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From The Desk of Joe Rumbolo...April 2003

Several months ago some friends and I began a Spiritual Discussion Group, meeting twice a month. Rather than set this up within a structure of rigidity by choosing a particular book as a theme and then, as a group, discussing it, analyzing it, interpreting it, misinterpreting it and reading into it what is not there, we decided to just show up and trust that the topic for each session would also show up. Some of us have attended each meeting and some have not but at each meeting, the perfect group of people has attended to discuss the topic that has appeared.

During one of our sessions, just prior to the attack on Iraq, one of our participants put a phrase on the table - "Thy Will be done". He wanted to know what that meant and in particular who is "Thy"? I decided to field this two-part question by beginning with the first part of The Lord's Prayer:

Our Father, who art in Heaven
Hallowed be Thy name.
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done,
On Earth, as it is in Heaven…..

How many children have been told to memorize this prayer (The Lord's Prayer or The Our Father; depending upon your denomination) with no explanation…..just memorize it?!? How many people, children and adults alike, say this prayer everyday and not only do not know what it means but have never really given it much thought?!? They just recite it from memory because they were told to do so.

Perhaps this will help. In this prayer, "Thy" refers to "Our Father" who of course, is God. Now, that is simple and straightforward until you consider that we are not just created in the image of God (we are not holograms). We are all pieces of God; sparks of the Sacred Oneness. We are all one in the same! God does not reside in us; rather, WE, as pieces of God; the Sacred Collective; that which is the Universal Energy; RESIDE IN GOD! To further clarify, consider this. If you took a jar and dipped it into the ocean, would the water filling the jar have the same qualities as the vast amount of water that is the ocean? Of course it would. If you then moved the jar of water inland to a different location, would the contents still be of the ocean; and would the contents of the ocean still have the same qualities of what is in the jar? Absolutely! If you returned and poured the water in the jar back into the ocean, would they again become one; were they ever not one in the same? No matter how many jars you fill and carry away, what is in the jars is the ocean and what is the ocean is in the jars. Considering this, here is the prayer:

Our Father (That would be us. We are Our Father!), who art in Heaven,
Hallowed be OUR name.
OUR kingdom come, OUR will be done,
On Earth, as it is in Heaven…..(As it is below, so it is above)…..

Thy will be done? OUR WILL BE DONE! Of course our will, will be done. We created this game and all of its rules. One way or the other, we will succeed. It matters not which path we take, "individually" or collectively (Of course, it is always collectively even when it appears to be singularly.) WE WILL SUCCEED! It is our will. However, some paths will take longer than others. Which is the shortest path that will cause us to create our own Heaven on Earth? Is it the path of War; or is it the path of Love and Peace?


In the name of The Light and in this spirit of oneness, I humbly present this information to you, for your discernment.

Joe Rumbolo
The Sentinel

MESSAGES FROM MYSELF Installment #2 April 2003

It is with the greatest of love, respect, honor and appreciation that we address you this day. I am the Higher Self of my partner, the Sentinel. I come to you with two of his most powerful and empowering guides, Mathias the Philosopher and Closcovi the Warrior, also known as Carmine the Conqueror. Together, we respectfully address you in this moment of NOW, in the midst of War.

Dear Warriors Of The Light…..

We bring you greetings from your point of origin, the loving

Sacred Collective called Home.

The energy continues to shift, moving all to a higher vibration - those who want to ascend, those who do not and those who do not know - for you have all been courageous in just only choosing this game and you have all continued to play the game well, even those who in your judgment, do not play well or do not even appear to be playing.

Many have asked if this energy shift is positive or negative. Ultimately, all shifts are positive however, they may not look as such at first. Many have felt this shift since the beginning of March 2003. Many have been challenged spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially, etc. Our partner has felt some of this, as well. During this time A WAR HAS BEGUN! Indeed, this is a very interesting time not only on the Planet Earth but also for the entire Universe, so interesting that in addition to the guides and angels and other entities that are assisting in this Planet Earth Project, there are multitudes of others who have gathered to observe.

Just for a moment, picture this. It is a warm summer night, perhaps in July; a beautiful night for a game to be played. Inside the stadium, the stage is set for a Major League Baseball Game (of sorts). The first pitch is thrown and the game begins…..but wait…..there is only one team on the field. One team? Yes!!! Just one team - Your team - THE HOME TEAM - playing the game with each other and doing it quite well.

In the stands are angels, guides, souls who have played this game and souls who have played other games. All are in awe of the activity on the field. All are in awe of the souls who have chosen this game, the most difficult game of all. The entire stadium cheers and applauds as the action transpires; first one, then another, then many, all making choices simultaneously. All of the spectators are overcome with joy, happiness, love, admiration and respect for you - the participants - no matter what choices you make or which path you have chosen in this game. ENVISION THIS, the entire Sacred Collective - that which many of you call God - from which you came, of whom you are a part - honoring you for playing this game far beyond all expectation, including your own. DEAR MAGNIFICENT ONES…just a warm summer night in July….fun at the old Gameland Park!

Your life, indeed, every life has meaning, for we are all one and The One is all. We are all connected and since we are all connected, can you see the fallasy in competing with the next person, in cheating the next person or in causing pain to the next person? To compete with, to cheat or to cause pain to another is to do the same to yourself. Conversely, to love that person, to help that person, to cause that person to experience peace, joy and happiness is to also do so to yourself. Very simply put, that which throughout your history on your planet many have called the Golden Rule:

(Hurt another person…..Hurt yourself. LOVE another…..LOVE yourself)

Is this so complex? Apparently it is, because in this Planet Earth Project, as you (we) have set it up, complexity is the norm and simplicity is much too complex! Complexity! Simplicity! We do not condemn you nor do we poke fun at you, for YOU are the heroes in this game, if only for choosing it. Our intention is only to jog your memory a bit. In fact, I must remind you that I, the Higher Self of my partner, along with all of you and many who are currently residing at HOME, were participants on the original rules committee. WHAT AN EXTRAORDINARY JOB WE HAVE DONE!

