations, accepting the other person’s choices for what they are and with no judgment, just allowing what will come to come, do you see how there is no betrayal, there is no abandonment, there is no loss and there is no fear of rejection? Even if these issues and others do pop in from time to time, do you see how operating from here can at least eventually allow you to dispense with them quickly?

As you work with this to really know it…not just understand this…but to know this, to remember that this IS a part of who you truly are, as a Sacred, Divine Spark of The Oneness, you are wondering if all the “terrible” and sometimes debilitating feelings of anger, hurt, pain, disappointment, sadness and fear will still be experienced. I would very much appreciate it if you would choose to not shoot the messenger, but YES, THEY WILL and the more you work on this, the easier it will become to handle it until, finally, an event may occur and you will move directly into allowing with no attachment.

When those feelings do come up, it is important to know that you must allow yourself to feel them, experience them, be in your garbage and verbalize them. Even if you are alone and in an empty room, verbalize them, because as Jill pointed out to me, the vibration must be put out there in order to move through them. Allow me to clarify. I AM NOT saying to go out and verbally attack each person who, in your perception, has angered you, hurt you, and caused you pain, sadness, disappointment or a feeling of fear. It is not about them. It is about you. It is your stuff. My suggestion is to seek the support of friends, mentors and other likeminded people that you know.

As I read back through this, I discover that much of what has been written here are pretty profound words, if I must say so myself…and I must! We have had this information all along and many of us have worked with this, to varying degrees. For me, it has been through my conversations with Jill, at this time, that many things have become clear to me.

Profound words or not, where do we begin? This is huge for me and at the core of it all is LOVE OF SELF. Fill your own cup knowing that you are the only one who is responsible for your own happiness and at that point you then have so much more to give…an endless supply of love to give to your family, friends, acquaintances, your life partner and to the world. When we truly have that, everything else falls into place. I have once again, stepped into this FULLY, only this time, I truly know that IT IS POSSIBLE and I will allow nothing to get in my way.

For those of you who began this spiritual work in the old energy, I suggest that you acknowledge yourselves for your courage and for the wonderful work you have done, paving the way and allowing the New Energy to come. I also suggest that you acknowledge, appreciate and applaud those who have contracted to carry on this work in the New Energy (in fact, you may or even become one of them) for their courage and commitment. Check it out. Kick the tires and drive it around the block a couple of times. Then choose.

For those of you who have begun this work in the New Energy, I suggest that you take a look at and acknowledge the work that has already been done before you, which has allowed you…which has allowed ALL of us, to be where we are, in this moment of NOW, in The Planet Earth Project and in this grand time of our spiritual evolution.

There is no spiritual competition and everyone will get there. It is just a matter of how long you want it to take.

I offer this information to you for your discernment and ask that you allow me to be the first to begin the applause for the wonderful work that you all have done and continue to do.


Joe Rumbolo

The Sentinel

P.S. Dearest Bright Star, Blessings to you and your children. I offer you my

deepest thanks and gratitude for the wonderful gifts you are to me. You

are truly one of my greatest teachers and I am honored to be your


MESSAGES FROM MYSELF Installment #11 January 2004


Dearest Warriors Of The Light...

Welcome Home!

In the beginning (and there is no beginning and there is no end in the no-space of no-time), you (and we) were all One. We are still all One, each of us, emanations of The Sacred Oneness, pieces of The Sacred Collective; Devine Fragments of All That Is. What feeling does that give you, Dearest Beings Of Light? Powerful? Yes, powerful; and feel the power-energy flow through you, as strong as a swollen, raging river, as gentle as a babbling brook on a beautiful, spring day, as urgent as the North Wind howling on a cold, winter night, as soft and beautiful as the rising sun in early summer, with its promise of warmth and serenity.

Do you feel as One? Do you know that you are One with All That Is…not in your intellect, but do you know this, do you feel this inner knowingness contained in every fiber of your being? It is there. Remember it. Feel it.

Just as to know Light you must know dark; to know up you must know down; to know in you must know out; to know Oneness, you must know separateness; you have all, in many ways, created separation. This is not a bad thing (to know bad you must know good), IT JUST IS, a part of the experience, a part of the process.

