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A NOTE FROM JOE  February 2004

This month, I have decided to do something a bit different and that is to present the channel first, followed by the commentary. I have chosen to do this because the commentary makes more sense to me, being read last and perhaps it will for you, too.

The channel that follows was given to me one night while I was in Montreal, near the beginning of the process that Bright Star and I have been in. Restless, tossing and turning and not able to sleep, I got out of bed to get what I thought would be a little snack and then back to bed, hopefully to get some sleep. My hunger satisfied, I sat down in my favorite chair in the energy-filled living room, picked up a pad and pen and here is the fruit of my sleepless night.

I certainly hope that you enjoy what follows and I hope that you will come away from it with a few nuggets that you can practically apply in your life.

It is with the deepest of respect, appreciation, love and compassion for you and for me and for the path that each one of us has chosen, that I present this, for your discernment.

Joe Rumbolo

© Copyright 2004 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse...All rights reserved

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Bright Star’s Light

by Jill Taylor

Click Here For:  Bright Star’s Light

MESSAGES FROM MYSELF    February 2004    Installment # 12


Dearest Warriors Of The Light…

Welcome Home!

Into the Darkness steps The Light, dressed in full battle array, emanating through its illumination, Love and Wisdom; Power and Enlightenment; Peace, Calm, Beauty and Serenity; soothing Warmth; scorching Heat; wielding the sword of strength…and also, the powerful quill; the Essence of All That Is.

Who or what is this Darkness into which The Light steps? Who are the Hitlers; the Attila the Huns; the Stalins; the Saddam Hussiens; the Bin Ladens; the Bushs; the Blairs; national, regional and local leaders; the Americans; the Canadians; the North Koreans; the South Koreans; the Chinese; the Russians? Who are the Catholics; the Protestants; the Jews; the Hindus; the Muslims? Who are the Mother Theresas; the Ghandis; the Jeshuas; the humans who are of all colors - black, white, red, yellow, mixed? Who are Lucifer, Michael and Raphael? Who are you? Who are we?

Imagine This…

We have just given you a ticket to a grand theater production on Broadway - front row seating, complete with a back stage pass and free valet parking. Well, of course! You are certainly welcome. No, really. It is our pleasure! You arrive and are immediately escorted backstage where you have a full view of the star’s dressing room.

There he stands, naked, before a full-length mirror, revealing all that he truly is. He breathes deeply several times and begins to dress for his performance - first the undergarments and then the outerwear, layer after layer as he dons his costume, slowly getting into the role that he will play. Fully dressed, he stands before the mirror focusing on his appearance, focusing on his character, focusing on the personality of his character, becoming one with his character, becoming his character…and completely forgetting who he is, completely forgetting himself.

Suddenly, there is an abrupt knock at the door and a voice on the other side says, “Five minutes ‘til showtime.” Our star takes one last look at himself, one last deep breath, deems himself to be in character and ready to give the performance of his life. Confidently, he strides across the room, throws open the door and moves to the side of the stage. In the meantime, you are escorted to your prime seat.

The orchestra begins to play, at first, soft and sweet and magical - playful - but as the volume increases, the music becomes edgy, intense and harsh with cymbals cracking, trombones blaring and timpanis rolling and popping like cannon balls shot in a barrage!

Our star gets his queue; the curtain begins to rise; the music drastically drops in volume but with the same intensity as the announcer begins, “Ladies and gentlemen, The Celestial Theater Group in conjunction with The Planet Earth Project is proud to present, In a Tony Award winning performance; The One…The Only…DARKNESS!!!”

The music crescendos to its highest pitch as our star saunters onto the stage, completely forgetting his true identity while projecting the attitude, the “evil” and the “badness” of the extraordinary role that he plays. What an incredible talent to be able to play this role.

I am Joseph, the Higher Self of the human who has chosen to play the role of the Sentinel in this incarnation and he has chosen to play this role many times before. I am here along with Mathias, who has chosen to play the role of the Philosopher and Closcovi, who has chosen to play the role of the Warrior but who sometimes chooses the role of Carmine the Conqueror. We are but three and we speak for those who are called the Many, who have gathered, due to your advanced progression, from the vast, far reaches of the Universe and distant galaxies (Space…is it really the Last Frontier?).

