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From The Desk Of Joe Rumbolo July/August/September 2008

Greetings Every ONE!

It is hard to believe that summer is gone and it is Fall, once again. It has been a busy, productive, fruitful and fun several months!

In June, I launched my radio show, appropriately entitled:


For at least the past 3 or 4 years I have known the name of and the intro for the program that had actually not yet taken form. On June 19th, 2008, just about 6 years to the day that I was told that I would be on radio as a host, I spoke my first words on the air. Several weeks ago, three of us who were hosting shows on another network founded and launched our own network called:


and we can now be found at:


I invite you to tune in on Thursdays from 7 - 8:30 p.m. Central Time for HealingTheUniverse: THE CLEAR VIBRATION, as well as our other shows!

This is a very exciting time and I invite you to "stay tuned!"

Shifting gears, about 5 weeks ago I returned from my annual fishing/relaxation/no agenda trip to Minnesota. This was the 20th year for this trip that was initiated and organized by my good friend George Maxon. Although he made his transition on December 25, 2006, and this was the 2nd year that he has not been in attendance, in the physical, this gathering continues on, a tribute to the man who lived his purpose of bringing people together. Before the trip was over we all began to make plans for next year.

As I was driving down to southern Minnesota where many of us would reconvene for one last dinner before heading our separate ways home, I stopped in Minneapolis…well, actually, Bloomington, MN, to be exact. For as many years as I have been coming to the area, beginning with my band, some 35 years ago, I have been drawn to the area around I-494 and France Avenue, just west of the airport.

At the time, we performed at a club at that location called The Captain's Table. As I recall, we played 1 or 2 engagements there. Then the club was either torn down or remodeled and was renamed Summerfield's, where we played several times a year. There was something about the land there that drew me like a magnet. Even when we were not playing there, if I was in the area, I would get off at that exit and either drive around there for a few minutes or I would stop at the Perkins Pancake House for a snack. The area felt like home to me, for some reason, and I did not discover what that reason was until recently.

In meditation one night with a group of friends, a past life came up where I was a Native American who belonged to a tribe on that land. I had always suspected that, but it was not until that night that some details presented themselves. The tribe was discussing going to war with a neighboring tribe, which I thought was senseless and I expressed my opinion so strongly that I was banished from the tribe, along with my wife and baby.

With winter coming on, we were left to fend for ourselves in the frigid, deadly, Minnesota weather.

Ultimately, the baby and my wife perished and I finally saw myself astride a pony at the edge of a lake, as the snow and ice melted into spring, wondering, "What Now?" My wife and baby were sacrificed as a result of my principles, choosing Love and not War. I was assured that they were both doing fine and were honored to have been a part of this action and I was encouraged to move forward in that life time, which I did.

I know in this life time who both my wife and child were in that life time and the energetic connection is very powerful. Although I know both of them, they do not yet know each other.

As I left I-494 and France Avenue, I made a "wrong" turn and found myself heading south on I-35 E. I was somewhat familiar with the area and kept heading south. I was prompted to exit at County Road 42 heading east and as I continued a few miles down the road, I realized that that was where the child had died, lifetimes ago. It was a very interesting feeling…not necessarily sad…more of a feeling of acknowledgement and knowing.

I continued east to Highway 52 and headed south toward Rochester, MN, thinking that I would get another energetic "hit" along the way, but I did not.

The next evening, we were all meeting for dinner at a restaurant near Oronoco, MN on Lake Zumbro. Many years ago, I had an attachment to a restaurant that was on Lake Zumbro. When my band played in the area, we always went there and later, we made it the location of our end-of-trip dinner, until it closed a few years ago. Then we moved to another restaurant, also on Lake Zumbro. As I pulled into the parking lot, it hit me. That is where my wife had died and that was the Lake that was before me as I sat astride my pony!

My trip to Minnesota this year was quite interesting, to say the least, in discovering this past life, who the major players were then and who they are in this life time and in then reconnecting with the land. In a way, it has felt like some sort of completion…the answer to some important questions, but then again, it has created more questions.

Since I have returned to St. Louis, I have found myself flashing back frequently to Minnesota, not to the past life as a Native American, but to my recent trip there. It seems as though the land is calling me and drawing me back for some reason, much ahead of my planned trip for next September and it feels as though there is much more for me to discover there. Perhaps there are more past lives to discover and perhaps there are connections to past lives with people who are currently living there.

