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From The Desk of Joe Rumbolo...August 2003

Once again, it has been a very interesting and enlightening month, and that is an understatement! There have been quite a number of new people who have come here to see what Healing The Universe is all about and who have signed up for the email list. I am very thankful and grateful to each of you for visiting and telling your friends. I have also had the opportunity to communicate with many of you, one on one, by telephone and email, discussing questions of a metaphysical nature and especially in the areas of channeling, self-empowerment, energy and vibration, and purpose and passion. It has been a privilege, an honor and a pleasure to be able to do this and I encourage all of you to contact me with your questions, ideas, feedback and comments. The work being done here is for you and it allows me to live my passion. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

For the past year and a half or so, I have been feeling totally detached from my past, even thinking that perhaps I had experienced a phantom death, although there was no event that I could think of recently where this may have occurred. I also thought that it was possible that I was, in fact, a walk-in, but really, neither one of these possibilities resonated with me.

I remembered the people, places, events and experiences of my past but I did not feel as though I had actually been there and participated; but I also knew that I had been. I did not dwell on this but the feeling of detachment was still there and recently became intensified. It just felt like someone else's story. It felt like those events had been assembled into a book called "Joe's Life, Until A Couple Of Years Ago" and that somehow, that volume had been closed.

There is no doubt that I was moving forward and living my purpose and passion, which is to teach and heal with words, but there was something missing…something…I don't know…

For a while I thought this was a good thing. It allowed me to live in the present, in the NOW. I couldn't have lived in the past if I wanted to because I felt like I had none! I could just focus on the NOW and on moving forward…but there was still something…

Part of my past includes having been a musician, the bass player and leader of a wonderful eight-piece R & B/Rock horn band called The Spirit Of St. Louis, on the road for fifteen years. At the time, my dream, in fact, our dream was to get a major label record deal and have a successful career as a recording artist and touring band. We came close, but as it has been said many times before, "Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades." The music has always been in my blood.

After my performing days were over, I went into the business end of the music business, first in the area of tour management as the tour manager for a newly signed Warner Bros act who toured with The Moody Blues and also, the group Chicago; then into musical artist development and management.

I'm telling you all of this so that you can get a feel for who I am and where I'm from; and to set the stage for what happened a couple of weeks ago. After the music business, I owned and operated an Italian Deli in St. Louis, MO for thirteen years, which I sold in December 2002.

Now, let's get back to this feeling of detachment that I had from my past. A couple of weeks ago, some friends of mine who had played in my band and I went to see Chicago. As I was waiting outside the venue for my friends to arrive, I observed the flow of people arriving for the concert, feeling more detached than ever. After they arrived, we found our seats (excellent seats, at that!) and the show began.

Chicago sounded better than I had ever heard them. Their song selection went all the way back to the beginning - the old catalog of songs; all of my favorites from the past - and as the show progressed I felt my until-then-detached-past become reintegrated with me in the present!!! I felt whole again; I felt more grounded than ever, which is exactly what I need to be to effectively do this work.

I will be eternally thankful and grateful to the current members of Chicago and to the three former members of that band, Danny Seraphine (drummer), Peter Cetera (bass and vocals) and Terry Kath (guitar and vocals) for creating and performing the music, which was the catalyst for my reintegration. I am also eternally thankful and grateful to all of the members of The Spirit Of St. Louis and our fans who allowed me to have the experiences that I had; and, I am especially thankful and grateful to my friend John (Spirit Of St. Louis drummer), who is still one of my closest friends, for calling and asking me to go to that show, one of the major events in my life.

I am thankful and grateful to all of you who come to this forum, for allowing me to tell this story.

Spread Love and Pack Light!!!

Joe Rumbolo
The Sentinel

MESSAGES FROM MYSELF Installment #6 August 2003


Dearest Warriors Of The Light...

Welcome Home!

We are Mathias the Philosopher and Closcovi the Warrior (also known in some circles as Carmine the Conqueror) along with our dear colleague and moderator, the one called Joseph, the Higher Self of the human known as the Sentinel. It is with the greatest of love, joy, appreciation and humility that we address you at this time (whenever "this time" may be). It is an honor and a privilege that you allow us to speak to you, to bring you messages of self-empowerment, spiritual healing, growth and development; Messages From Home.

You are all on your own spiritual paths and you are all exactly where you need to be in this moment. There are those who appear to you to not be on their spiritual paths, but know this: This is only your judgment, because you are never NOT on your spiritual path, whether you are a participant in this Planet Earth Project, a participant in other projects throughout the Universe or you are on our side of the veil, residing at Home, doing your work from here. You are always on your spiritual path whether you are aware of it or not. That goes for everyone, even those who appear not to be!

We never tire of addressing you (Especially now that many of you are actually listening! That, of course, would be humor!) and we never tire of bestowing upon you the kudos and accolades, which you all so richly deserve, for the incredible work that you have done and continue to do in participating in this Planet Earth Project. The love that we have for you is the pure, unconditional love of the Light; the love that, as humans, you strive to experience; the love that you have known when you are with us, at Home.

You have progressed beyond the greatest expectations of all on our side of the veil, beyond even your wildest expectations. When you designed this grand game of hide and seek; this grand game of choice; even you could not foresee just how powerful you would be and just how far you would progress. Even you, the chosen ones (so called because you chose this game) could not imagine where you would be this day, this moment. We come to you to express our deepest, most heartfelt love and appreciation for you and to inform you that the work that you continue to do benefits not only your planet, not only other planets, but the entire Universe and everyone in it. WE ARE FOREVER IN AWE OF YOU!

There are many times when you have each felt the loneliness of the duality that you have created in order to play this game. We are here to inform you
that you are not alone; you are never alone and have never been alone! We have always been here as your support staff. We are your team.