DARKNESS…and EVIL…ruled by the Archangel Lucifer (played by himself); a beautiful angel, a powerful angel, an angel so loving and giving that he has chosen to play the role of the villain, just for you, because for you to know Good you must know Evil. He rules his kingdom risking ridicule from some while being worshipped by others and moment-to-moment, he gives the “performance of his life.”

From whence do you suppose comes this one called Lucifer; or the one called Michael; or the one called Raphael? From whence comes all of you…or all of us? From whence comes this Light that steps into the Darkness; this Light, donned in its illuminating full battle array, its costume, its guise, portraying the role of Good? From whence does it come, Darkness, Evil, Lucifer, Michael, Raphael, The Light, all of you - ALL OF YOU -all of us…from whence do we all come? Take just a moment to contemplate this.

We all come from the same place. We are all one. We all originate from the Sacred Collective. We are all Devine Sparks of The Sacred Oneness, merely playing our roles - making choices and playing our roles. Sometimes we choose to don the costume of The Light and other times the guise of the Dark. Sometimes your intent is to be The Light but you forget and instead play the role of the Dark. Other times your intent is to be Darkness and you forget and instead play the role of The Light. This is much like an actor who auditions with the intention of capturing one particular role and then finds out that he has been cast in another, completely different role. Still other times, you play both roles, shifting from one to the other and sometimes numerous times within an incarnation.

All of us…we are all actors…and we have all donned the many costumes and guises that are available to us. Celestial Central Casting and Wardrobe is a huge place! We have played all of the roles - male and female; heterosexual and homosexual; mother and father; sister and brother; aunt and uncle; niece and nephew; friend and enemy; warrior and pacifist; all colors, ethnic origins and mixed; darkness and light and even gray; and many more - all of the roles!


We are all One. We are all like children playing on a huge playground and the game is called Make Believe. It is an illusion, a stage play, a movie and you are the participants, the actors. When the play is over, everyone gathers at their favorite restaurant to dine, perhaps have a beverage or two (some of us do miss those ice cold draughts!) and to discuss individual and group performances…what was learned, what was taught, what was forgotten, what was avoided that will be repeated at another time, time and time again, until it is remembered.

In the grand design of this Planet Earth Project, you have so masterfully created that which is your duality, where you actually experience and feel the illusion of happiness, joy and love (and only at the most minimal of levels!); sorrow, anger, hurt, pain and oh, the real mother of them all - FEAR - of everything - and much, much more, sometimes in the role of Darkness other times as Light or even both.

Allow us to digress for a moment to tell you a short story. Hahahaha! Have you ever really known us to tell a short story?!? Right; so we will tell it anyway! What we are about to tell you has just now become clear to our partner, the one who wears the guise of the Sentinel, the one who advocates The Light, in this incarnation to such a degree that he closes most communications with the words: SPREAD LOVE and PACK LIGHT!

About five of your years ago, it was announced to him that a new guide would be arriving within his realm, someone who was strong and powerful, not that all guides are not strong and powerful, but this one would openly exhibit those characteristics. For several days prior to the arrival of this new one, those who were present spoke endlessly about this revered one who is called both Closcovi the Warrior and Carmine the Conqueror. Our partner saw himself standing in the middle of a beautiful, lush green meadow encircled by his guides. There was a break in the circle in front of him, which faced a hill at the end of the meadow. Coming over the hill, in the distance, he saw one who was wearing a full suit of armor, including a helmet with the visor down, carrying a large, heavy, thick-bladed sword astride a horse. As he slowly rode closer, the color of the horse changed from white to black, black to white, alternating, moment-to-moment.

Finally, the day of arrival had come with the rider steady and the horse still changing colors and moving at a slow gait. When our partner asked us why the horse continued to change colors, we told him that this guide was all that was magnificent and good, and all that is not. He concluded that he must be some mercenary who had been “hired” to come in and “clean house!” Ah, dear Sentinel, you do so much cause us to laugh! (Please…keep it coming!) When this mighty warrior finally arrived, entered the circle and reported for duty, corks were popped on the Celestial Champagne, hats were thrown into the air and cheers could be heard all across the heavens. The rider did not dismount, nor has he ever. He stands a constant vigil in front of and slightly to the left of our partner, in front of his heart and when he speaks, his voice is that of a lion’s roar but with words. Since the moment he entered the circle, the horse has remained white.

