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From The Desk of Joe Rumbolo...Dacember 2003

SEASON’S GREETINGS! As this year 2003 comes to a close, I would like to express my deepest and most heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all of you for your love and support and for the opportunity to bring this information to you and to all of your friends to whom you have so graciously forwarded this information.

If any of you (and hopefully all of you) have been able to take just one piece of information – just one small nugget – since our maiden voyage in March of this year, that you have been able to practically apply in your life, such that you have had forward movement in creating your Heaven On Earth, then it has been well worth the time that it takes to do this work.

If this is the case for you, then I would appreciate it if you would contact me by email at Joe@HealingTheUniverse.com with your story.

I began this year, after having sold my business in December 2002, not knowing what was next for me…what I would be doing a year later, where I would be doing it and with whom, trusting that what was next would just show up and that I would recognize it or them when it showed up.

  • In January, the Spiritual Discussion Group founded by a few friends of mine and I began with the premise that we would just show up and trust that the topic or topics would also show up. It has not failed us yet and has been a wonderful source of learning and teaching for all of us.
  • Healing The Universe was launched in March and now has worldwide membership and readership.
  • MENTORING FOR THE 5th DIMENSION was started in June and through this unique company that I had the good fortune to found (it practically fell into my lap!) I have been and continue to work with a number of clients who are currently manifesting their dreams by putting into practice what they have learned here.
  • I met Jill in July in The Online Spiritual Community (and in person in September) through our mutual friends, Steve and Barbara Rother and of course, the Group. This is the highlight of 2003 for me and it took all the other pieces of the puzzle to be present and fall into place for this to happen. Of course, we both had a lot to do with this manifestation.

These are just a few of the things that happened throughout this year; merely the condensed version.

The New Year, 2004, will be even more exciting and enlightening. My dream for you is that you manifest all that you have ever wanted, all that your heart has ever desired. It is yours for the taking. Your job is to know what you want while being very clear and yet, not limiting about it. Put it out there. Work with your energy such that you raise your vibration and then, take some action to get the wheels turning. DO NOT…and I repeat…DO NOT…hinder the Universe’s ability to bring you what you want by placing limitations on how your desires must come to you. Allow the Universe to bring you what you want.


What follows is offered to you for your discernment. Take what truly resonates with you, if that is your choice and leave the rest for others to discover, for it is their treasure.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy, Prosperous and Joyous New Year, if that is your choice!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Spread Love And Pack Light!

Joe Rumbolo

In this moment, before getting to the channel for this month, I am excited, thrilled and privileged to present this next segment to you:


Healing The Universe, as I understand it, has been telling you about this Bright Star that he discovered in July 2003. Well, here I am and I am honoured to be here.

Allow me to properly introduce myself. My name is Jill Taylor and presently, I live in Montreal, Canada. I am the single mother of two beautiful children, Sean born in 1991 and Lauren born in 1994. It has been a long, hard journey to this point; however, I am joyous to have made it here, to this moment of NOW, exploring the grandest time on this planet, learning who we truly are.

We, on this journey, all have our own story and create new stories daily. My hope is to come here and share my stories to help enlighten others on their journey, to know who they truly are. After all, there are many of us who need support and guidance in our travels.

I would like to express my gratitude to a loving man, Joe Rumbolo, who has made this possible for me. Blessings to you my Dear One, Blessings.

I look so forward to building a beautiful spiritual partnership with this man that I love so dearly.

I also look forward to hearing from you with any support or guidance you would like to share with me, as we grow this wonderful family together.

You may e-mail me at Brightstarslight@yahoo.ca

Happy Holidays and a Prosperous and Joyous New Year!

Jill Taylor

Bright Star

MESSAGES FROM MYSELF Installment #10 December 2003


Dearest Warriors Of The Light...

Welcome Home!

I am Joseph, the Higher Self of our partner the human who is known as the Sentinel. I am here with the one known as Mathias the Philosopher and the other known as Closcovi the Warrior, known also in some circles as Carmine the Conqueror, who promises that in due time, the purpose of his dual identity will be revealed, if this is truly an issue of importance to you, as it is for our partner. In attendance with we three and also contributing to this communication are those who are called the Many (See: MESSAGES FROM MYSELF November 2003).


We bring you this special Greeting From Home, during this, the holiday season for many of you and for those of you for which this is not your holiday season, we bring you this Greeting, nonetheless.

This Greeting, this wish, this prayer, which if expressed by each of you and lived by each of you in every moment of every hour, of every day of every week, of every month of every year, of every lifetime, will bring you Joy beyond your wildest dreams!