In the beginning, you and we were all One and to learn and experience and grow and to accomplish your mission, you separated – families, tribes, villages, towns, cities, regions, countries, alliances of all sorts; black, white, red, yellow (are you all not in human form?), religions…Just look around you…clubs, teams, organizations, large businesses, small businesses, major corporations…fear based and fear driven – insecure – struggling for “power” – third dimensional power (Hahaha!), afraid to not be in control, afraid that someone else may be in control; someone else may hold the “power.”

Powerful, Dearest Warriors Of The Light, you have done so well! From the beautiful and powerful Light, which is The Sacred Oneness, you have scattered yourselves, divided yourselves and isolated yourselves until finally, many of you have become lonely islands unto yourselves. We commend you for a job well done, for this was a major part of your mission…to forget who you really are, to forget your origin, to forget your power and the source of that power and to divide and appear to be conquered. You are constantly being applauded, appreciated, loved and congratulated for having the courage to run and hide and avoid, attempting to cut yourselves off from the lifeline…the lifeblood…the very nourishment of your existence, that which is called The Light; that which is You.

I am Joseph, the Higher Self of our partner the human, the one known as the Sentinel. I am here with Mathias the Philosopher, Closcovi the Warrior and the Many. Together, as one voice, we wish you a Happy, Prosperous, Enlightenment-filled and Joyous New Year…and so it is, if this is what you choose.

Warriors of the Light! We love that moniker and at one time, not so long ago in your spiritual evolution, it was a perfect name by which to address you, for you had reached that high, coveted level, a respected and appreciated member of the Legion of Light. The title was created only for you and you stepped into it well. It helped in your further evolution and so, it did its job well, but Dearest Beings Of The Light, you are no longer Warriors Of The Light (although we will refer to you as such, as a term of endearment, because we know you like the name). You are not Soldiers Of The Light. You are not Followers Of The Light. You are none of these unless that is your choice. What you truly are is THE LIGHT! In this moment, if you so choose, we ask you to fully step into that, for in this time of New Energy with all that is happening in the spiritual evolution of you, your planet and all of its inhabitants, it is important for you to know that YOU ARE THE LIGHT! KNOWING THIS WILL SERVE YOU WELL.

You have always been The Light. We suggest that you follow no one; not your local, regional and world leaders (we are not suggesting chaos and anarchy); not your opinionated media hosts and columnists; and not your “gurus” and especially those who appear to be pompous and self-proclaimed, although in their own way, they provide an important service to you. Before you ask, the answer is yes, we do sound a bit pompous and judgmental in saying this, do we not? Yes, of course we do. Many of us have had the human experience and we do occasionally miss the pomposity, frivolity and judgmentalness of this experience and do like to flex those glorious muscles from time to time! Now that we have had our fun, let us proceed. We suggest that you not follow the guides, angels and other entities that are channeled by many – we even ask that you not follow us, for YOU ARE THE LIGHT! Follow yourselves, each of you. We suggest that you follow only your own self. You are each the leader of yourself. We ask that each one of you have the courage to discover your own truth through discernment. Gather the information that all have to give, including that which comes from you and through your discernment, discover what resonates with you and follow that…follow the leader that is you. You are that powerful; you are each that magnificent! Know this and through each one of you discovering that about yourselves and truly living it, you each add a multitude of voltage and wattage to that which is The Light, the Sacred Oneness, of which you are each such illuminating Sparks!

Warriors Of The Light, step into your magnificence! This is what you came here to do; to have fun, to be happy, to BE The Light and to give rebirth to your magnificence and cause it to flourish across the Universe and distant galaxies…and you are always at choice. Keep this in mind as we proceed.

Changing Life On Planet Earth

Life in this Planet Earth Project is rapidly changing. ZOOM! ZOOM! So is each one of you, as well as this living, breathing, sentient being called Earth. Issues from your past – issues that you may have thought you had worked so hard to deal with (and you have) – and even now, issues from past lives are surfacing and smacking you right in the face. BAM! Many of you have recently been in and out of this process and we say to you that it is not yet complete. You wonder why these same issues and even some that you cannot readily identify have come back to haunt you once again. It is because they are such wonderful teachers and you still have much to learn from these anchors of the old energy. Yes, they are what keep you stuck and cause you to deny who you really are, Beings Of Light. The New Energy is fully with you and the old must be released to completely step into the New.