Commentary On War

The choice has been made for the moment. As the battle rages on in the area known as the cradle of Modern Civilization - the Fertile Crescent - near The Garden of Eden - Mesopotamia - the country now called Iraq; many of you are wondering, "Could any of you on the other side have predicted this war? Could the Kryon have predicted this? And what of Michael The Archangel, the Group and other entities who are channeled by humans? Could any or all of you have predicted this war?" Perhaps we could have and based on the events leading up to this war, it did seem likely; but also based on other events, it too, seemed unlikely. Either way, it is not part of the job description of our mission, at this time, to give you answers and tell you what to do and how to do it. At one time, when the veil was not as thin as it is now; when your level of enlightenment was not where it is now (and by the way, you are not, as of yet, finished); and prior to all of the wonderful work that you have all done which wiped the slate clean, eliminating the end times, we did give some answers and you actually received them, during those times when you were paying attention. Some of these answers came in the form of Ancient Prophecy, some as Native American and other prophecies and some from a cast of seers, mediums, readers, psychics and others; many true at the times they were given and many not, but again, changed because of your work. Now, as vibrational levels continue to be raised, we are here to offer you possibilities and because you created this whole idea of free choice (and you have had this since the very beginning of this Planet Earth Project) it is your job to make choices, remember who you are and create your life. You may, of course, choose something else, even though you did agree to do this work prior to this and every incarnation. What we say to you is that because of the work you have done which eliminated the end times, the script had not been written and it is currently being written right now, moment to moment, by all of you; not just some of you - All Of You - whether aware or unaware - each and every one of you!

Many have asked, "Is this the end; or perhaps, the beginning of the end?" My dear friends - Dear Warriors of the Light, it is our pleasure to inform you that this is not the end; rather, it is the Beginning of the New Beginning. You have not failed. Those of you who have spent months praying for and working for peace, YOU HAVE NOT FAILED! Do not hang your heads in the "shame" of failure but instead, stand tall, hold your heads high and know that you have succeeded! Know that the old energy and the old ideas must be dissolved before the complete ushering in of the new energy. Without your efforts - your prayers for peace, your clear intention to create peace and the positive, loving, peaceful energy that you sent to your world leaders, to all humans, to all other inhabitants of the planet Earth in all forms and to the entire Universe - this war would have begun months ago; but you, the powerful beings that you are, were able to delay this conflict. Do you see just how powerful you really are? Indeed, you are all sparks of The Sacred Oneness, just as are we. When you truly choose to use your ability, why is it that your positive results cause you such surprise? Then again, why would you not be so surprised, considering the extraordinary job you did in creating this game? WE ARE IN AWE OF YOU!

Another question that is being asked is, "What is next? WHAT EXACTLY DO WE DO NEXT?" Before you can know what to do next you must first determine what you want. There are many people demonstrating in the streets especially in the U.S.A. and the U.K.in favor of this conflict, exhibiting what some would say is their patriotism. Many more others all over the world are protesting against this conflict, the coalition forces invasion/occupation/liberation of Iraq and the dismantling of the current regime [This regime has now been dismantled]. Who is "right" and who is "wrong"?

First of all, know this. In this drama/documentary/comedy/tragedy/action thriller that we refer to as The Planet Earth Project, everyone has a role to play and everyone knowingly or unknowingly writes his/her own script, moment to moment; very improvisational and most of the time as comical as "An Evening At The Improv". For those who are demonstrating in favor of this conflict, they are neither "right" nor are they "wrong". They are merely playing a role. They have their reasons and are certainly allowed to make a choice. We ask only that they demonstrate peacefully. For those who are protesting against this conflict, all of the same things apply and again, we ask that they protest peacefully. Whether you are for or against, it is always your choice.

We pose a question to those who are protesting against this war. Are you protesting against war or, are you taking a stand for peace? There is, in fact, a difference. Protesting against this war sends the message that you are "right" and those in favor are "wrong". In protesting against this conflict another conflict is created. Sides are chosen; one side must be "right" so the other must be "wrong". On the other hand, taking a stand for peace is simply this; accepting where the other person, country or government, etc., is and choosing to be a stand for peace. If you are in fact, a stand for peace, then create a space for peace and hold that space open such that peace may occupy it. Carry peace in your heart knowing that it cannot co-exist with anger, hypocrisy and hatred. Strive for this; work for this within yourself and you will create peace in the world. It begins with you.

In all things, know this above all:

Love is the answer;
Love is always the answer;
No matter what the question;
Love is always the answer!

In what appears to be very troubled times for all humans and The Planet Earth Project as a whole, know that God/The Sacred Collective/The Universe/The Light is on your side; the side of all of the courageous humans who have volunteered to play this incredible game, regardless of the person's belief system.

It matters not, to we on the other side of the veil, whether you are in favor of this conflict, opposed to this conflict or simply stand for peace and love on your planet and throughout the Universe. We applaud you, we appreciate you, we respect you and We Love You! We ask that you never turn your power over to anyone or any group. No One! It is your power!

What is offered here is for your discernment. Discover what truly resonates with you.

All of this is yours for the taking.

Take all of it. Take some of it. Take none of it.


It is with greatest of love, respect and appreciation that we ask you to

Laugh often; spread the Light and Do Not Forget To Breathe.

HS, M & C

Copyright 2003, Joe Rumbolo, All Rights Reserved.