Perhaps there is more to discover about the past life of which I have just spoken. Who were/are the players? There is certainly a core group of friends that I have who live there with whom I am very connected and there are others with whom I am casually connected. What roles did they play for me and what roles have I played for them? I am curious as to what happened after I found myself sitting on that pony and looking out over the lake. Where did I go from there? And with whom? A new spouse? Children? And how does all of that play into my life, right here, right now, in this incarnation? I have some feelings about this, but have not as yet been able to move the scene where I am sitting on the pony on the edge of the lake, forward enough to see. All I know is that it was spring, a time for new beginnings and I have a feeling about who I would be with for the remainder of that lifetime.

Until next time, I am thankful and grateful to have the opportunity to express my flavor of the truth for your discernment, through this venue. I would love to hear from you about what is written here, so if you have any questions or comments about what you find here, you are welcome to contact me at Joe@HealingTheUniverse.com.

If it is your choice, you are welcome to tell your friends about HealingTheUniverse and forward this message.

Spread Love and Pack Light!

Joe Rumbolo…The Sentinel

Life Empowerment, Success Management & Spiritual Life Coach 
Certified in Spiritual Psychology, 
Mentor and Manifestation & Transformation Consultant & Facilitator

Facilitating Self-empowerment, Manifestation and
the Practical Application of Divinely Inspired Information in your life

© Copyright 2008 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse™...All rights reserved

July/August/September 2008 Installment # 60


Dearest Ascended Masters In Human Form…

Welcome Home!

The time for change is now! No…this is not just some political campaign slogan being used by the candidates running for the presidency of the United States in this, your presidential election year of 2008. Oh yes…the candidates speak of change and in fact, are running on a platforms of change, but the change that is necessary, not only in the United States, but also in the entirety of the world cannot and will not come from any political candidates and leaders, nor will it come from any of the governments of the world. No matter how powerful any of these candidates or governments may think they are, no matter how right they may think they are, they are all IMPOTENT to the implementation of the necessary change and yet, change is indeed, in the wind, in this moment of NOW, at this juncture of the game called The Planet Earth Project.

The change cannot, will not and is not coming from any government, no matter what any of them may say or portend. It IS Coming And WILL Continue To Come, From…YOU…The People Of The World!

We have spoken of this before, of the excitement on our side of the veil prior to and during the planning stages of the country called The United States of America, a country and government that would be built on the premise and foundation…Of The People; By The People; For The People. We have also mentioned before that this was a great plan gone awry and indeed, this great plan of democracy and human equality did and has gone awry, as it was originally envisioned. This was necessary in order to learn, but wait…there is hope…and we will explain momentarily.

Just as an aside, let us mention that this idea had been tried before in Atlantis and Lemuria and had worked to a certain degree, but this new plan…this was supposed to be the one that works and although you cannot see it yet, it is right on schedule and working much better than you can even imagine!

When the foundation for this grand experiment was in the process of being laid, inspirit, our partner was there…and quite vocal…and he was in attendance and was a contributor to the creation of the document known as The Declaration Of Independence. This has just recently been discovered and is not a comfortable topic for him, as he is not yet comfortable in that skin, not because of the subject matter or the role that he played but because of the focus of the spotlight. He does not know his identity, for sure, during that time and it is not important for him to know, but he does suspect his identity.

At the very least, the most influential of this group of authors-of-liberty were master metaphysicians and genuinely authentic people for the time, although there may have been what some would consider today, to be questionable choices, behaviors and value systems surrounding them, the most prominent of these behaviors being slavery and what may be considered the less-than-honorable behavior of slave owners with certain female slaves. No matter what your thoughts may be about this today and no matter what our stand is/was at the time, these choices, behaviors and value systems were acceptable for the time. We are, however, amazed at how Humans came up with that one particular piece of the game, the worldwide belief system where one Human appears to have ownership rights over another Human. What an interesting twist!
What began as the plan for a country and government Of The People; By The People; and For The People on our side of the veil, and what began as a democracy, no matter how well intentioned, became a republic where women, people of color and selected others were considered less than equal, but again, authentically based on the choices, behaviors and value systems that were predominant and acceptable for the time. Just like everyone, the good intentions expressed on our side of the veil became distorted and forgotten from birth to age 4 or 5 or so. Some, but not usually all, is ReMembered.

This Declaration of Independence that we just mentioned, is quite an interesting proposition, DECLARING…that all men are created equal. Of course, at the time, what was meant was that Men…not women…were created equal…and not ALL Men, but only males who were considered Men, were created equal. This only included males who were considered to be Caucasian. This did not include, for instance, males who were of color, native American or otherwise.

This document further Declared that these Men were and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, for instance, Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness and that Governments are instituted among Men to secure these rights and that these governments derive their powers from the consent of the people who are governed…governments derive their power from the people and not vice versa! What A Concept!