As an example, have any of you ever dreamed about being a well-known and successful entertainer, actor, rock star or other type of celebrity? Of course you have! All of these people have a support staff. For instance, the rock star has an artist manager, a business manager, a record company, a tour manager, a production manager, a road crew, a producer, a recording engineer and more. This team is constantly feeding information to the artist, for his discernment, to assist in causing the career to work and be successful. All of the people work for the artist, who is always at choice and may choose to listen to the information given; may choose to act on it; may choose to not act on it; may choose to ignore it; may choose to question it's authenticity…
Does this sound familiar to you?

Again, we are your support staff. We work for you. We are constantly giving you information and you are always receiving information from us…ah, but you are not always listening, and many times when you are listening, you doubt the authenticity of it; you doubt yourselves. My, what a wonderful job you have all done in creating this game! Again we remind you that YOU ARE NEVER ALONE!

Let us now speak of this constant transmission of information to you; this information which is called divinely inspired, and of those who are aware of such transmissions, those who are not aware of these transmissions and those who are aware and doubt its authenticity. Let us now speak of what you call "channeling."

We are not fond of this word "channeling," but we know that is the best that you can do to describe this activity and ability, given the limited verbal expressions you have allowed yourselves to have in designing this game. This word, "channeling," smacks of mystery and mystique. Because of this, it sends the message that only a special few can do this. Most still believe this; however, this is incorrect. Hear now, what we say to you regarding this matter.


It is your birthright. You wrote this into the grand design of the game. You also wrote the rule that says that you would forget this…and you have done well! NOW IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO REMEMBER!

Dear Warriors Of The Light, this ability to receive divinely inspired information, or channel, as you call it, manifests itself in many different ways. The information may come through signs and symbols; through dreams, feelings and what some call intuition; through synchronistic meetings and events; through visuals, written word and audio; through

thought packages of knowingness; through combinations of these and many, many more ways. No matter which way or ways the information comes, the validity is not to be diminished. It is to be discerned to see if it in fact, resonates with you (and if it does not resonate with you, it may resonate with someone else) but never diminished, unless of course, in your fear and doubt, you choose to diminish it, and many of you do!

Many of you have been receiving information of varying degrees of importance and volume for quite some time now but you are frustrated because the entity(ies) or being(s) will not give you a name. Let us inform you of this business of names. We are Mathias the Philosopher and Closcovi the Warrior; also know as Carmine the Conqueror. These are quite lofty handles that we carry…Philosopher, Warrior, Conqueror…and we work with the one called Joseph, the Higher Self of the human known as the Sentinel. We are three and we speak for many. We have been with this one since the beginning and we know how he works. He signed the contract to do this work in this incarnation but he negotiated a clause into the contract, which stated that for the sake of convenience (and so that he would know he was on the correct path) that we use names when communicating with him…powerful sounding names that depict aspects of himself and names that are recognizable to him from other contracts, other incarnations. Of course, since the Sentinel's name is Joseph, it makes sense that his Higher Self would be called Joseph, Josiah, Josephus…the energy has used all of these and many more. The names are not important and do not fret if you are not told them.

There is a fear among many of you that by opening up to the energies and beings of the Light that you will also inadvertently invite energies and beings of the dark side and also alien energies and beings to communicate with you and in some instances, posses you or feed off your energy like a parasite. We tell you that this is possible, however, we remind you that this is a game…it is only a game. Dark and alien energies can only become involved with you if you give them permission, consciously or subconsciously. If you do not give your permission this cannot happen! To protect yourself you must ask…no, demand, that the only entities and beings that are allowed to communicate with and be involved with you are those of the Light and only communications and transmissions of and from the Light are allowed. PERIOD! Surround yourself in the healing, protective white light that only comes from Home and you are ready to play the game once again!

The single most important tool for you to posses in using this gift called channeling (and in successfully accomplishing anything, for that matter) is trust…T-R-U-S-T. TRUST…yourself. Who? YOURSELF! TRUST YOURSELF!!! We cannot emphasize this any more than we have. This is the key. This is what allows you to separate our communications from your everyday, survival mode thoughts. As we are giving this piece of information to our dear friend, colleague and representative, the Sentinel, even he is having moments where he wonders if this is the correct information! He has a huge responsibility and commitment, after all, in having agreed to present this information to all of you and to the world. Ah, Dear Ones, this is why we signed on to be his support staff. He causes us to laugh so frequently! We have been laughing with him since the beginning! Of course Dear Friend, Sentinel, this information is correct. Can any of you think of anyone better to trust than yourselves? Oh, trust God, you say? Trust the Universe? Trust the Sacred Oneness? Just who exactly do you think you are? Are you not a part of God/the Universe/The Sacred Oneness? Trust your father, your mother, your sister, your brother, you say? Are you not all one; connected? ARE WE NOT ALL ONE? TRUST YOURSELF AND ALL OTHER TRUST FOLLOWS!

TRUST YOURSELF and the communication will flow, some of it for you and some of it to dispense to others.

We leave you for now with these words, during a time in the history of your Planet Earth Project when things may appear to many to be grim and bleak; with the fighting and unrest that occurs everyday in the middle east, Iraq and even in your own neighborhood on your own street; when some think that there is no hope:

  Know this above all:
Love is the answer,
Love is the answer,
No matter what the question,
Love is always the answer!

Things are not always as they appear.

What is offered here is for your discernment. Discover what truly resonates with you.

All of this is yours for the taking.

Take all of it. Take some of it. Take none of it.


It is with greatest of love, respect and appreciation that we ask you to Laugh Often, Spread The Light, and DO NOT FORGET TO BREATHE!

M, C & HS

Copyright 2003, Joe Rumbolo, All Rights Reserved.