In the few moments that it has taken to give this information to our partner, it has become quite clear to him why the horse kept changing colors. Closcovi has played many roles in the Celestial Realms, some as Darkness, some as The Light and others as both. For this assignment, he has chosen the garb of The Light although he did have some influence in the creation of his fictitious brother, Darth Vader!


All from the same source…Celestial Central Casting…the ALL THAT IS.

Now, what does all of this rhetoric have to do with anything, you ask; what does it all mean; how is this practically applied in your life; and who really cares?

You care, don’t you? After all, you’ve read this far. Something must have peaked your interest!

Once you grasp this, do you see how easy it is to truly love one another; to truly love yourself; to accept and forgive each other; to accept and to forgive yourself; to know that you are all worthy, no matter what you think you have done to the contrary, in this life (movie, stage play, illusion) or past lives?

Once you truly, in your heart, get this, do you see how easy it is to have honest respect, appreciation and compassion for the path that another travels, for the role(s) that he plays and where that person is on his path? Do you see how easy it is to have respect, appreciation and compassion for yourself, the path that YOU travel and where you are on that path? Oh, My US! This can be so simple if you allow it to be and it only truly works if you know this in your heart - not intellectually - in your heart.

And what IS this compassion of which we speak? First, here is what it is not. It is not about feeling sorry for the person, having sympathy, telling that person what you think he should do or what you want him to do. It is not about pulling, pushing or dragging the person along. Have any of you noticed yourselves doing this sort of thing? It IS all about respecting and appreciating the person for the magnificent path that he has chosen, with no judgment, no matter what it is, allowing him to walk that path freely, while you are planting seeds and making yourself available if he is in need of your assistance. True compassion is not about just stepping in and fixing. It is about standing back and waiting until the person asks and then you may choose your response to that request.

Do Not…and we repeat…Do Not hear us wrong. We are not saying that you must like the behavior of the other person. We are not saying that you must subject yourself to the wife-beater, the murderer, the rapist, the child abuser, the warmonger…and the list goes on and on. You do not have to like this behavior or anything similar to it and all of it will present lessons, some of which you are here to learn. It is your choice.


We still advocate The Light (because that is our choice), for that which is The Light is much, much more than any of you can begin to humanly comprehend at this time, because that is the way you have designed it.

We realize that some of you may already know this information that has just been presented and still, it is possible that you have found a new nugget or two here, to apply in your lives. We also realize that some of this information may appear to be controversial and perhaps even radical to some and we have chosen to present it to you anyway. After all, you are all enlightened beings, sparks of The Sacred Oneness, are you not? Yes, of course you are, so you can handle this.

We ask that you not just accept this information because we have presented it here. We would never ask that you surrender your power to us by just accepting what we say as the PROVERBIAL gospel truth and we would never attempt to take your power from you by telling you that you must accept this fully, or not at all.

We do however, suggest that you discover through your process of discernment, what resonates with you. We suggest that you keep only those pieces, which truly resonate with you and leave the rest for someone else to discover, for it is their treasure. Just know that you are truly the sole leader of yourself. (See MESSAGES FROM MYSELF January 2004 www.HealingTheUniverse.com)





We ask only that you…

Laugh Often, Spread The Light and DO NOT FORGET TO BREATHE!

H.S, Mathias, Closcovi and the Many

© Copyright 2004 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse...All rights reserved

From The Desk Of Joe Rumbolo    February 2004

Sometimes the Rock gets tossed! When I first saw those words, as I sat in front of my computer, I was knocked off my chair much in the same way I was the first time I heard Bright Star’s voice. Of course, it was she who had typed them into Yahoo! Messenger.

Sometimes the Rock gets tossed! Interesting. As the Rock, usually strong and stable, usually in control of himself, always the “go-to” guy for not only those around him but even for people who have contacted him from all over the country and the world…flew through the air, what was he thinking? Just exactly what was his experience? What was he feeling? He was feeling lost and out of control, soaring through the air, not knowing where, when or even if he was going to land and if he did land, would he get hurt, would he break into a million pieces, would he die? He felt betrayed, abandoned and rejected and he wondered how he could have allowed himself to be tossed in the first place, especially over something so trivial and who - just who, would even attempt to toss this Rock?