Just as 9/11, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the constant fighting in the middle east, corporate cheating and collapse, political manipulation and corruption, drive by shootings on your block and many other “lowlights” too numerous to mention are the last hurrah for the old energy, so are your issues from the past – your baggage – the last stand for the old energy. You may choose to move through these issues freely and easily in a matter of hours or days, each time they reappear, or you may choose to battle and struggle with them for weeks, months or even years. It is your choice and know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There is always support available to you, not only from those who are incarnated at this time but also from the vast, far reaches of the Universe and even distant galaxies. We are all here to serve you. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE!

In confronting this old energy – these issues from your past – and in doing the work necessary to release them, you may feel as though you are traveling through the very depths of what many of you call hell, however, these releases can be done freely, easily and effortlessly in the New Energy if you will only allow it. This is a cleansing and detoxification process and it can be either emotional, physical or both, for the purpose of causing you to become lighter beings as you transform your bodies from carbon based to crystalline based. Many of you have even consciously asked for this process because you know it is necessary for forward movement and to fully move into the New Energy and all of its attributes for which you have so long awaited.

As you go through this process, either consciously or unconsciously (neither way is right or wrong), so is your planet, Earth, itself. An example of this would be the events that occurred during the summer of 2003 at Yellowstone Park in the U. S. where ground temperatures rose to over 200 degrees and many thought the planet would just erupt, spewing its hot essence and causing death and destruction to many. People sounded the alarms and gathered to pray for the healing of the planet. Fear! Fear! Fear! Drama! Drama and more Drama! You love it! Another example would be the recent earthquakes in California and Iran; all releases of old energy, all cleansing and detoxifying in making way for the New Energy. The difference between your planet and you as humans however, is that the planet JUST ALLOWS IT TO HAPPEN. Your planet WAS healing itself and continues to heal itself. Yes, in the case of California and especially in Iran, there was death…transition…a choice made by those who wanted to go HOME! It is a natural process. You, on the other hand, usually tend to fight it – to make it a battle, a struggle – instead of just allowing this natural process to occur. You are human, after all, and through the grand design of your duality, you think like humans. The good news is that you are getting much better at this – being as spiritually evolved as you have become - with many of you having stepped into the New Energy very early on.

The next part of this message is for those of you who chose to start this work beginning as far back as three decades or more ago, but we ask that all listen. We commend you, the pioneers, for having the courage to do this, to step into this process in the old energy with its battles and struggles and hurt and pain…weeks, months…years! It had to begin somewhere and with someone and we appreciate your courage and willingness to be the frontrunners, paving the way for others to follow. Now, we invite you to step into the ease and freedom of the New Energy, to do this work effortlessly. Set your egos aside and allow those who have already stepped into this New Energy to pave the road for you, this time. They have much to offer, as do you. If you so choose, you may continue to do this work in the old energy, but being at choice, why would you want the struggle? You can move through each episode in days…hours…even moments!

Oh, did we fail to mention that there would be more than one episode? Oopps! Sorry! Yes, there will be more than one episode. Why wouldn’t there be? This is an ongoing process. You did not collect all of that lovely baggage all at once, so it will take some episodes to release it and with each episode, there are lessons to learn, but have no fear. As a result of the New Energy and the accompanying rate of acceleration, you can dump many years worth and even many lifetimes worth, freely, easily and effortlessly, if you so choose, or you may continue to work in the old energy. Either way, you will succeed; it just depends on how quickly you want to get there.

And so it is, Dearest Warriors Of The Light, and so it is…your choice.

It is with the greatest of thanks, gratitude, love and appreciation for you that we bring this information to you, for your discernment.





We ask that you…

Laugh Often; Spread The Light and DO NOT FORGET TO BREATHE!

H S, Mathias, Closcovi and the Many

Copyright © 2003, Joe Rumbolo, All Rights Reserved.