Can you even imagine the joyous life you would have if you lived this, moment to moment? Can you even imagine what you would manifest in your life if you lived just these simple words? Can you even begin to imagine a world where everyone lived this? In a world where everyone lived according to these few, simple words, what would be created is HEAVEN ON EARTH, HOME on your side of the veil…the real deal, the way it is at your point of origin, where we reside and where you reside when you are not playing this Game.

The Planet Earth Project, which has been and continues to be immensely successful to date, as a result of the extraordinary work that you have done in designing and living this ingenious Game of Free Choice, would move forward, not step by step but by quantum leaps – multiple quantum leaps.


These are simple words and yet, as those of us who have lived as humans well know, the way of humans as you (and some of us) have so designed your duality, is complexity…and you are always at choice. You may choose to live by the complexity that you all create in order to have a “better” understanding of what you think is (as is your nature), or you may choose to live by the simplicity of WHAT TRULY IS. We always respect, appreciate and applaud the choices you make, no matter what they are, if only because you have the courage to choose.

At this time, we take the liberty of telling you a short story. Hahaha! We are quite the jokesters! We laugh because if you know us, you know that we have no short stories! We will, however, make the attempt to keep it brief and we make no promises.

Once upon a time, there was a human; a man; who was called by many names; Jesus, Jesus Christ, Christ, the Savior, The Son Of God, and many, many more. This human fascination with names and titles makes us laugh, but as you know, we do love to laugh. A few of you decided that the date of this human’s birth should be December 25th. This time period coincided with many other seasonal and pagan religious observations celebrated throughout the world, for thousands and thousands of your years and was chosen for the sake of convenience and ease of popularity, and none of this really matters.

At any rate, this human called Jesus, was born of a man called Joseph (not our partner, the Sentinel!) and his significant other, a woman named Mary. Contrary to the popular fairytale that has been told, this was not a virgin birth. Joseph impregnated Mary with his seed; Mary gave birth to the child…simple Biology 101!

There have been many in the past and there are still some now, who call this man THE SON OF GOD. This was not his message. What he did say was that he was A Son Of God. There is a huge difference in these two. Just as all of you who were in his midst and all of you who have followed are sons (and daughters) of God, he was A Son Of God; not the only Son Of God, but one of many; ONE OF YOU. Do you get the implication here? Let us be clear. Many of you have heard this before, from others and from us and still we take the risk of repeating it again (how very courageous we are, don’t you agree?). He was A Son Of God; he was OF God; he was a PIECE of God. Are you with us so far? You are A Son (or Daughter) Of God; you are OF God; you are a PIECE of God. YOU ARE LIKE HIM! Even though he incarnated, retaining remembrance of all things, YOU ARE LIKE HIM; HE IS LIKE YOU! “How very blasphemous,” some might say! No matter, it is their choice and so we shall continue. Many said that as The Son Of God, then he should be worshipped, and they did. Some still do, but if this is the case – if he is to be worshipped, then what about you…and you…and, oh, you, standing over there in the corner? If you feel the need to worship anyone, worship yourselves. We did not say to be arrogant and egotistical about it. We simply said to worship yourselves, for who and what you are. You are all Sons and Daughters Of God. Should you not all be worshipped, too? His message was quite simple: “Who I am and what I can do is who YOU are and what YOU are capable of doing.” You all have the ability of loving unconditionally; you all have the ability of manifesting whatever you want, for yourselves and for the highest good of all; you all have the ability to communicate with the divine (of course…you ARE the divine!); you all have the ability to create Heaven On Earth. It is your birthright! You are like him; he is like you. You ARE him; he IS you!

Just as many have called this man THE SON OF GOD, so have many called him Jesus, THE SAVIOR. Here you all go again with the titles! Just exactly WHO is being saved BY WHOM and FOR WHAT?!? Is it YOU who is being saved by HIM…for your sins? What is this idea of sin? Oh, my US (God)! Some of you have gone and done it to yourselves again, following your “gurus” and so- called mystical “know-it-alls” instead of listening to yourselves and following yourselves, but alas Dearest Warriors Of The Light, you did not know any better and now you do. We will address this later.

You do not need to be saved or rescued from anything or anyone, for that matter. There is nothing wrong with you and you are not lost. You are not broken and so you do not need to be fixed or repaired. You are simply where you are and if that is not working for you or you do not like it, then change it. YOU ARE THAT POWERFUL! GET IT, or do not; it is your choice!