No matter, the fact is that the Rock did get tossed and the Rock did land…hit the ground with a resounding thud, feeling totally shell-shocked, feeling like he had been broken and scattered into a million little pieces. He felt angry that he had allowed himself to be tossed - again - although he had completely forgotten about the other times and he had also forgotten much of what he already knew, that could have helped him. He felt hurt and sad that someone very close to him had done the tossing and he felt the fear of having landed in a place that would possibly cause him to never see or be with the Tosser again.

What a beautiful, wonderful, creative illusion this one known as the Rock had fabricated, a magnificent stage play in which he, in the guise of the Rock and she, in the guise of the Tosser, both costumes exquisitely designed, hand made and selected from Celestial Wardrobe, played their roles! What love this Tosser has for him; a beautiful, sweet love of such magnitude that she would play the role of the Tosser, risking the love that they share in this incarnation so that he might learn the lessons of self-acceptance and self-love; the lesson of love without attachment, allowing her to be the sugar on his cereal and not the cereal; and the lesson of love with no expectation. What an extraordinary, loving soul is this one who plays the role of the Tosser and what a fortunate and grateful actor is the one wearing the costume of the Rock.

The Rock has landed and in very strange and at times, scary surroundings. The Tosser is still there but in a way that he is not familiar. Is he the sugar on her cereal? Is she the sugar on his cereal or will he be the sugar on another’s cereal? For now, he is the sugar on his own cereal.

He has awakened in a strange land indeed (although he has been there many times before), surrounded by acceptance of self, love of self and knowing that he is enough. He has awakened in a land surrounded by unconditional love and love without attachment where he is the cereal, chock full of vitamins, minerals and just enough soluble fiber.

He still loves to play the role of the Rock. He is still the “go-to” guy but now he has remembered that his costume includes emotions and feelings (they were always there, although he had somehow forgotten to use them), which he freely expresses. Oh, and the Rock also has wings, so the next time he gets tossed (and he will again, such is the life of a rock!) he will just soar through the heavens, enjoying the ride and trusting that wherever he lands will be okay and it will be a new adventure; yet another opportunity for growth.

Although this actor known as the Rock is learning that he is his own cereal and damn fine cereal he is, he still wants to share that cereal with just the right sugar, wherever she may be. Until then, this Rock, who is more powerful and tasty than Special K, Total, Wheaties or even Cap’n Crunch or Fruit Loops, is doing quite well knowing and being who he is…a feeling, talking, expressive, powerful rock with wings who is once again falling completely in love with himself!

What has become of the skilled actor known as the Tossser? She walks her path. Will the Rock and the Tosser walk their paths hand in hand as partners; will they walk as friends; or will they remain as they have always been, two committed souls who have loved each other since the no-beginning and who continue to love each until the no-end of forever and a day…and never see or speak to each other again in this lifetime? They do know that they have been fulfilling at least a part of the contract to which they had agreed before this incarnation.

The Rock has returned to the place where they first met and has discovered the lovely and beautiful Bright Star there, once again, remembering. When they meet in that place, there is an energy and a vibration created between them that is magical! The love he feels for her and for himself is so incredibly overwhelming and magnificent that it causes wave after wave of pure joy to sweep through him, accompanied by the sweetest and most beautiful of tears, to flow from his eyes. For one moment in time…for one Devine moment in time…their paths crossed and they had it all. Will this happen again? Is there more? We will just have to allow it to unfold.

What will the Rock choose?
What will the Tosser choose?

Stay Tuned!

Oh, and just one more thought…

Yes, it is true that sometimes the Rock gets tossed but sometimes, just sometimes…the Tosser may get rocked.

The Role Of The Rock Is Played By The Tony And Academy Award Winning…….Joe Rumbolo

The Role Of The Tosser Is Played By The Lovely, The Beautiful, The Shining……..Bright Star

Thank you for indulging me. I was compelled to write this piece of autobiographical material and you have agreed to be the reader. You forgot, didn’t you? It happens to the best of us! This is what I have been walking through and as I walk, many on this earth plane surround me, including my shining Bright Star, and many of the angelic realms who love me and care about me. The support that I have and the love that I feel from all of them is overwhelming in a wonderful kind of way and I am thankful and grateful for each one of them.

I offer each of you my thanks and gratitude for taking the time to be here in this moment of NOW.

My heart is overflowing with Love, Joy, Appreciation and Passion as I fill my own cup, finally and truly.

I ask that you…

Spread Love and Pack Light!

Joe Rumbolo
The Sentinel

© Copyright 2004 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse...All rights reserved