You have been giving your power away to your governments for much too long now…giving your power away out of fear…and the governments say, "Thank you very much! We would be more than happy to take as much of your power as you are willing to give!" And you continue to do so!

They have done exactly what you have allowed them to do and now it is time to stop this…of course…if you so choose.

Dearest Ascended Masters in Human Form…the implications here were great and they still are. This is a magnificent document that was created by these powerful, enlightened metaphysicians, who were the instruments for change…the instruments for founding a land of liberty. Did you hear what we said?

It was these powerful, enlightened metaphysicians who were the instruments for change! No government instituted the change…the people did! It was the government that needed changing!

Would you have expected them (the government at that time…British) to institute change by voting themselves out and founding a new government…a new country? Of course, not.

These men did not only talk about change and how necessary it was at that time; they not only saw the problems, they created solutions, focused on those solutions, implemented those solutions by taking the appropriate actions…And Founded A New Country with a new way of life, for God's sake…One Nation (Under God), With Liberty and Justice For All! They did not just speak of the need for change; they offered concrete solutions. They did something. They took appropriate actions! How often have you seen that, recently, and how often have you seen these actions benefit the whole instead of the few?

These metaphysicians who were also called Statesmen, which has nothing to do with being a politician, were Human. They put their plan together during their planning stage of life on our side of the veil. Then they incarnated, just like everyone else, forgetting all that they knew and spent their lives attempting to remember as much of what they have forgotten, as they could. You see, that was really the only problem…they did not ReMember all of it; they only ReMembered some of it, but since then, all of you have been ReMembering bits and pieces, more and more; and this, Dearest Ascended Masters, is indeed, exciting!

Okay…granted…you are not there yet, but you are closer than you think, even in these times that appear to be the darkest and even those of you who feel victimized, repressed, oppressed, suppressed and/or otherwise held up, held down, held back or held every-which-way but loose…you are closer than you think, to the original ideas that were discussed on our side of the veil during the planning stages, so we suggest that you each continue to ask questions, to express your ideas, to tap into that which is The All That Is, to receive your flavor of Divinely Inspired Information, your flavor of Truth, so that you may express and implement that which is called CHANGE! Above all…implement! Take appropriate action! Talk is cheap!!!

We are not advocating the violent over-throw or take-over of any government. We are not advocating war or violence of any kind. Quite frankly, it just is not necessary. We are, however, advocating the continuation of the peaceful shifting of the mass consciousness that happens to be in progress in this moment of NOW.

Continue to play your role to assist in this shift by recognizing the problems and then focusing on the solutions rather than on the problems; by recognizing the negatives but by focusing on the positives. Understand what we just said: In order to focus on the solutions, you have to recognize the problems; in order to focus on the positives you have to recognize the negatives. This may go against your usual metaphysical and spiritual teachings, gurus and learnings that in effect, instruct you to play the role of the ostrich by burying your head in the sand when it comes to what would appear to be the negative local, national and international events that may be occurring. The problems and the negatives are a part of the experience. We did not say to dwell on the problems or negatives or wallow in them; we said to look at them, to notice them, for the purpose of developing solutions!

In 1776, it took a war to remove the shackles of British rule and found a new country. War is not the instrument of today. CONSCIOUSNESS IS!!! Change yourself; Change The World! Yes…it does sound rather woo-woo…and impossible…but it is the only way. Heal yourself; Heal The World! You have within you, The All That Is. You are each not only a piece of God/The All That Is/The Universe; you are each the whole of it. That is how powerful you are!

The more responsibility you are each willing to take; the more powerful you each become.

Our suggestion is that you each take as much responsibility as you can handle, become as powerful as you can each become and effect the change that you each DECLARE into existence, first for yourself and then for your world.

Again we remind you that it was PEOPLE who caused the necessary changes to found a new nation. It was PEOPLE…NOT GOVERNMENTS!!!

WE ARE ONE and until next time, we express to you our most heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the opportunity to present this information to you for your discernment.




We ask only that you…

Laugh Often
This is called Lightwork. Do not take it so seriously.
It is only a game. Light-en up!

Spread The Light
You are the Light. Allow yourself to shine!


You are the breath of God!

YOU ARE GOD, and So Is Everyone Else.

We reluctantly leave you at this time but before we go, please allow us to reveal ourselves:

All along, it has been Me talking to YOU; You talking to Me; You talking to You; and Me Talking to Myself…no mystery, no mystique.

From the beginning it has been Us talking to Ourselves.

I AM Joseph…I AM the Sentinel…I AM the Human

I AM You


© Copyright 2008 Joseph C. Rumbolo/HealingTheUniverse™...All rights reserved