He – this man called Jesus - is not going to save you, not then and not now! It simply was not his job then and it certainly is not his job now. How could anyone possibly believe that one human – one man (or woman) could be responsible for the salvation of all humans who came before him, that were in his midst and who came after him? Of course, you may choose this belief, if you so desire. YOU are responsible for YOU. If you want to change the world, if you want to raise the vibration of the planet and all of its inhabitants, then start with yourself. Step into the consciousness of this man called Jesus Christ…or any of your ascended masters (same thing). You have one heck of a support group in all of the people on the planet at this moment and in all of us AND you are still responsible for you.

Now let us discuss your “sins.” THERE ARE NONE! Yes, you heard correctly. THERE ARE NO SINS! There are choices that people make and with each choice there are consequences. Some of these consequences appear to be positive and uplifting and others appear to be negative…and they are only consequences. Some choices that you make may “hurt” yourself and others and some may help yourself and others AND they are merely choices – not right and not wrong; not good and not bad – they just ARE! Now, we are not advocating that it is okay to rob your local convenience store or bank, or to murder your neighbor, and if you do, these are choices that you make. There will be lessons presented and there ultimately will be consequences…not only for you but for others as well. Does this surprise you? You have free choice AND each choice that you make affects every other soul on the planet and in the Universe in some way…and each of their choices affects you. Knowing this, how would you choose to live your life?

Once again, we have digressed. Can you believe that? Ah, we do that so well! Let us now return to this human – this man – this one who has been called THE SAVIOR. Recapitulating, he was A Son Of God, just as all of you are Sons and Daughters of God. You have the ability to do all that he had the ability to do. Changing water into wine; manifesting fishes and loaves for the multitudes; laying on hands and healing? This was all about manifesting and creating abundance in all areas of your life. He was all about treating others with love, respect and appreciation. How would you like to be treated in that way, moment to moment? If this is what you want, then begin treating others in this way, not just those whom you like, but everyone, and notice the way people begin to treat you. Even if others do not reciprocate, do it anyway! Your Golden Rule: DO UNTO OTHERS, AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU. These are not just empty words. You…we…are all ONE…pieces of the Deity, pieces of the Divine. When finally, you really and truly get this, not in your head but in your heart, then you will know that to slander your neighbor is to slander yourself; to hurt your neighbor is to hurt yourself; to shoot your neighbor is to shoot yourself; to wage war against your neighbor is to wage war against yourself. When you finally get this, then you will truly know the meaning of:


You will have stepped into the energy, the consciousness of this one called Jesus; this human, this man.

The energy of which we speak, this Christ Energy, this Crystal Energy, is present among you, as we communicate with you in this moment of NOW. Can you feel it? Do you know it? Do you recognize it? It is with you now, stronger and more powerful and prevalent than ever before. In the past few weeks, especially since the event that you have labeled The Harmonic Concordance, have you felt the adjustments being made to your physical and emotional bodies? Yes, it began many months ago for some and now, the processes have been accelerated.

In the realm of the physical, there are many who have felt and are feeling physical discomfort and in some instances, even physical pain. Recently, as an example, our partner and some who are very close to him, felt the same discomfort in the digestive system, during the same two day period of time, as this area is in adjustment and nutritional habits are being altered to accommodate this new energy and the ever-increasing lifespan of humans.

In the realm of the emotional, have you noticed that emotions are running rampant, in many cases, as your emotional bodies adjust? For many who are not aware of having done any spiritual work and who are not aware of the fact that they are on their own spiritual path and even for many who do have some spiritual awareness, emotional baggage from the past (including from past lives) is surfacing with increased acceleration, in some instances due to events occurring in their lives that are acting as triggers. Coincidence? Yeah, right! They are giving themselves the crash course in spiritual evolution, attracting to themselves the people, places, events and things that are needed to prepare themselves for what is next, if they choose to pay attention, however, much of the time many are getting so caught up in the drama of it all that they stay stuck there and are not moving through it. Without going to judgment, do you recognize yourself or anyone else that you know, in this space? Come on now, raise those hands high. Ah, that is what we thought!

Then again, there are those who are very spiritually aware, enlightened and evolved. What is their experience? It is very similar and yet, there is one huge difference. Some have learned to be both the participant in AND the observer of an event. When you can accomplish this, you may then be able to remove yourself from the drama! This can be difficult, because as humans, you love the drama; you create the drama; you feed on the drama; you thrive on the drama! Why do you suppose that your pointless soap operas have such a massive audience? When some of you cannot create enough drama in your own lives, you just turn on your televisions, watch it and get caught up in this fiction. Oh, my US (God)! That does smack a bit of judgment, does it not? We do apologize for that…well, not totally, and we use as our “excuse” for falling into this judgment trap, the fact that some of us have had the human experience and we occasionally miss the experience of what it is like to judge and be judged, to experience hurt, pain, drama, pride and a multitude of other experiences such as a cold draught, twelve year old scotch or a thick slice of red meat grilled to perfection. SEX! One participant of this gathering just yelled, “SEX! Do not forget about sex!” And now there is a small contingency among us who are speaking of returning as humans to experience this, among many other things!

Ah, but we have digressed again!!! We are becoming well known for this!

Let us proceed. Hmmm? Oh, yes! We were speaking of being both the participant in and the observer of an event. When you can do this, as we said, you can step out of the drama. You can see the entire picture – what preceded the event, what caused the event, the purpose of the event, the lessons being presented and the possible outcomes based on the choices that you may freely make. Then from a place of owning your power, you may choose.

So what does this all have to do with the adjustment of your emotional body, you are asking? Dearest Warriors Of The Light, it has EVERYTHING to do with this adjustment. When you allow yourself to be both the participant and the observer, you can see what preceded the event, the cause, the purpose, the lessons and even the possible outcomes based on the choices that you can make and you can move through it much more quickly and easily, without getting stuck, while learning the lessons, having power over the outcome and all with much less emotional stress, pain and negativity. At first, you may get hit very hard (at least that is how it feels) and realize that you are doing months, years even a lifetime of work in a short period of time, however, once you get the hang of it and recognize it, it will be more like getting hit with a bit of over spray or residue, rather than by full force. The visual would be like traveling through the most difficult storm at sea that you can imagine. Your mode of transportation could be either the most up to date and luxurious ocean liner that you can imagine or it could be a fourteen-foot aluminum fishing boat with a seven and a half horsepower motor. Which would you chose?

Of course, the storm would be the storm. The ocean liner would make its way through the storm, the captain piloting the ship, you in the midst of it all, yet safe and dry inside your cabin, observing through a window, perhaps being tossed around a bit, but for the most part, no real danger. The fishing boat would struggle through the storm with you as the driver, being tossed around like a little play toy, your very life being at stake, being hit with the full force of the wind and rain and waves pounding in on you. Would you choose the ocean liner or the fishing boat…or, here is another option for you. How about the most up to date jetliner on the planet, flying through the storm and at times, above it, observing, with perhaps the air currents being a bit rough at times, yet safe nonetheless, easily, freely and effortlessly traveling through it? Dear Ones, you may choose whatever you want because you are always at choice, but seriously, this is a no brainer! Oh, and if you choose the jetliner you can more readily position yourself for what is next because you will not have to use all of your energy in fighting for your life.

We know that your emotional storms do not feel pleasant and that when you are going through them you feel as though you are being turned upside down, inside out, totally battered and bruised and some of you may feel as though you have been completely abandoned by us, your angels, your guides and the Universe. Fear not! You Are Not Alone! We – all of us – are always with you, aiding and assisting you to flush out this garbage…this baggage that you have carried with you for so long, bringing it to the surface, whether you recognize what it is or not, to en-lighten you and to give you new tools (and you do not necessarily have to know what they are in this moment, but they are there nonetheless, at your fingertips whenever you need them) to prepare you for what is next, for you and for everyone, as participants in this Planet Earth Project.

We are honored for the opportunity to present this information to you, for your discernment. Just because we say it, does not mean that it has to be YOUR truth. We ask that you take only that which resonates with you and leave the rest for someone else, for that is his or her treasure. There are many different flavors available and we suggest that you sample as many of them as you choose, to assist you in discovering YOUR truth – that which really works for you. For as many flavors as there are, there are just as many “gurus” and leaders advocating that their way is the “right” way. Our suggestion is to follow NONE of them and instead, discern what they have to offer, for the best, the greatest and the most important leader for YOU is YOU.

During this season of celebration we leave at this time with these words, one of the first and most important messages that our partner clearly heard from us:


Love is the answer,

Love is the answer.

No matter what the question,

Love is ALWAYS the answer!

All Of This Is Yours For The Taking!




We ask you to...

Laugh Often; Spread The Light and DO NOT FORGET TO BREATHE!

H S, Mathias, Closcovi and the Many

Copyright © 2003, Joe Rumbolo, All Rights Reserved.